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Nursing News

Parents Struggling to Provide for Families During Pandemic
Only One in Four U.S. Hospitals With ICUs Have Tele-ICU Services
African-Americans More Likely to Be Hospitalized With COVID-19
U.K. Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19 Are More Often Male
USPSTF: Little Evidence Interventions Prevent Illicit Drug Use in Youth
Primary Care Providers Report More Workplace Burnout, Anxiety
WHO Suspends Testing of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Patients
New Medicare Benefit Would Limit Insulin Copays to $35 a Month
Three Trajectories of Picky Eating Identified in Children
Placental Injury Seen in Pregnant Women With SARS-CoV-2
Adenovirus Type-5 Vectored COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise
Hydroxychloroquine Plus Macrolides No Benefit in COVID-19
Remdesivir Beats Placebo for Time to COVID-19 Recovery
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
Age, Sex, History of Diabetes Predict Intubation in COVID-19
U.S. Offers $1.2 Billion to Drug Company for COVID-19 Vaccine Research
U.S. Government Seeks Deal With Private Industry to Boost Supply of Medical Equipment
CDC: COVID-19 Not Spread Easily From Contaminated Surfaces
Weight in Adolescence Tied to Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes
Biomechanical Footwear May Aid Knee Osteoarthritis Outcomes
ED Chest X-Ray Score Predicts COVID-19 Outcomes in Adults <50
Cardiac Decompensation Seen in Children Following COVID-19
No SARS-CoV-2 ID'd in Asymptomatic Pregnant Women in Los Angeles
Rate of Stroke Low in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19
CDC: Live Poultry Linked to Salmonella Cases in 28 States
CDC Says Test All Newborns of Mothers With Confirmed, Suspected COVID-19
Higher Number of Pregnancy Losses Tied to Subsequent Type 2 Diabetes
Deaths From Alcohol, Drugs, Suicide Topped 150,000 in 2018
Asthma Tied to Longer COVID-19 Intubation Time
Musculoskeletal Malformations Up With Fluconazole in Pregnancy
Decrease Seen in Child Vaccination Coverage During COVID-19
Some Children With COVID-19 Require Admission, PICU Care
Sales of Johnson's Baby Powder Halted in U.S., Canada
Global Practice Guidelines Issued by International Society of Hypertension
Age, CRP Up Risk for Mortality in Diabetes With COVID-19
Multiple Genes Predispose Black Women to Breast Cancer
Obesity Tied to Increased Risk for Progression to Severe COVID-19
Mental Health Symptoms Up for Medics Dealing With COVID-19
Higher Intake of Whole-Fat Dairy May Cut Metabolic Syndrome Risk
Spending on Primary Care Continues to Lag in the U.S.
Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Improve COVID-19 Pneumonia Outcomes
28 Million-Plus Surgeries Could Be Canceled Due to COVID-19
Factors ID'd for Positive SARS-CoV-2 Test Result in Primary Care
CMS: Use 'Extreme Caution' in Reopening Nursing Homes
Fruit-, Veggie-Rich Diet May Soon Lower Markers for Cardiac Injury
Social Distancing Policies Reduced COVID-19 Growth Rate
Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Appears Safe, Triggers Immune Response
Guidance Issued for Osteoporosis Management During COVID-19
No Improvements Seen in Meeting AAP Vitamin D Intake Guidelines
Cough May Not Appear in Young Children With COVID-19
Convalescent Plasma Appears Promising for Severe COVID-19
Most Physicians Have Seen False-Negative COVID-19 Test Results
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
COVID-19 Cases Increased More Rapidly With No Stay-at-Home Order in Iowa
FDA: Abbott Rapid COVID-19 Test Could Miss Infections
NIH: Large-Scale Testing of Some COVID-19 Vaccines Could Start in July
Intensive Blood Pressure Control Tied to Lower Atrial Fibrillation Risk
Distracted Driving Laws Tied to Fewer Teen Crash Fatalities
Early Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Leads to Less Weight Gain
Interferon-α2b May Shorten Viral Shedding Duration in COVID-19
ACP Advises Against Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
Kawasaki-Like Disease Incidence Up After Start of SARS-CoV-2
Opt-Out Universal Hep C Screening in Emergency Dept Is Useful
Prevalence of Postpartum Depressive Symptoms 13.2 Percent
Poll: One in Seven Older Adults Report Food Insecurity
Bowel Abnormalities Described in Inpatients With COVID-19
Graduated Compression Stockings May Not Be Needed After Surgery
Guidance Issued for Acute Large Vessel CVA During COVID-19 Pandemic
Meta-Analysis Links Smoking to COVID-19 Disease Progression
Improvements Seen in Some Cognitive Domains With Aerobic Exercise
COVID-19 Fatality Rate High for Heart Transplant Recipients
Cannabis Smoking May Increase Risk for Fungal Infection
Live Biotherapeutic Promising for Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis
Sickness Presenteeism Common With Influenza-Like Illness
Doctors Should Watch for Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome With COVID-19
Plan in Place to Up Production of Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine
Grip Strength May Help ID Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Healthy Adults
Experts Discuss Strategy for Bariatric Surgery During COVID-19
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Increase Risk for CVD in Women
Burden of Osteoarthritis Increasing in Most Countries
Addition of Zinc May Benefit Some Being Treated for COVID-19
USPSTF Urges Behavioral Counseling for Those With CVD Risk
Olfactory Dysfunction Most Often Occurs by Third Day of COVID-19
Risk Score May Predict Critical Illness at COVID-19 Admission
Doctors Without Borders Team Sent to Navajo Nation to Fight COVID-19
Thigh Circumference Tied to Hypertension Risk
Long-Term Flavonoid Intake Tied to Lower Alzheimer Risk
Established ARDS Therapy Aids Many Critically Ill With COVID-19
Severe Illness Reported in Some Children With COVID-19
Pediatric Vaccine Ordering Has Decreased During COVID-19
Crude Link ID'd for Vitamin D Levels, COVID-19 Cases, Death
Hydroxychloroquine Has No Impact on Outcomes in COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 Spreads Rapidly Through Skilled Nursing Facilities
2007 to 2016 Saw Increase in Peds ED Visits for Mental Health
Anakinra May Reduce Systemic Inflammation in COVID-19
Epidemic Growth of COVID-19 Not Linked to Latitude, Temperature
Triple Antiviral Therapy Promising for Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
FDA Approves First Antigen Test to Quickly Spot COVID-19
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
FDA Approves First At-Home Saliva Test for COVID-19
Most Jurisdictions Report COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities
Symptomatic COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate 1.3 Percent in U.S.
FDA Slashes Number of Approved Chinese Makers of N95 Masks
Incidence of Psych Morbidity Up With Spinal Cord Injury
Deaths of Despair Likely to Increase During Pandemic
Asthma, COPD Medication Adherence Up During Pandemic
CDC: Prevalence of Hypertension Higher in Rural Versus Urban Areas
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder a Professional Concern for Nurses
Doubt Cast on Notion That New Strain of COVID-19 Is More Infectious
Link Found Between Body Size in Childhood, Later Life Disease
Cardio-Obstetrics Team Key to Managing CVD in Pregnancy
GI Symptoms Seen in Less Than 10 Percent of COVID-19 Patients
Health Care Workers at Risk From Mental Burden of COVID-19
Human Trials of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Begin in U.S.
New Coronavirus Strain More Contagious, Scientists Say
HIV+ Men Are Not Receiving STD Testing, Prevention Services
Guideline Issued for Nonsevere, Severe COVID-19 Therapy
Well-Controlled Blood Glucose May Improve COVID-19 Outcomes
Michigan Nursing Homes More Prepared for Pandemics Than in 2007
Risk for Severe Maternal Morbidity Varies Across Neighborhoods
USPSTF Recommends Hep B Screening for Those at Increased Risk
PPE With More Coverage Ups Protection, but Harder to Don, Doff
Variation Seen in COVID-19 Tests, Hospitalization, Deaths Across NYC
Race and Income Influence Risk for Severe COVID-19
ACE Inhibitors, ARBs Not Linked to Risk for COVID-19
Sleep Apnea Tied to High Blood Glucose Levels Among Blacks
Evolocumab Does Not Impact Cognition in Atherosclerotic CVD
FDA Goes After Unproven COVID-19 Antibody Tests
Recommendations Made for PPE Use by HCPs in COVID-19 Care
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Seen in China After COVID-19
Patients With Cancer Seem More Vulnerable to COVID-19
Early Awake Proning for COVID-19 Improves Oxygen Saturation
Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Ups Risk for QTc Prolongation
With Many States Reopening, COVID-19 Testing Levels Still Too Low
During Outbreak, Most Pregnant Women Had High Zika Awareness
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate Increased for Cancer Patients
Fear of COVID-19 Keeping Adults From Emergency Care
Symptomatic Health Care Staff in U.K. Screened for COVID-19
Guidelines Recommended for ECMO Use in Setting of Pandemic
Almost All COVID-19 Patients Have Diminished Sense of Smell
Many Health Care Workers Face Risk for Poor Outcomes With COVID-19
David Shulkin, M.D., on COVID-19 Financial Consequences for Health Care System
GI Manifestations Seen for Nearly One in Three With SARS-CoV-2
Primary PCI Remains Standard of Care for STEMI During COVID-19
USPSTF: Behavioral Interventions Likely Prevent Tobacco Use
Low Vitamin D, Smoking Predict Worse Cognitive Function in MS
Most SARS-CoV-2-Positive Pregnant Women Asymptomatic at Screening
National Coronavirus Testing Strategy Announced as U.S. Cases Top 1 Million
Patients Aged 60 to 69 Most Often Hospitalized With COVID-19
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