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Suicide Rates Increasing for Male, Female Youths in U.S.
CDC Revises Number of Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses to 380
FDA: Zantac May Contain Small Amounts of Known Carcinogen
Women With Heart Attack Do Present With Typical Symptoms
Fewer Children Receiving Care at Family Medicine Practices
Helmets Are Underutilized by Cyclists in the United States
Nine States Now Have an Obesity Rate Above 35 Percent
n-3 PUFAs Do Not Lower Risk for Early Preterm Delivery
More Time Spent on Social Media May Harm Teen Mental Health
Incidence of T2DM Rising in Fewer Populations Since 2006
EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals
President Pushing for Nationwide Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes
New Tool Measures Patients' Perceptions of Stroke Care
Supine, Non-Left-Sided Sleep Not Linked to Pregnancy Outcomes
Insulin Pump Therapy Use Has Increased Since 1995
Users of Flavored E-Cigarettes Report Greater Satisfaction
USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Cognitive Screening in Older Adults
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance
AMA: Do Not Use Electronic Cigarettes
Malnutrition Common in Older Brazilians Hospitalized for Cancer
Studies Look at E-Cigarette Use Linked to Pulmonary Illness
FDA Warns Juul About Illegal Marketing Claims, Pitch to Youth
Use of Pain Reliever Tramadol May Up Risk for Hypoglycemia
Childhood Food Insecurity Tied to Poor Health Outcomes, Developmental Risk
1970 to 2010 Saw Large Jump in Hypertension During Pregnancy
Social Media Addiction May Harm Nurses' Performance
Study Reveals Mixed Effects on Health for Vegetarian Diet
Health Officials Close in on Culprit in Vaping Lung Injury Cases
Updated Recommendations, Levels of Care Categorized for Pediatric ICUs
New Facebook, Instagram Pop-Ups Counter Vaccine Misinformation
Second Possible Death Reported in U.S. From Vaping-Related Lung Illness
Proximity to Outbreak May Affect Attitudes in Vaccine Doubters
Decreased Humoral Immunity to Mumps Seen in Young Adults
Drinking Soft Drinks Tied to Higher Risk for Early Death
Low-Fat Dietary Pattern Offers Long-Term Health Benefits
Leading Causes of Adult Mortality Vary by Country Income Levels
Officials Say New York City Measles Outbreak Over
Some Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries Are Unavoidable
Pediatric Flu Vaccine Guidelines Updated for 2019-20 Season
Interest in Marijuana, Cannabinoids for Pain Rising Rapidly
As Lung Injury Cases Rise, CDC Advises 'Do Not Vape'
CDC: Mumps Outbreak Reported in Migrant Detention Facilities
FDA: Risk From Tainted Blood Pressure Drugs Very Low
1984 to 2016 Saw Increase in Age of Death for HIV-Infected
Elder Abuse Most Commonly Perpetrated by Family Members
Guidelines Updated for Vaccination in Multiple Sclerosis
More Youth Being Exposed to Secondhand Aerosol From E-Cigs
Vaccine-Related Searches on Pinterest Will Show Only Public Health Organizations
Low Nurse and Support Staffing Tied to Higher Inpatient Mortality
Long-Term Night-Shift Work May Up Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
USPSTF Advises Broader Age Range for Hep C Screening
Decline in Mortality Rates for Cardiometabolic Disease Slowing
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Have Little, No Impact on Diabetes
Survival Poor for Elderly Admitted to Long-Term Acute Care Setting
Few Oncologists Suggest Health Promotion to Cancer Survivors
Tourist With Measles Visited Southern California Attractions
Aerobic Exercise Programs Benefit Stroke Survivors
In-Store E-Cigarette Marketing Influences Use in Young People
ACIP Recommendations Updated for 2019-20 U.S. Flu Season
Patient Confidentiality Rule Changes Aim to Fight U.S. Opioid Crisis
Low-Cost, Fixed-Dose Polypill Reduces Risk for Major CV Events
Most HPV-Linked Cancers Due to Types Targeted by 9vHPV Vaccine
Coverage With HPV Vaccine Continuing to Increase in Boys
Type 2 Diabetes Risk Up With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Intensifying BP Meds at Hospital Discharge May Harm Elderly
Some Cities in Texas Susceptible to Measles Outbreaks
Many Providers Fail to Discuss Sun-Safe Behaviors With Patients
More Physical Activity at Any Intensity May Reduce Mortality
Virtual Reality Program Reduces Pain in Hospitalized Patients
Quitting Smoking Linked to Lower CVD Risk Within Five Years
Private Rooms Help Sustain Lower Rates of Some Nosocomial Colonization
Women With Diabetes More Likely Than Men to Not Take Meds as Prescribed
Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Federal Family Planning Program
Childhood-Onset IBD Ups Risk for Psychiatric Morbidity
Most U.K. Patients With UTI Receive Antibiotics on Same Day
Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy Ups Miscarriage Risk
Parent-Targeted Intervention Can Up Communication With Teens
Parents Divided on Primary Care Policies for Unvaccinated Patients
Cases of Severe Lung Injury After Vaping Reported in Three States
Intensive BP Therapy Not Beneficial in Nursing Home Residents
Diabetes Education, Support Cuts Hypoglycemia Risk
Recommendations Developed for Management of Lyme Disease
Up to Half of Patients Do Not Disclose Imminent Threats to Physicians
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