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Nine States Now Have an Obesity Rate Above 35 Percent
Intrauterine Device Use May Reduce Incidence of Ovarian Cancer
Cancer Survival Increasing in High-Income Countries
H. Pylori Treatment May Reduce Gastric Cancer Incidence, Death
EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals
Full Chemo Doses May Improve Survival in Breast Cancer
Spending Up With Treatment in Hospital-Owned Practices
Guideline Updated for Screening, Surveillance of Barrett Esophagus
Herd Protection Against Oral HPV Infections Seen Among Men
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance
1,125,000 Men/Boys Expected to Have Hemophilia Worldwide
Malnutrition Common in Older Brazilians Hospitalized for Cancer
FDA Warns Juul About Illegal Marketing Claims, Pitch to Youth
T2DM Risk Reduced by 75 Percent With Healthiest Lifestyle
Mammos May Not Benefit Elderly Women With Chronic Illness
Racial, Ethnic Underrepresentation Found in Med School Matriculants
Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Up in Younger Adults Worldwide
Majority of U.S. Doctors Believe ACA Has Improved Access to Care
Algorithm Based on Response, Biology Guides Neuroblastoma Tx
Decline in Heart Failure Mortality Rates Offset by Comorbidities
ESC Guidelines Updated for Diagnosis, Treatment of PE
Drinking Soft Drinks Tied to Higher Risk for Early Death
Low-Fat Dietary Pattern Offers Long-Term Health Benefits
USPSTF Advises Meds to Reduce Risk for Primary Breast Cancer
Costs of Reusable Colonoscopes Vary Based on Center Volume
Type and Timing of Menopausal HRT Affect Risk for Breast Cancer
FDA: Risk From Tainted Blood Pressure Drugs Very Low
Cancer Survivors Face Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk
1984 to 2016 Saw Increase in Age of Death for HIV-Infected
2001 to 2016 Saw Large Increase in Mohs Surgery for Melanoma
Salvage Therapy Does Not Up Survival for Progressive Myeloma
Physical Activity, Overall Survival Not Linked in Metastatic CRC
Low Nurse and Support Staffing Tied to Higher Inpatient Mortality
Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors May Up Pancreatic Disease Risk
DEA to Approve Dozens More Growers for Marijuana Research
CT Scan Screen for Lung Cancer Can ID Smoking-Related Diseases
Psoriasis Independently Linked to Increased Mortality Risk
Few Oncologists Suggest Health Promotion to Cancer Survivors
FDA: Men Should Be Included in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Greater for Childhood Cancer Survivors
Novel Therapy Treats Triple-Class Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Prurigo Nodularis Associated With Mental Health Disorders
Most HPV-Linked Cancers Due to Types Targeted by 9vHPV Vaccine
Coverage With HPV Vaccine Continuing to Increase in Boys
Many Providers Fail to Discuss Sun-Safe Behaviors With Patients
More Physical Activity at Any Intensity May Reduce Mortality
Oral Antibiotic Use Linked to Risk for Colorectal Cancer
Odds of Developing C. Diff Increased in Older Cancer Patients
DAAs Cut Deaths in Those Treated for HCV-Related Liver Cancer
USPSTF Recommends Genetic Counseling for High BRCA Risk
Rozlytrek Approved to Treat Tumors With NTRK Gene Fusion
Patient Preferences Explored in Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Lipophilic Statins May Cut Liver Cancer in Chronic Viral Hepatitis
Minority, Low-Income Individuals Less Likely to Receive Oral Cancer Screening
FDA Approves Inrebic Capsules for Myelofibrosis
SAVED Score Can Predict Risk for VTE in Multiple Myeloma
AI Program May Aid in Pathologic Evaluation of Breast Biopsies
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