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Many Opportunities for Doctors Using Twitter

Twitter can be used to build networks and find potential research partners; learn about research

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MONDAY, Sept. 10, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Doctors can use Twitter to build networks and learn more about research in real time, according to a blog post published by Penn Medicine News.

According to the report, finding an audience is a universal challenge, and doctors using Twitter suggest interacting with your institution or specific center. To find a specific niche, doctors need to decide who to follow and prioritize their tweets.

Doctors on social media have the opportunity to share ideas, including direct interaction with leaders in the field. Early-career scientists are encouraged to be more active as a way of gaining visibility within a field. Twitter allows users to connect, even if they are not in physical proximity, enabling networking with a range of others. In addition, Twitter provides an opportunity to keep up with the latest research, learning things from friends and coworkers, with commentary as well as just the research highlights. While academic writing takes time to be published, Twitter is real time and provides an opportunity for academics to engage. Twitter also helps doctors find potential partners for collaboration.

"It's something where you have to think about when in your day you're going to do it, but the nice thing is that you can do it from anywhere," Abigail Tripp Berman, M.D., assistant professor of Radiation Oncology said in a statement. "Treat it like you would treat your career. Put some thought into it."

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