Hematology & Oncology News

Melanoma Survival Varies Among U.S. States
FDA Down to 5 Weeks of Funding to Review New Drug Applications
Breast Cancer Patients Do Not Overreact to Genetic Testing
Hemochromatosis Mutation Linked to Other Morbidity
Achieving Healthy Diet From Sustainable Food Feasible
Adoption of Advanced Health IT Capabilities Inconsistent
Personalized Tx May Extend Life in CKD With Small Renal Tumors
Liver Transplant Survival May Improve With Race Matching
Complications Higher Than Expected for Invasive Lung Tests
Suicide Risk Up More Than Fourfold for Cancer Patients
USPSTF Recommends Risk-Reducing Meds for Breast Cancer
Comorbidities Adversely Linked to Cancer Trial Participation
American College of Physicians Releases 7th Edition of Ethics Manual
Study Explores Influence of Genetics, Environment in Disease
Breast Cancer Incidence Up With Persistent Vasomotor Symptoms
Red Cross Issues Emergency Call for Blood Donations
Median Survival for Stage 4 ALK-Positive NSCLC Nearly 7 Years
Terrorist Attack Victims With PTSD Have Higher Cancer Risk
Number of Colorectal CA Deaths Projected to Rise Worldwide
Smoking Associated With Worse Bladder Cancer Outcomes
Persistent Opioid Use High in Head, Neck Cancer Patients
Prices Still Explain High U.S. Health Care Spending
High Fiber Intake Tied to Lower Risk for Noncommunicable Disease
Algorithm Evaluates Cervical Images to ID Precancer, Cancer
Private Equity Acquisition of Physician Practices Discussed
Fewer Than 5 Percent of Thyroid Surgery Patients Readmitted
Fewer Complications Found With Hybrid Surgery for Esophageal Cancer
Increase in Brand-Name Drug Cost Mainly Due to Existing Drugs
Chemo-Radiation Combo Tied to Higher Survival in Peds Hodgkin
Many Female Health Care Workers Live in Poverty
Toxicity From All-Grade AEs in Prostate CA Better Reflects QOL
Medical Marketing Has Increased in Past 20 Years
Costs Higher for Those With Comorbid Noncommunicable Diseases
Cancer Death Rate in U.S. Decreased Continuously From 1991 to 2016
ACA Coverage Gains Could Erode Without Individual Mandate
Strict Ordinances Tied to Lower Youth Tobacco Use
Cervical Cancer Screening Rates 'Unacceptably Low'
Screening Donated Blood for Zika Not Cost-Effective
Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors at Risk for Later Cancers
Risk for Suicide Increased in Year After Cancer Diagnosis
Sex Differences ID'd in Response to Glioblastoma Treatment
Health Benefits of Nonsugar Sweeteners Uncertain
Myelodysplastic Syndrome/AML Risk Increased After Chemo
Psychoeducational Intervention of Little Benefit in Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Disparities Mostly Explained by Facility Factors
Anemia Criteria Assist Decision on Type of Colorectal Cancer Screen
Available Vial Sizes Can Cut Drug Waste in Weight-Based Dosing
Kidney Stones Tied to Increased Renal Cell Carcinoma Risk
Proportion of Cancers Due to Excess Body Weight Varies by State
Long-Term Reduction in CRC Risk After Negative Colonoscopy
New Guidelines Address Care for Malignant Pleural Effusions
Many Veterans Oppose Cessation of Colorectal Cancer Screening
Risk for Breast Cancer Increased With False-Positive Screening Result
Obese Patients Exposed to Higher Radiation Doses for X-Rays
Low-Priced Generic Drugs Most Likely to Have Shortages
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Can Reduce Phantom Limb Pain
ASH Develops Practice Guidelines for Venous Thromboembolism
Elevated Risk for Lung CA in Lung Transplant Recipients Explored
Health Care Screening Practices Impact Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Initiative Can Cut Gender Gap in Medical School Faculty Salaries
Fecal Occult Blood Test May Improve CRC Outcomes in Some
New AAP Guideline Available for Infantile Hemangioma Treatment
Risk of Arterial Thromboembolic Events Up Prior to Cancer Diagnosis
HPV Ups Cervical Cancer Risk, Even With No Cellular Signs
FDA Approves Drugs for Treatment of Two Rare Blood Diseases
FDA Warns Companies on Unsafe, Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments
CDC: Weight, Waist Size, BMI Increased for Many U.S. Adults
Growth in Use of Telemedicine Seen From 2005 to 2017
Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Higher Than Expected
Pembrolizumab Promising for Metastatic Head, Neck SCC
Sorafenib for Desmoid Tumors Ups Progression-Free Survival
Modified-FOLFIRINOX Beneficial in Resected Pancreatic Cancer
New Law Boosts Fight Against Sickle Cell Disease
Endocrine Tx Does Not Impair Neuropsychological Performance
Exercise Linked to Reduced Mortality for Patients With Cancer
'Aggressive Steps' Needed to Stop Adolescent Use of E-Cigarettes
Exclusion of Doctors From Public Health Insurance Up 2007 to 2017
2010 to 2014 Saw Increase in Anemia After Hospitalization
Cisplatin Superior to Cetuximab for HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancer
Risk for Zoster Up Before Dx, During Tx of Hematologic Cancer
Apixaban Prevents VTE in Cancer Patients Initiating Chemotherapy
Post-Inflammatory Polyps Not Linked to Colorectal Neoplasia
Medication Beliefs Affect Uptake of Preventive Tx for Breast Cancer
Persistent Discrimination ID'd Among Physician Mothers
Risk Factors Identified for Late Recurrence of Liver Cancer
Medication Errors Resulting in Death Most Common in Elderly
Wearable Sensor Can Measure Personalized Ultraviolet Exposure
Novel Breast Imaging Technique Might Cut Unnecessary Biopsies
Radical Prostatectomy Has Lasting Benefit for Localized Cancer
Enrollment Under the Affordable Care Act Down From Last Year
Young Breast Cancer Patients Face Higher Risk for Osteoporosis
Tailored Feedback at CRC Screen Improves Lifestyle Behaviors
Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Prostate Cancer Linked
2017 Saw Slowing in National Health Care Spending
U.S. Medical Schools See Increase in Diversity
Paid Childbearing Policies Lacking for Residents
Free Flap Breast Reconstruction Safe in Elderly Patients
Consensus Decision Pathway Developed for Tobacco Cessation
Breast CA Detection Rate Up With Digital Mammography in the U.K.
Visual Registration + Image Fusion Best for Targeted Biopsy
Higher Risk for Breast Cancer After Childbirth May Last 20+ Years
HIT-Related Stress Linked to Burnout Among Physicians
Most Insured Patients Not Using Online Portals
Ultrarestrictive Opioid Rx Protocol Cuts Postoperative Opioid Use
Breast Screening Linked to Lower Risk for Breast Cancer Death
Colonoscopy Receipt Varies After Advanced Adenoma Diagnosis
SABCS: Breast Cancer Outcomes Worse for Blacks Despite Similar Gene RS
Smartphone App Uses Fingernail Bed Images to Detect Anemia
Since 1999, Uterine Cancer Incidence, Mortality Up
Many Americans Unaware of Promise of Personalized Medicine
SABCS: Low-Dose Tamoxifen Cuts Risk for Breast Dz
Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk in Men
SABCS: Delaying Chemo Lowers Survival in Triple-Neg Breast CA
Imaging, Biopsy Often Still Needed After Mastectomy
Few Physicians Work in Practices That Use Telemedicine
SABCS: T-DM1 Cuts Recurrent Invasive HER2+ Breast CA Risk
ASH: A+CHP Bests CHOP for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
ASH: Rivaroxaban Prevents Blood Clots in At-Risk Cancer Patients
Many Patients Withhold Information From Clinicians
HHS Issues Draft Strategy for Reducing Health IT Burden
At-Home Self-Collected Samples Valid for Detecting High-Risk HPV
Noninvasive Diagnostic Imaging Accurately IDs Bladder Cancer
Rare Variants Associated With Interval Breast Cancers
ASH: Ibrutinib Tops Bendamustine + Rituximab for CLL
ASH: High Response to Tx After Checkpoint Blockade in NHL, HL
Teva Recalls Two Blood Pressure Medications
FDA Approves Firdapse for Rare Autoimmune Disorder
FDA Approves Treatment for AML Patients With Gene Mutation
Liquid Biopsy Can Assess Tx Response of Peds Brain Tumors
Persistent Back Pain Linked to Earlier Mortality in Older Women
Higher-Volume Hospitals Have Better Laryngectomy Outcomes
FDA Approves First Biosimilar to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Drug
RSNA: Mammography May Benefit 30-Year-Olds With Risk Factors
FDA to Update Medical Device Approvals Process
FDA Approves Vitrakvi for Cancers With Certain Genetic Trait
Recommended Therapies for Polycythemia Vera Underused
One in Five Readmitted After Head, Neck Cancer Reconstruction
Four Principles Underlie Patient and Family Partnership in Care
ACA Coverage Substantial, but Did Not Impact Labor Markets
FDA Approves New Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Obesity Tied to Increased Risk for Early-Onset CRC in Women
ADT May Up Risk for Heart Failure in Prostate Cancer Patients
Lung Cancer Screening Implementation Guide Developed
Youth Smoking Decline Mirrors Rise in Vaping Popularity
FDA Approves Drug to Treat Rare Immune Disease
AI-Based Smartphone App Can Help Cut Cancer Pain Severity
RSNA: Mammography Has Value in Women Age 75 or Older
Increased Risk for Oral Cancer With Exposure to High PM2.5
Immunotherapy Side Effects May Be More Common Than Thought
FDA Approves First-Line Tx for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
Patient Education Ups VTE Prophylaxis in Hospital Setting
Burden of Liver Cancer Rising in Medicare Patients
Obesity as a Teen Ups Risk for Later Pancreatic Cancer
CDC: 8.8 Percent Uninsured in U.S. in First Half of 2018
Name-Brand Medications Driving Spike in U.S. Drug Spending
FDA Moves to Restrict Flavored E-Cig Sales, Ban Menthol Cigarettes
Breast Cancer Recurrence Rate Not Up With Autologous Fat Transfer
Patient Experiences Shed Light on Diagnostic Errors
Red Cross Issues Urgent Call for Blood Ahead of the Holidays
Under Pressure, JUUL Withdraws Most Flavored E-Cigs From Market
AMA to Collect Data on Suicide Among Doctors-in-Training
Heart Disease Leading Cause of Death in Low-Income Counties
Coordinated Care Needed for Cancer Survivors, Caregivers
Denosumab Promising for TDT-Induced Osteoporosis Treatment
AHA: Limited Benefit for n-3 Fatty Acids in CVD, Cancer Prevention
Many Women Have Not Heard of Ovarian Cancer Before Dx
FDA to Ban Most Flavored Electronic Cigarettes
Income, Lifestyle May Contribute to Disparity in Cancer Deaths
Genetic Test Helps ID Benign Versus Malignant Thyroid Nodules
Progress Toward Goals in Global Health Is Slowing
Improved Long-Term Pregnancy Outcomes for Goserelin + Chemo
Addition of Elotuzumab Ups PFS in Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Medicaid Expansion Approved in Three Republican-Leaning States
More Frequent Surveillance No Benefit After NSCLC Resection
Blood Donations Exceeded Demand After Las Vegas Shooting
Fluorescence Can ID High-Grade Glioma During Sx for Brain Tumor
Low-Dose Radiation Safe for Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer
Majority of Internists Still Have Financial Ties to Industry
Poll: Patients, Caregivers Worry About Cost of Cancer Care
Models Project 79 Percent Drop in Lung CA Mortality by 2065
Cancer Mortality Up for 2nd-, 3rd-Generation Latino Immigrants
Age to Stop Cervical Cancer Screening Depends on Test Used
Sign-Up Season Begins on HealthCare.gov
Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Have Increased Suicide Risk
HPV Vaccination Uptake Increasing, but Still Too Low
Second Hypertension Drug Recalled Due to Contamination
Financial Conflicts of Interest Prevalent Among CPG Authors
AAD Releases New Guidelines for the Tx of Cutaneous Melanoma
Minimally Invasive Sx May Up Mortality in Early Cervical Cancer
Barriers to Prostate Cancer Research in Black Men Identified
Black, Low-Income Women May Not Report Barriers to Care
Link Between Statins, Non-CVD Outcomes Lacks Evidence
Genetic Risk Score IDs Breast CA Risk in Female Child CA Survivors
Erectile Dysfunction Common in Childhood Cancer Survivors
AMA Announces Initiative to Reinvent Physician Training
Pilot Studies May Shed Light on How to Treat Lymphedema
New Method Estimates Risk for Recurrence in Breast Cancer
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors May Up Lung CA Risk
Many Hospitals Noncompliant With Record Request Regulations
Durvalumab Extends Survival in Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung CA
Hypofractionated Radiation OK for Localized Prostate CA
Smoking Associated With Head, Neck Surgery Complications
Healthier Diet Tied to Lower Mortality Risk in CRC Patients
Cancer Survival Higher in Teens, Young Adults Than Other Groups
ASTRO: Long-Term Benefit for Stereotactic Radn in Prostate CA
Trump Administration Announces Plan to Cut Drug Prices
ASTRO: Stereotactic Ablative RT OK for RCC in Solitary Kidneys
ASTRO: Oropharynx CA Survival Rates Worse With RT/Cetuximab
Open Surgery for Early Lung CA Tied to Long-Term Opioid Use
Tobacco Use Remains Leading Modifiable Cause of Cancer
Pace of Change Has Accelerated in Alternative Payment Models
Hispanics With HIV Face Higher Risk for HPV-Related Cancer
Most Supplements Contain Prohibited Stimulants
Thermal Ablation Acceptable for Early Lung Cancer
A-Fib Patients With Cancer Less Likely to See Cardiologist
White House Unveils New Insurance Option for Small Firms
Diagnostic Strategy Can Rule Out PE in Pregnant Women
Chemoimmunotherapy Ups Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Aspirin, Anticoagulants Similarly Prevent VTE After TKA
Light Use of Topical Skin Tx Before Radiotherapy Seems Safe
Sharp Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy Rankings by 2040
Deep Learning Algorithm Can ID Mammographic Breast Density
Procurement Requirements Drive Interoperability in Health Care IT
Plasma-Based Genotyping Aids Targeted Tx of Metastatic NSCLC
Recreational Marijuana Now Legal in Canada
Treatment Tied to Survival Benefit in Complex Bladder Cancer
Lung Cancer Deaths 28% Lower in California Than Rest of U.S.
Positive HPV Status Tied to Better Cervical Cancer Prognosis
CHF in Pregnancy Up for Cancer Survivors With Cardiac Toxicity
In NSCLC, Longer Survival With Brigatinib Than Crizotinib
Without Medicaid Expansion, Poor Patients Forgo Medical Care
Active Pharmaceuticals ID'd in >700 Dietary Supplements
Multicomponent Intervention Can Reduce Sitting Time at Work
FDA Approves New DNA-Based Test to Verify Blood Compatibility
Ultrasound Can Predict Success of AV Fistula for Hemodialysis
Low-Dose Aspirin May Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk
Midlife PSA Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Black Men
Aetna-CVS Merger Approved
Duvelisib Promising for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, SLL
Long-Term Aspirin Use Linked to Reduction in Liver Cancer Risk
FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for People Through Age 45
Integrated Classifier Identifies Benign Lung Nodules
Minority Residents Experience Burdens Linked to Race/Ethnicity
Weight Loss May Cut Breast CA Risk in Postmenopausal Women
Industry-Funded Trials Often Involve Employees in Studies
Daily Drinking Associated With Increased Mortality Risk
More Than 14 Million Preteens Need to Receive HPV Vaccine
Tips Provided for Budgeting in Medical Residency
Three-Quarters of Health Care Workers Got Flu Shot Last Year
Price Hikes Noted in Small Subset of Generic Drugs
Genomic Screening Can ID Undetected BRCA1/2 Cancer Risk
Cancer Risk Varies for Hispanics, Including in Puerto Rico
FDA Seizes Documents From E-Cigarette Maker JUUL
Treatment Linked to Cognitive Scores in Breast Cancer Survivors
JUUL Laboratories Have Largest Market Share of E-Cigarettes
Uninsured Rate at 8.8 Percent in First Quarter of 2018
For Employer-Based Plans, Spending Across Services Steady
Interviews Can Help Ensure Physician Candidates Fit Culture
Number of Health-Related Data Breaches Increasing
Negligible Drop in Neoplastic Lesion Dx After First Round of FIT
Second Opinion at NCI Center Valuable for Breast CA Patients
FDA Approves New Treatment for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Recurrence High
More Non-Elderly Americans Uninsured in 2017 Versus 2016
Risk of Relapse Up for Teens, Young Adults With Leukemia
Handheld Device Inspired by Star Trek May Allow Rapid Diagnosis
Physicians Often Don't Address Their Burnout
Business Degree Increasingly Useful for Doctors
Practices Should Set Rules for Staff Social Media Use
Single Agent Treats Two Cancers With Same Genetic Cause
Newer Hormonal Contraception May Cut Ovarian Cancer Risk
Burnout, Career Choice Regret Prevalent in U.S. Residents
Persistent Post-Op Opioid Use in Young Cancer Patients Explored
Many Countries Failing on Non-Communicable Dz Death Targets
Cancer-Related Gene Variations Frequently Reclassified
Critics Demand Stop to 'Guinea Pig' Sepsis Clinical Trial
Physician-Group ACOs Generate Medicare Savings
In 2016, Proportion of Uninsured Americans Down to 10 Percent
Novel Immunotherapy May Up Survival in Melanoma Brain Mets
Net Benefit of Anticoagulants for A-Fib Varies With Stroke Rate
Most Breast Cancer Diagnoses Given Over the Phone
Some Clinicians, Patients Record Clinic Visits for Patient Use
Promising New Way to Identify Breast Cancer Tumors
Sensitivity for CRC Detection Up With Decreasing FIT Threshold
Dozens of Medical Groups Join Forces to Improve Diagnoses
Research Links Doctor Burnout to Patient Safety Incidents
Residents Should Take Advantage of Paid Time Off
Cardiac Monitoring Needed for High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients
Hospitals Charge 479 Percent of Cost of Drugs on Average
Crowdfunding for Cancer Tx Could Exploit Vulnerable Patients
No Clear Benefit for Rivaroxaban After Hospital Discharge
California Lawsuit Claims AbbVie Paid Doctors to Prescribe Humira
Patient Health Information Often Shared Electronically
EPA Plan Will Maintain Carbon Emissions From Power Plants
Second HPV-Related Primary Cancers Common in Survivors
Global Prevalence of Insufficient Activity 27.5 Percent
FDA Ad Campaign Hopes to Halt E-Cigarette Use Among Teens
Compliance With Requirement to Report Results on EUCTR Is Poor
Drug Prices Increase More Than Expected After Shortages
Review: Treatments for Primary Basal Cell Carcinoma Compared
Scribes Improve Physician Workflow, Patient Interaction
Association Health Plans Can Help Small Businesses Offer Coverage
Use of Aspirin in Healthy Elderly Questioned in Three Studies
FDA Approves Novel Treatment for Hairy Cell Leukemia
FDA Finds Another Carcinogen in Certain Valsartan Heart Meds
Situation Framing, Language Can Influence Decision-Making
Sales of Flavored E-Cigarette Products Up Since 2012
No Apparent Short-Term Cancer Risk From Recalled Valsartan
Gains in Insurance Coverage Seen for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Adults
Risks Posed by Spreading Oil and Gas Wastewater on Roads
At Least 15 Men Near Ground Zero Have Breast Cancer
FDA Gets Tough on Juul, Other Electronic Cigarette Makers
Six-Step Analysis Can Help Improve Practice Logistics
Guideline-Discordant Prostate Cancer Imaging Up With Medicare
Residents Working Long Hours Can Increase Alertness
Propofol May Decrease Delay in Neurocognitive Recovery
Rituximab + Lenalidomide Effective in Follicular Lymphoma
Total of 43,371 New Cases of HPV-Associated Cancers in 2015
Data Age in Clinical Trials Is About Three Years at Publication
Case Report Describes 4 Breast Cancer Cases Post Transplant
Medicaid Work Requirements Don't Impact Many Enrollees
Many Opportunities for Doctors Using Twitter
Chronic Pain May Be Contributor to Suicide
Docs, Consumers Agree on Benefits of Virtual Care
Physician Burnout Rates Vary by Medical Specialty
Social Determinants Linked to Provision of Primary Care
Personalized Weighting Could Enhance Hospital Rating Tools
Bigger Cut in Smoke Exposure for Immediate Nicotine Reduction
Better Training Needed to Boost LGBTQ Patient Health Care
Hospital Groups Launch Own Generic Drug Company
PSA Testing Not Recommended for Prostate Cancer Screening
~3,000 Excess Deaths Estimated Due to Hurricane Maria
Fostamatinib Seems Effective for Immune Thrombocytopenia
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Has Uncertain Future
Poor, Non-English Speaking Cancer Patients Need Support
Enrollment in High-Deductible Health Plans Up From '07 to '17
Breast Cancer Surgery Outcomes Poor for Nursing Home Residents
Medical Bills in Collections Decrease With Patient Age
14.6 Percent of U.S. Adults Used Marijuana in Past Year
Oral High-Risk HPV Prevalence Appears to Be Low in England
Radn Tx Alone May Be Adequate for Stage I Anal Cancer in Elderly
No Meaningful Increase in Physician Compensation Last Year
Emicizumab Prophylaxis Cuts Bleeding in Hemophilia A
Marketplace Premiums Increase More With Monopolist Insurers
High-Quality Diet Linked to Lower Mortality in Cancer Survivors
Wording Used May Affect Thyroid Cancer Patients' Anxiety, Choices
Medical Practices Should Address Negative Online Reviews
Poor Shared Decision-Making for Lung Cancer Screening
Artificial Intelligence Holds Promise in Medicine
Experts Address Loss of the National Guideline Clearinghouse
Alcohol Is Leading Risk Factor for Global Disease Burden
Prevalence of E-Cigarette Use 4.5 Percent in U.S. Adults
Most Research Participants Not Concerned About Data Sharing
Computer-Aided Colonoscopy Reliably Identifies Small Polyps
Experiencing Parental Cancer As Child Has Lasting Impact
AMA Adopts Policy Promoting Health Equity As a Goal
Education RE: Herd Immunity Can Up Readiness to Be Vaccinated
TNFi Not Linked to Increased Cancer Recurrence in RA Patients
Most Surgical Residents Want Financial Education
Time to Stop Cancer Screenings: What Do Patients Want to Hear?
Small Practices Also at Risk for Data Breaches
Nivolumab + Ipilimumab Shows Efficacy for Untreated Brain Mets
National Provider Identifiers Are Vulnerable to Theft
Strategy Outlined for Shooter Incident in Health Care Facility
Catch-Up HPV Doses Effective to Age 21 Against Cervical Neoplasia
Advantages for HDHP Enrollees in Large Versus Small Firms
Similar Outcomes for Rural, Urban Cancer Patients in SWOG Trials
Doctors Often Not Discussing Risk Factors With Patients
USPSTF Updates Guidance for Cervical Cancer Screening
Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Most Cost-Effective for Uterine CA
Hypnosis Doesn't Cut Post-Op Pain in Breast Cancer Surgery
Pennsylvania Case Could Affect Evidence for Malpractice Defense
Experts Offer Tips for Provider Appeal of Denied Medical Claims
NYU Becomes First Medical School to Cover All Tuition
Lumpectomy + Radiation May Cut Breast Cancer Mortality in DCIS
Heat-Driven Air Conditioning May Contribute to Additional Deaths
Tobacco Content Still Common on U.K. Prime-Time Television
Declines in Life Expectancy in Many High-Income Countries
Comments Open on End of NIH Review for Gene Therapy Studies
Residents' Sleep Deteriorates During Training
Practice Names, Logos Should Be Carefully Designed
NIH Panel Will No Longer Review Gene Therapy Experiments
Steps Provided for Discharging Patient From Practice
Patient Portals Don't Appear to Have Much Traction
ACA Coverage Gains Include Workers Without Insurance
Talazoparib Beneficial in Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer
Ancient Gene Protects Elephants From Cancer
Broad Genetic Testing for NSCLC May Not Improve Survival
Marijuana May Improve Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer
HPV Legislation Doesn't Impact Teen Sexual Behaviors
Most Postmenopausal Bleeding Not Associated With Cancer
Physicians With Medicine/Psych Training Can Help Complex Cases
Completing Sepsis Bundle Within an Hour Cuts Pediatric Mortality
6 Factors Related to Inclusion in Health Care Workplace ID'd
Four Pros to Integrating EHR, Practice Management Software
Jury Awards $289 Million in Case Linking Roundup to Man's Cancer
FDA Warns Against Long-Term Azithromycin Use for Some
Dermatologist Intervention Tied to Better Sun Protection
Will Lunar and Planet Dust Be Health Concerns of the Future?
AMA Adopts Policy on Augmented Intelligence
AMA Adopts Policy to Advance Gender Equity in Medicine
Cyber Insurance Recommended for All Physician Practices
FDA Approves Poteligeo for Rare Types of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Steps Taken to Increase Use of Electronic Tools in Medicine
Elevated Late Mortality Persists After Blood or Marrow Transplant
Unsheltered Homeless Have High Mortality Rates
AMA Proposes Policy Opposing Medicaid 'Lockout' Provisions
Overtreatment of Thyroid Cancers Seems Common
Factors Examined for End-of-Life Spending Levels in Cancer Care
Excess Zinc in Muscles May Drive Cancer-Related Wasting
AMA Calls for Greater Electronic Cigarette Regulation
Disparities Remain in Prevalence of Cancer Screening Tests
Death Records Estimate 1,139 Deaths Due to Hurricane Maria
Combined Digital Screening Best for Detecting Breast Cancers
Biomarker Panel May Improve Lung Cancer Risk Assessment
Variation in Specialty Drug Coverage Across Health Plans
Skin Appears to Be Key Pathway for Absorption of BBQ Fumes
Some Bacteria Now More Tolerant of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers
Groups Urge CMS to Reconsider Suspending Risk Adjustment
ASCO Endorses SIO Guideline for Integrative Tx in Breast Cancer
Health Affairs Announces Launch of New Three-Year Initiative
Three Financial Metrics Can Improve Practice Performance
NIH Releases Large-Scale Dataset of CT Images
How Doctors Receive Feedback Is Key for Antimicrobial Programs
TGFB1 Mutation Ups Radiation-Induced Breast Fibrosis Risk
E-Cigarettes Don't Seem to Aid Smoking Cessation Efforts
New Short-Term Health Plans Have Large Coverage Gaps
National Guideline Clearinghouse Offline Due to Funding Cuts
Steps Can Be Taken by Doctors to Minimize Risk of Lawsuits
Nurse Navigators Can Help to Improve Oncology Care
Learning to Change Important for Improving Practice
FDA Approves Azedra for Rare Adrenal Tumors
Front Desk Staff Can Set Up a Practice for Successful Billing
Lay Health Workers Can Improve End-of-Life Cancer Care
Few Published Programs Address Medical Trainee Mistreatment
Demonstrating Clinical Use Will Speed Genomic Screening
Medical Boards May Contribute to Mental Health Stigma for Doctors
Young Cancer Survivors Have High Risk of Endocrine Diseases
Acupuncture May Cut Arthralgia From Aromatase Inhibitors
Four Strategies Help Doctors Make Personal, Professional Gains
Aldehydes Dominant Carcinogen in Tobacco Smoke
Assessing, Improving Patient Satisfaction Cuts Malpractice Risk
Insurers May Be Underpaying Doctors
FDA Approves Magnetic System for Guiding Lymph Node Biopsies
Many U.S. Adults View Marijuana Use Positively
Tools, Methods of RCTs Can Be Adapted to Real-World Settings
HerbList App Launched to Provide Information on Herbal Products
Physicians and Practices Should Prepare for Emergencies
Alcohol, Tobacco Consumption Tied to Cancer Mortality
FDA Grants First Approval for CA Drug Under New Pilot Programs
VA MISSION Act May Up Costs, Lower Vet Health Care Quality
HPV Vaccine Eliminates Advanced Skin Cancer in 97-Year-Old
Medical Organizations Must Address Sexual Harassment
Monthly Vitamin D Supplement May Not Cut Cancer Risk
Walmart Generic Drug Discounts Often Offer More Patient Savings
FDA Approves Tibsovo for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Guidelines Conflict for Long-Term Opioid Tx in Cancer Survivors
Embezzlement Not Uncommon in Medical Practices
FDA Warns Against Risks of Contaminated Synthetic Cannabis
Increased Coverage in States With Medicaid Expansion
Complementary Medicine Use Ups Refusal of Usual Cancer Therapy
Same-Day Appointment System Implemented in Health Network
Liver Disease-Related Deaths Up Sharply From 1999 to 2016
Patients Care About the Clothes Doctors Wear
Both High and Low Uric Acid Levels Tied to Higher Mortality
Link for Asbestos-Free Talcum Powder, Cancer Not Clear
L-Glutamine Reduces Number of Pain Crises in Sickle Cell Disease
Hand-Holding, Stress Ball Don't Cut Anxiety in Skin CA Removal
Seven Strategies Can Help Practices Manage Staff Time Off
Overall Cancer Mortality Rates Decreasing for Men and Women
Australian Researchers Develop First Blood Test for Melanoma
Risk of CRC, Non-CRC Death Up With Positive Fecal Hb Test
CDC: 'Tips' Campaign Has Helped a Number of Smokers Quit
Alternative Payment Models Should Include Precision Medicine
Trials Supporting FDA Approval of Breakthrough Drugs Examined
Higher Risk of In-Situ Breast CA, Ovarian Tumors With Fertility Tx
FDA Establishes New Task Force on Drug Shortages
Adoption of EHR Linked to Reduction in Mortality Rates
eCare Plan Set to Improve Doctor/Pharmacist Relationship
Physician Burnout Tied to Higher Risk of Medical Errors
Virtual Assistants Not HIPAA Compliant
Jury Awards $4.62B in Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit
Gender Bias in Medicine Has Far-Reaching Consequences
Higher Vitamin D Levels May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Patient Experience Officers Can Play Key Role in Medical Offices
AMA Aims to Boost Affordability of ACA Marketplace Plans
2001 to 2015 Saw Decline in Self-Employment in Health Care
Peer-Led Education Helps Physicians Save Time With EHRs
Polio-Rhinovirus Promising for Malignant Glioma Patients
Apixaban Is Safest Direct Oral Anticoagulant Versus Warfarin
Advanced Prostate Cancer Variant More Common Than Thought
Attending Surgeon Influences Genetic Testing in Breast Cancer
AMA Calls for Inclusive Family, Medical Leave Policies
International Group Develops Best Practices for Drug Packaging
Misleading Popular Videos Impact Attitudes About Tobacco
Error Rate 7.4 Percent in Speech Recognition-Assisted Notes
Patient Interest Fairly High for Melanoma Genetic Risk Testing
Transfeminine Persons Have Increased VTE Incidence
FDA Drops Zika Testing for Blood Donors
Red Cross Issues Nationwide Call for Blood Donations
UV Protection Methods Low in Individuals With Skin of Color
IT Solutions for Easier EHRs Save Physicians Time, Burnout
Risk-Stratified Breast Cancer Screening Ups Cost-Effectiveness
Skin Cancer Risk Higher in Military Personnel
Cabozantinib Improves Survival in Advanced Hepatocellular Cancer
Decrease in Mean Platelet Counts Seen During Pregnancy
Health Gains, Cost Savings Projected for Sodium Goals
WHO Calls for Renewed Effort to Combat Chronic Disease
Hospitals Face $218B in Federal Payment Cuts From 2010 to 2028
Patient Complaints Mainly About Rudeness, Rushing, Reproach
22.9 Percent of U.S. Adults Meet Aerobic, Strength Activity Goals
Patients Comfortable With Doctors Having Tattoos, Piercings
HPV Cervical CA Screening Cuts Odds of Later CIN3+ Diagnosis
Automated Bone Scan Index Prognostic for Prostate Cancer
Pembrolizumab Not Better Than PTX for Advanced Gastric Cancer
Intensive Management Program Benefits High-Risk Patients
Conservative Management Up for Low-Risk Prostate CA in Veterans
Practice Management Can Improve Efficiency
Prolonged Leisure-Time Sitting Tied to Increased Mortality Risk
Initial Outcomes No Worse for Surgical ICU Patients With CA
Decision Tree Model Can ID Behaviors Linked to Sunburn Risk
AMA Calls for Electronic Health Record Training
Health Care Technology Impacts Younger Patient Satisfaction
Enzalutamide Improves Outcomes for Aggressive Prostate Cancer
New Guidelines Increase Melanoma Staging Reproducibility
Radiomic Model Approach for Characterizing Nodules Promising
Higher Rates of Cancers Observed Among Flight Attendants
Sodium Thiosulfate Post-Cisplatin May Lessen Hearing Loss
AMA Adopts Ethical Guidance on Medical Tourism
Higher Cancer Rates Confirmed in Women With Dense Breasts
Authors Explore Overdiagnosis in Cancer Screening
In Cancer Patients, PTSD May Increase Symptom Burden
Study Compares Treatment Options for T1a Renal Cancer
More Than 2,000 U.S. Campuses Smoke-Free as of Nov. 2017
AMA: Docs Declare Drug Shortages Public Health Emergency
Aspirin Use Doesn't Cut Cancer Incidence in Older T2DM Patients
Awake VATS Can Be Safe Option for Some Lung Cancer Patients
Increased Adiposity Tied to Lower Premenopausal Breast CA Risk
Many Childhood CA Survivors Not Concerned About Future Health
Post-Endoscopic Infection More Common Than Previously Thought
Handheld Device Can ID Cardiac Dysfunction in Cancer Survivors
Palliative Care Reduces Odds of Suicide in Lung Cancer Patients
More Cash-Pay Patients Means Docs Need Billing Strategies
Many Physicians Not Prepared for End-of-Life Talks With Patients
Parents Say Cancer Prevention Best Reason for HPV Vaccination
Greater Satisfaction With Autologous Breast Reconstruction
AAFP Still Recommends CRC Screening From Age 50 to 75
FIRS: Guidance Offered for Protecting Youth From E-Cigarettes
Many Drugs Made Available Via FDA Expanded Access Programs
Gender Difference in Survival Seen After Radical Cystectomy
Considerable Costs Associated With Switching EHR
J-Shaped Association for Alcohol, Mortality in Older Adults
Recent-Onset Diabetes Tied to Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Less Improvement in AHA Diet Score for SNAP Participants
AMA Vows to Improve Access for Docs Seeking Mental Health Care
High-Quality Diet May Decrease Mortality Risk in Cancer Survivors
Higher Vitamin D Levels Tied to Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancer
VTE Linked to Acute Decline in Physical Function in Women
Peri-Op RBC Transfusions Linked to Postoperative VTE
Older Adults Increasingly Have HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancers
Sun Defenses Up in Transplant Patients After Skin Cancer Study
Exercise May Lower Mortality in Adult Survivors of Childhood CA
How Do Business Partner Data Breaches Affect Your Practice?
Increase in Global Cancer Incidence, Drop in Death Rates
Lengthy Viral Suppression May Cut Cancer Risk in HIV Infected
Child Neuroblastoma Survivors at Risk for Psych Impairment
Better Dietary Patterns Among U.S. Adults Could Save Billions
Cancer Development Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk
2011 to 2017 Saw Drop in Youth Use of Any Tobacco Products
Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects Linked to Distress
Adjusting for Novel Therapy Use Key to Value-Based Programs
NCI Cancer Centers Endorse Goal of Eliminating HPV Cancers
Factors ID'd for Persistent Opioid Use After Pediatric Surgery
Skin Cancer Examinations More Likely for Indoor Tanning Users
ASCO: Overall Survival Up for African-American Men With mCRPC
ASCO: Undertreatment Seen for Women With Head & Neck Cancer
Online Consumer Ratings of Physicians Tend to Be Skewed
AAFP Joins Call on FDA to Reduce Nicotine Content in Cigarettes
CDC: Prevalence of No Insurance Varies by Occupational Groups
AMA Guide Highlights Importance of Caring for Caregivers
ASCO: New Assays May Detect Early Lung Cancer in Blood
CDC: Office-Based Physician Visit Rates Vary by Patient Age, Sex
FDA OKs 1st Biosimilar to Prevent Chemo-Related Infections
Post-Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico Underestimated
ASCO: Ovarian Suppression + Tamoxifen Ups Breast CA Survival
Personalized Therapy Promising in Metastatic Breast Cancer
ASCO: Sunitinib Alone Noninferior in Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer
ASCO: Endocrine Tx Noninferior for HR+, HER2− Breast Cancer
ASCO: mFOLFIRINOX Improves Survival in Pancreatic Cancer
Many Breast Cancer Survivors Do Not Undergo Annual Surveillance
ASCO: Pembrolizumab Superior for Initial Tx of Advanced NSCLC
ASCO: mCRC Costs Up in Western Washington vs. British Columbia
Facial Morphing Program May Deter Young Adults From Tanning
Male Thyroid Cancer Survivors Face Higher CVD Risk
Convolutional Neural Network Tops Clinicians for Melanoma ID
Oral Propranolol Seems Safe for Infantile Hemangioma
ASHP: SVP, Injectable Opioid Shortages Threaten Patient Care
Prompts May Up Goals-of-Care Dialogues at Outpatient Visits
ACS Updates Colorectal Cancer Screening to Start at Age 45
Worse Survival for BRCA Germline Mutation Carriers in Pancreatic CA
Senior CA Patients Also Benefit From Palliative Radiotherapy
Screening for von Willebrand Disease in Girls Found to Be Low
Reduced-Dose Anticoagulants Feasible for Extended VTE Tx
Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Best in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
Prediction Tool Helps Tailor Lung Cancer Screening to Patients
ICU Mortality Similar for Patients With Hematologic CA ± Chemo
FDA Approves Palynziq for Phenylketonuria
Congress Approves Bill Expanding Private Care for VA Patients
PSA Level Three Months After Radiation Tx May Predict Outcome
Financial Incentives May Up Rates of Smoker Abstinence
Global Variation in Personal Health Care Access and Quality
Lung Cancer Incidence Higher for Young Women Than Young Men
Cryoablation Efficacious for Cancer Pain, Review Finds
Extended INR Test Intervals Safe for Warfarin-Treated Patients
Surveillance Frequency Doesn't Cut Mortality in Colorectal Cancer
Addressing Parents' HPV Vaccine Hesitancy Ups Vaccination Rates
From 2008 to 2014, Prostate Cancer Testing, Treatment Down
CDC: No Change in Level of Uninsured in U.S. in 2017
FDA OKs Doptelet for Liver Dz Patients Undergoing Procedures
Rivaroxaban Linked to Low VTE Recurrence in Active Cancer
Language Used in Medical Record Can Affect Patient Care
Breath Test Shows Promise for Diagnosis of Esophagogastric CA
V600E BRAF Mutation Tied to Worse Survival in CRC Liver Mets
Good Evidence That HPV Vaccines Protect Against Cervical Precancer
ASCO: Few Eligible Smokers Had CT Screen for Lung CA in 2016
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy Varies by Sex
Nonprofit Manufacturer Could Keep Generic Drug Costs Down
Best Practices Developed for Use of EHR to Enhance Patient Care
Higher CRC Risk With Advanced Adenoma Found on Colonoscopy
PPD Skin Test Enhances Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Tx in Bladder CA
FDA Approves 'Biosimilar' Drug to Treat Certain Types of Anemia
Novel Algorithm Can Help Create 3-D Human Nose Prosthesis
Peripheral Neuropathy Common in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Risk Models Help Select Ever Smokers for Lung CA Screening
Teledermatology Could Expedite Care for Suspected Skin Cancer
Overall, Drinking Wine Does Not Impact Prostate Cancer Risk
CKAP4 Is Novel Serodiagnostic Marker for Lung Cancer
Screening Blood Donations for Zika Virus Is Costly, Low Yield
Many Oncologists Discuss, Recommend Medical Marijuana
Uveal Effusion Reported After Initiation of Anti-PD-1, -PD-L1
FDA Targets Clinics Offering Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies
Nodal Metastasis Risk Up When Cancer Is Directly on the Lip
Lymphoma, Leukemia Survivors Have Increased Health Care Use
Cost Savings Limited With Generic Imatinib
Crowdfunding Exaggerates Efficacy of Unproven Stem Cell Tx
Regulatory Requirements Drive Dissatisfaction With EHRs
USPSTF: Decision to Undergo PSA Screening Should Be Individual
Intravesical Gemcitabine Therapy Cuts Bladder Cancer Recurrence
Type 2 Diabetes Ups Risk of Renal Cancer in Women, but Not Men
Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk for Endometrial Cancer Survivors
Cancer Incidences and Burden Expected to Shift in HIV-Positive
FDA Approves Drug Combo for Aggressive Thyroid Cancer
Poor Prognosis for Interval Breast Cancer After Negative Mammo
Parenting Fears Harm Well-Being of Women With Metastatic Cancer
Many Organizations Not Meeting Trial Reporting Requirements
Screening Mammos Linked to Less Aggressive Tx If Diagnosed
Early Intervention May Reduce Breast CA-Related Lymphedema
Five Strategies to Reduce Acute Care for Cancer Patients ID'd
CTC Status Predicts RT Benefit in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
Gender Disparity Observed in Cancer Genetic Testing in the U.S.
Reporting Outcomes Per Surgeon Tied to Drop in CRC Sx Mortality
Mortality Risk Persists for Cancer Tied to Prenatal DES Exposure
In Retinoblastoma Survivors, Oculo-Visual Issues Tied to QoL
Nodal Response to Pre-Op Tx Tied to Survival in Esophageal Cancer
Palliative Care Consult Can Cut Hospital Costs in Seriously Ill
Practices Should Be Aware of Correct Way to Fire Employees
Knowledge of Causes of Cancer Low in General Population
Clinical Upstaging of NSCLC Seen With Each Progressive Week
Similar Risk Predicted for Automated, Clinical BI-RADS Density
Liver-Kidney Recipients Have Donor-Specific Hypo-Responses
Checklist Developed for Parents of Children With Cancer
Five Healthy Lifestyle Habits Could Add >10 Years to Life
New Clinic Satisfaction Tool Provides Real-Time Feedback
Art Intervention May Be Beneficial for Cancer Patients
Sickle Cell Trait Not Linked to Stroke in African-Americans
Spermatogenesis Still Occurs in Men With Testicular Cancer
Potentially Inappropriate Meds Use Prevalent in Cancer Patients
Knowledge Not Tied to Addictive Tanning Behavior in Millennials
Improvement in Race-Based Disparities in Years of Life Lost
Proactive Swallowing Rehab Program Helpful in Phalangeal CA
Pros and Cons for E-Cigarettes As Aid to Smoking Cessation
Multiple Myeloma Risk May Be Up for WTC-Exposed Firefighters
Saturday Is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Medicare Requiring Hospitals to Post Prices Online
Alcohol Intake May Influence Oral Microbiome Composition
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Cuts CRC Incidence, Mortality in Men
Patients Prefer Doctors Who Engage in Face-to-Face Visits
Celecoxib Lowers Opioid Use Post Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
Cancer Screening More Likely After a Previous False Positive
Colon Cancer Survival Varies by Insurance Type
PAs May Have Lower Diagnostic Accuracy for Melanoma
Most Smokers With Head and Neck Cancer Have Tried to Quit
Gene Therapy Found to Be Promising for β-Thalassemia
Cellular Biomedical Tattoo Can ID Hypercalcemia-Linked Cancer
Marital Status Tied to Earlier Presentation of Melanoma
Polypharmacy More Likely for Cancer Survivors
New Drug Combo Ups Survival in HER2/neu Uterine Serous Cancer
Calcium Channel Blockers May Up Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Women
Males With BRCA Mutations Have Increased Risk of Certain Cancers
Recommendations Developed on Gender Equity in Medicine
Adjuvant Pembrolizumab Beneficial in Metastatic NSCLC
Nonoptimized Drug Therapy Costs More Than $500 Billion Annually
Volumetric Laser Endomicroscopy Helps ID Barrett's Regions
TFs Operate Across Gene Loci Within Disease Phenotypes
Adjuvant Pembrolizumab Beneficial in Stage III Melanoma
Negative Affect That Lingers Tied to Health 10 Years Later
Adherence to ACS Guidelines Linked to Survival in Colon Cancer
Quality of Life Predicts Mortality in Older Breast Cancer Patients
Recent Years Saw Increase in Burden of Prior Authorization
No Higher Cancer Risk Seen for Heart Failure Patients
Cigarette Price Hike Would Provide More Gains for the Poor
Increased Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety After CRC
Endocrine Therapy-Induced Alopecia Seen in Breast Cancer
FDA Warning Ups Hysterectomy Complications for Uterine Fibroids
Odds of Prescribing Drugs Up With Doc Receipt of Payments
Chemo, Immunotherapy Feasible in Metastatic Bladder Cancer
Considerable Differences in Burden of Disease at State Level
Suggestions Offered to Reduce Physician Frustration With EHRs
Group Exercise, Nutrition Aids Prostate Cancer Patients on ADT
Most Patients Are Unaware of Drug Cancer Shortages
Interns' Schedule Takes Toll on Sleep, Physical Activity, Mood
Myocarditis Rare Side Effect of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Leukemia, and Its Treatment, May Pose Neurocognitive Risks
ACA Marketplaces Expand Coverage for Chronically Ill
Online Doc Reviews Don't Reflect Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Few Indoor Tanners Have Been Screened for Skin Cancer
mRNA Assay Less Sensitive Than DNA Assay for Latent HPV
Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy Differ in Women With Implants
Metabolic Abnormalities Seen in Testicular Cancer Survivors
Variations Identified in Free-Text Directions in E-Prescriptions
Overweight, Obesity Contributing to Cancers in Young Adults
Radiation Oncology Missing in Medical School Education
Thyroidectomy Rates Lower After Guideline Implementation
Receptivity to Tobacco Ads Linked to Progression to Use
3, 6 Month Adjuvant CAPOX Equally Effective for Colon Cancer
Lag in Progress Against Lung CA Mortality in Midwest, Appalachia
ACA Has Provided Better Access to Care for Cancer Survivors
Non-Invasive Test Can Detect Urothelial Cancer
Novel Interstitium Has Been Identified in Human Tissues
Liquids in E-Cigarettes Are Heterogeneous, Frequently Toxic
Molecular Minimal Disease in Remission Predicts AML Relapse
Low-Dose Abiraterone Acetate Noninferior for Prostate Cancer
Reduced Overall Survival for Alcohol-Related Liver Cancer
Cervical Cancer Frequently Diagnosed After Age 65
EHR Usability Contributes to Possible Patient Harm Events
Complete Genome Sequence Can Be ID'd From Amniotic Fluid
Hepatitis C Screening Increasing Among Baby Boomers
Ethical Duties ID'd for Short-Term Global Health Experiences
Vigil Immunotherapy Tolerated Well for Recurrent Ovarian CA Tx
Genetic Assay of PAP Tests May Help Dx Endometrial, Ovarian CA
BMI Linked to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk in Chronic Hep B
History of Cancer Tied to Lower Endurance, Higher Fatigability
Lean Approach May Help Tackle Burnout in Health Care Providers
MVPA Mortality Risk Reduction Not Tied to Exercise in Bouts
Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab Tops Sunitinib for Advanced Renal CA
Unique Risks Associated With Texting Medical Orders
Hydrochlorothiazide Tied to Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Risk
H. Pylori Treatment Tied to Lower Metachronous Gastric Cancer Risk
Blueprint Being Developed to Address Physician Burnout
USPSTF Recommends Skin Cancer Counseling for Fair-Skinned Youth
Personal Health Info Found in Recycling at Five Hospitals
Adcetris FDA Approval Expanded to Include Later-Stage Hodgkin's
Teen Cancer Survivors Have Strong Social Networks
Prior Authorization Negatively Impacts Clinical Outcomes
ACO Enrollment Ups Appropriateness of CA Screening
MRI-Targeted Biopsy Noninferior for Prostate Cancer Detection
Dose-Escalated Radn Does Not Up Survival in Localized Prostate CA
Risk of Breast CA May Be Higher in Women With Schizophrenia
Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Poor Identified
Many Teens Using Tobacco Don't Self-Identify As Users
More Harms Than Benefits for E-Cigarettes at Population Level
Review: Virtual Reality Distracts From Pain of Medical Procedures
Prevalence of Sunburn 34.2 Percent in U.S. in 2015
Drug Copayments Often Exceed Prescription Drug Costs
Too Few Early Breast CA Patients Given Formal Genetic Counseling
Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco System Releases Toxic Chemical
Digital Intervention Can Increase Colorectal Cancer Screenings
U.S. Spends Twice As Much for Similar Health Care Utilization
Vit D Concentration Associated With Reduced Risk of Cancer
Racial Variation in Median Age of Female Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Three-Pronged Approach Can Improve Physician Engagement
More Evidence Colonoscopy Cuts Colorectal Cancer Mortality
Odds of Opioid Prescriptions Up in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Median Household Income Predicts Survival in Anal Cancer
ACC: Carvedilol Doesn't Prevent Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity
NCCN Recommends New Drugs Beyond FDA-Approved Indications
Doctors Facing Challenge to Help Needy While Protecting Practices
Most Women Willing to Trade Off Benefits, Risks of Breast Screening
No Benefit for Aggressive Therapy in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Single PSA Screening Doesn't Cut Prostate Cancer Mortality
AAOS: Stem Cell Tx for Knee OA Costs About $5,000 Per Injection
Increase in Other Flavored Tobacco Use After Menthol Ban
Limited Evidence for Clinical Validity, Utility of ctDNA
Excretion of Volatile Organic Compounds Up in Teen E-Smokers
Markups for Oncology Services Vary at the Hospital Level
Risk of Mental Health Visits Up in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Unmet Health Needs for Patients With Uveal Melanoma
Calcium ± Vit D Supplements Up Risk of Colon Adenomas, Polyps
S. epidermidis Producing 6-HAP May Protect From Skin Neoplasia
Higher Nut Consumption May Cut Recurrence, Death in Colon CA
Patients' Breast Radiotherapy Experiences Beat Expectations
Many Untreated CIN2 Lesions Regress Spontaneously
Early Studies Often Show Exaggerated Treatment Effect
Race, Insurance Status Affects Job Status After Breast Cancer
No Link Found for Metformin or Statins and Ovarian Cancer
Recommendations for Optimizing Hidden Curriculum in Medicine
Understanding Rx Nonadherence Can Improve Adherence
Treatment-Free Remission Feasible After Nilotinib in CML
MRI Risk Model May Cut Biopsy Use in Suspected Prostate Cancer
Artificial Intelligence May Help Prevent Physician Burnout
Growth Rates of Small Renal Masses Highly Variable Early On
Dermoscopic Criteria Identified for Diagnosing Melanoma in Situ
Private Insurance Coverage of Infused Chemo Varies by Setting
Kurtosis Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Helps ID Breast Lesions
Regardless of CV Risks, Cancer History Impacts Mortality
CDC: No Change in Percentage of Uninsured in U.S. From '16 to '17
Online Tool Aids Decision Making About Breast Cancer Treatment
Obesity Linked to Improved Survival in Metastatic Melanoma
Prognostic Signatures Compared for ER-Positive Breast Cancer
AAD: Fathers May Not Perceive Harms of Teen Indoor Tanning
Burnout Found Prevalent Among Doctors in Single Health System
Mortality Risks of Exclusive Cigar, Cigarette, Pipe Use ID'd
Follow-Up Lacking for Teen, Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Low Availability of Sexual Aids and Resources at Cancer Centers
Patients Often Mispredict Well-Being After Mastectomy
Many in Oregon View Alcohol As More Harmful Than Marijuana
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Vaccine Promising for Cancer
Patients Want Physicians to Have Greater Connectivity
Laryngovideostroboscopy Useful for Vocal Fold Lesion Screening
Ultra-Processed Food Linked to Increased Overall Cancer Risk
FDA Approves Erleada to Treat Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Higher Biopsy Rates for Women Undergoing Screening Breast MRI
New Model Stratifies Patients With Long Bone Metastases
Four Best Practices Outlined to Prevent Health Care Cyberattacks
Disparities Seen in Gastric Cancer Patients' Receipt of Pre-Op Chemo
Education About Imaging Most Often Given by Ordering Provider
USPSTF Recommends Against Ovarian Cancer Screening
EHRs Not Sufficient to Ensure Success in Value-Based Care
Ultrasound for Rectal Cancer Staging Tied to More Chemoradiation
Criteria for Prostate Cancer Trials Disproportionately Exclude Blacks
Open-Label Placebo May Reduce Fatigue in Cancer Survivors
Approach Offers Regional Control of HPV-Related Head, Neck CA
Top Consumer Concerns Reported About Physicians
Prognostic Model Developed for Immunotx of Urothelial Cancer
Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab Shows Benefit in Met Renal CA
Poll: Personal Beliefs Shouldn't Allow Doctors to Refuse to Treat
Apalutamide Active in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
FDA Says U.S. Will Now Produce Critical MRI Component
Active Surveillance OK for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Mogamulizumab Cuts Infected Cells in HTLV-1 Myelopathy
High Detection Rates of High-Grade DCIS Persist
Expenditures Rising for Treating Obesity-Related Illness in U.S.
HPV Prevalence 4.9 Percent in Tonsil Tissue of Healthy Adults
Mutations Common in Pancreatic CA, History of Other Cancers
2005 to 2014 Saw Increase in Melanoma Incidence
Hot Tea + Alcohol or Smoking May Up Esophageal Cancer Risk
Low Rates of Abx Prophylaxis for Pediatric Sickle Cell
IV Bevacizumab Effective for Severe HHT-Related Bleeding
Humanities Exposure Positively Impacts Medical Students
Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction Feasible in Older Women
Factors Identified That Impact Physicians IT Adoption
Pre-Op Exercise in Lung Cancer Patients Halves Complications
Chronic Disease Major Risk Factor for Cancer, Cancer Mortality
Mortality Risk Similar for Career Versus Limited NFL Participation
Estimated Biopsy Rate Varies After Breast Cancer Treatment
TTFields Tied to Improved Survival in Glioblastoma Patients
Medicaid Expansion Cuts Out-of-Pocket Spending
AHA: Breast Cancer Patients at Increased Risk for CV Disease
In Situ Vaccine Uses Immune Response to Treat Cancer
Tisagenlecleucel Beneficial for Youth With Refractory B-Cell ALL
Mortality Impacted by Treatment Modality, Age in Early Lung CA
Survival Trends for Cancer Generally Increasing Worldwide
Decreased Survival When Surgery Refused for Esophageal Cancer
Regulators Trying to Reduce Physician Burden Linked to EHR
E-Cigarette Smoke Carcinogenic to Murine Lung, Bladder
MRI Diagnostic for Differentiating Low-Grade Bladder Cancers
Health Care Spending Up, Mainly Due to Rising Prices
Odds of Post-Op Mortality Increase As Weekend Approaches
Smokers Have Distorted View of Onset of Adverse Consequences
FDA Approves Lutathera for Some Gastro and Pancreatic Cancers
Diabetes Impacts Mortality in Breast Cancer Patients
Sleep Duration, Cycle Linked to Childhood Body Weight
Body Fat Linked to Breast Cancer Risk in Normal-BMI Women
Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome Ups Risk of Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer Screening More Efficient for Those at Higher Risk
CV Risks, Breast CA Recurrence Down With Exercise in Survivors
Eyelid Squamous Cell Carcinoma Rate Increasing in England
Periodontitis in Older Adults Tied to Higher Total Cancer Risk
Diabetes Tied to Higher Rates of Serious Infection
Swallowable Device Can Test for DNA Markers of Barrett's
Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking 15.5 Percent in 2016
Out-of-Pocket Expenditures Down With ACA Implementation
Symptoms of Depression May Influence Head, Neck CA Mortality
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