Pediatrics News

Acute Flaccid Myelitis Features Differ in Peak, Nonpeak Years
Level of Antibiotic Prescribing High for Children in Tennessee
Single-Payer System Would Likely Save Money
2003 to 2017 Saw Drop in Infant Mortality Due to Birth Defects
ACA Tied to Narrowing of Disparities in Access to Care
High-Dose Erythropoietin No Benefit for Extreme Preemies
Coronary Artery Disease Risk Down in Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Cesarean Rates No Higher for Diabetes Patients Induced in 38th Week
CDC: Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Over
Risk for Suicide Increased in Children, Teens Who Self-Harm
Evolution of Approval, Regulation Processes for Drugs Explored
Enterovirus A71 Outbreak in Children ID'd in Colorado Hospital
Maternal Distress May Affect Brain Development in Fetuses With CHD
Experts Call for Pediatric Consideration in EMS Planning
N.J. Lawmakers Pass Bill to Ban Flavored Vaping Products
Doctor Replacement Ratios Higher in Largest, Hospital-Owned Practices
2001 to 2016 Saw Drop, Stall in IQ Losses From Chemicals
Vaccine Program Recovery Difficult After Public Scares
One in Four Children With Autism Not Formally Diagnosed
Physicians Spend >16 Minutes Per Encounter on EHR Use
Burnout in Med Students Tied to Perceived Stress, Phone Behavior
Mandatory Vaccination Ups Prevalence of Vaccine Coverage
15-Year-Old Texas Teen Youngest in U.S. to Die From Vaping
California May Start Producing Its Own Medicines
Recruitment Satisfactory for Foreign-Educated Health Providers
Neural Tube Defect Prevalence 7.0 Per 10,000 in HIV-Exposed
Risk for Gluten Exposure High With Specific School Activities
Neighborhood Disadvantage Impacts Hospital Quality Ratings
CDC Warns of Tough Flu Season Ahead
Cooking Programs May Influence Children's Food Selection
Perceived Risks of E-Cigarettes Vary With Demographics
Clinical Guidelines Developed for Managing Nosebleeds
Rate of Electronic Scooter Injuries Increased From 2014 to 2018
Large Gap Found in Health Administrative Spending for U.S., Canada
Cancer Mortality Continuing to Drop, With Lung Cancer a Driver
Early Antiretroviral Therapy May Not Achieve HIV Remission in Infants
Open Water Regulations Linked to Lower Drowning Death Rates
Pediatric Respiratory Visits Increased During Lilac Fire
CDC: Young Adults Who Ever Received HPV Vaccine on the Rise
Risk for Blood Clots Increased With PICC Placement in Children
Low-Value Health Care Services for Children Not Uncommon
Early Treatment Tied to Faster Concussion Recovery
Few Youths Receive Addiction Treatment After Opioid Overdose
Price Hikes for Hundreds of Medications
Teens Who Misuse Opioids Likely to Engage in Other Risky Behaviors
Twelfth-Grade Binge Drinking Linked to Risky Driving Practices
Many Pelvic Exams, Pap Tests Unnecessary in Teens and Young Adults
Treating Colonized Parents May Cut S. Aureus Transmission in NICU
Public Policy Recs Updated for Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Whole-Fat Milk Consumption Tied to Lower Odds of Child Obesity
Survivors of Childhood Cancers at Risk for Shortened Life Span
Guidance Developed for Providing Quality STD Care
Patient Experiences Modestly Worse After Hospital Acquisition
Trump Administration to Ban Most Flavored E-Cigarettes
Antiepileptic Drug Exposure Low in Breastfeeding Infants
Severity of Autism Symptoms May Vary in Monozygotic Twins
Maternal Exposure to Organic Pollutants May Cut Fetal Growth
fMRI Measures May Predict Psychiatric Symptoms in Children
Machine Learning System Makes More Alerts for Med Errors
Samoa Ends State of Emergency Over Measles
CDC: Cases of Flu Continue to Mount Across America
China Convicts Scientists Claiming First Genetically Edited Babies
Number of Children With Opioid Poisonings Increasing
Many With Peanut Allergies Unnecessarily Avoid Tree Nuts
Intervention Cuts Preoperative Anxiety in Young Children
Public Insurance Tied to Lower Cancer Survival in Young Patients
Prescribing Practices Can Mitigate Opioid Overdose Risk for Teens
U.S. Teens Initiating E-Cigarette Use at Younger Ages
Bariatric Surgery in Teens May Cut Diabetic Kidney Disease Risk
Many Hospitals Fail to Provide Instructions for Patient Portals
News of Vaping-Related Injury Getting Vapers' Attention
Most Children Do Not Have Positive Results to Antibiotic Challenge
Mortality Due to Fire, Heat, Hot Substances Declined Globally
Patient Share of Out-of-Network Costs Rising
12 Million U.S. Residents Drove Under Influence of Marijuana in 2018
Vaccination Rates Improved With Removal of Nonmedical Exemptions
Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Holds Steady for Third Straight Year
Infertility Risk Increased for Men Born Small for Gestational Age
Number of Teens Vaping Marijuana on the Rise
Standardized Screening for ASD Recommended at 18, 24 Months
Congress Approves Raising Age to Buy Tobacco Products to 21
Concussions More Common Among College Students Than Thought
E-Cigarette Influencers to Be Banned From Instagram, Facebook
FDA to Allow States to Import Prescription Drugs From Other Countries
Most Students Who Use E-Cigs Vape Nicotine and Marijuana
Fenfluramine Reduces Convulsive Seizures in Dravet Syndrome
USPSTF Recommends Behavioral Counseling for STI Prevention
Possible Measles Exposures Occurred at LA International Airport
Congress Could Raise Age to Buy Tobacco Products to 21
Rates of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Remain High in U.S.
Cesarean Section Not Linked to Obesity in Offspring
Burnout Rates Exceed 50 Percent for Pediatric Residents
Hahn Confirmed as New FDA Chief
U.S. Will Have Three-Digit Number for Suicide Prevention Hotline
Prenatal, Early-Life Air Pollutant Exposure Tied to Later Allergies
Potentially Nephrotoxic Meds Prescribed to Children With CKD
One in Three Parents Report Skipping Doctor, Dentist Appointment
Survival Worse for Nonwhite Children With Hodgkin Lymphoma
Few Child Care Centers Report Flu Vaccine Requirements
Antibiotics Often Prescribed Without Documented Indication
Shortage of Applied Behavior Analysts Found for Children With Autism
State Legislators React to Preventable Disease Outbreaks
Trampoline-Related Pediatric Fractures Increased 2008 Through 2017
Household Cleaning Product-Linked Ocular Exposure Declining
Current Tobacco Use Prevalent in Middle, High School Students
Fresh Red Blood Cell Transfusion No Better in Critically Ill Children
U.S. Primary Care Doctors Face Challenges in Coordinating Care
Purified CBD May Help Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Few MMR-Vaccine Eligible Children Receive Vaccine Before Travel
Breastfeeding May Protect Against Postpartum Relapses in MS
U.S. Health Care Spending Up 4.6 Percent in 2018
Rural Children Experiencing Higher Mortality Rates
2016 to 2019 Saw Increase in Medical Students With Disabilities
Effects of Omega-3 Fish Oil Mixed for ADHD Symptoms in Youth
Distinct Populations of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death ID'd
Rural Population Underrepresented Among Medical Students
Cellphone-Related Injuries to Head, Neck on the Rise
CDC: All 50 States Now Reporting Cases of Severe Vaping-Linked Lung Injury
Retail Prescription Drug Prices Fall for First Time in 45 Years
FDA Testing Levels of Carcinogen in Diabetes Drug Metformin
Reductions in Air Pollution Yield Substantial Health Gains
Social Media Use Tied to Disordered Eating in Young Teens
Introducing Foods Early May Cut Development of Food Allergies
Preterm Birth May Increase Risk for Diabetes Into Adulthood
More Girls Admitted With Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
Annual Reported Measles Incidence Dropped From 2000 to 2018
More Than 100 E. Coli Illnesses Now Linked to Romaine Lettuce
Services Affected by Rural Hospitals Joining Health Systems
RSNA: Brain Changes Observed on MRI in Obese Teens
Physician Depressive Symptoms Tied to Higher Risk for Medical Errors
Adults Not Living in Metro Areas Have Reduced Access to Care
Infancy Nurse Visit Program May Reduce Public Benefit Costs
eBay Bans Infant Inclined Sleepers, Other Companies Urged to Do Same
Concussion May Up Risk for Suicide in High School Students
Prediabetes Prevalent in U.S. Adolescents, Young Adults
Overall, 8.5 Percent of Suicide Acts in U.S. Are Fatal
Government Shut Down as Samoa Battles Measles Outbreak
Childhood Adversity Linked to Borderline Personality Disorder
Child Consumption of Sugary Drinks Down From 2003 to 2014
Holding Intubated Infants in ICU Found to Be Safe, Beneficial
Federal, State Background Check Laws Together Cut Teen Gun Carrying
Three Meds Equal as Second-Line Therapy for Status Epilepticus
Diet Pill, Laxative Use in Women Tied to Later Eating Disorder Dx
Household Environment Plays Role in MRSA Acquisition
Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns Examined for Adult, Peds HAIs
Object-Related Aspiration Deaths Decreased Among Children
Exposure to Psychoactive Substances Up From 2000 to 2017
Asthma Exacerbations May Worsen Pregnancy Outcomes
U.S. Life Expectancy Dropped Since 2014 for Working-Age Adults
Death Toll in Samoa Measles Epidemic Reaches 25
Potentially Tainted Marijuana Sold in Colorado
FDA Approves Oxbryta for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease
FDA Approves First System to Insert Ear Tubes Under Local Anesthesia
New Screening Criteria Help Better ID Retinopathy of Prematurity
Peds Cardiac Surgical Outcomes Improved in Consortium
Nutritional Deficiencies ID'd in Teens After Bariatric Surgery
Most Toddlers Exceed Screen Time Guidelines
Polio Vaccines Causing Polio Cases
Maternal Efavirenz May Up Risk for Microcephaly Among Offspring
Overall Rate of Pediatric Nonpowder Firearm Injuries Down
Electronic Health Record Usability Graded F by Physicians
Most Teens Worldwide Are Not Exercising Enough
Parental Marijuana Use Ups Risk for Substance Use in Offspring
Obesity Prevalence Decreased Modestly for Children in WIC
Massachusetts Passes Bill to Ban All Flavored Vaping Products
Most Infants Susceptible to Measles by 3 Months of Age
Few Anorexia Nervosa Patients Make Complete Recovery
Employee Premiums, Deductibles Eating Larger Share of Income
Inducing Labor at 41 Weeks May Cut Stillbirth Rates
CDC Updates Interim Guidance on Vaping-Linked Lung Illness
Prenatal Antidepressant Use May Up Risk for Gestational Diabetes
~25 Percent of Adolescents, Young Adults Use Rx Opioids
Most Infants, Toddlers Consuming Added Sugars
Poll: Parents Cite Barriers to Recognizing Depression in Adolescents
CDC: 63.5 Percent of 3- to 5-Year-Olds Have Had Vision Tested
Umbilical Cord Milking May Harm Extremely Preterm Infants
Optic Nerve Ultrasound May ID Increased Intracranial Pressure
AAP: Emergency Contraception Should be Given to Sexually Active Teens
AMA, AHA Support Refresher Training for Measuring Blood Pressure
White House Wants Hospitals, Insurers to Provide Actual Costs of Care
Common TB Vaccine Associated With Lower Lung Cancer Rates
Cannabis Use Disorder Has Declined Among Teens, Young Adults
Studies Confirm Safety of 9-Valent HPV Vaccination
FDA Approves First Contact Lens That Slows Myopia Progression
CDC: Number of Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses Up to 2,172
Childhood Episode of Pancreatitis May Up Risk for Diabetes Later
About 2.7 Million ED Visits Reported for Sports Injuries in 2010 to 2016
Survey of U.S. Registered Nurses Points to Worsening Shortages
Minimum Age to Buy Tobacco, E-Cigarettes Raised in NY State
Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease Tied to Kidney Disease
Cannabis Use Disorder Up With Recreational Pot Legalization
Invasive Melanoma Incidence Decreasing in Teens, Young Adults
Health Groups Urge President to Ban All Flavored E-Cigarettes
Imaging Rates Continue to Rise Despite Efforts to Reduce
ACR: Few Serious Infections Seen in Infants Exposed to non-TNFis, Tofacitinib
Early Childhood High BMI Tied to Maternal Prepregnancy Factors
Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients Often Undervaccinated
EPA Proposal Would Limit Use of Science in Public Health Rules
Double Lung Transplant Performed for Vaping-Related Illness
ACAAI: Family History of Cancer Risk Factor for Childhood Asthma
Sesame-Specific IgE Levels May Help Diagnose Allergies
Juul Stops Sales of Mint-Flavored E-Cigarettes
CDC: Number of Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses Tops 2,000
Tx Choice for T2DM in Obese Teens Tied to Later Kidney Disease Risk
San Francisco Vaping Ban Upheld by Voters
Serious Eating Disorder Possible Even at Normal Body Weight
Medical Practices Burdened by Regulatory Requirements
2010 to 2016 Saw Increase in Teens Admitted to ED for Abuse
Prevalence of E-Cigarette Use High Among U.S. Preteens, Teens
Effect of Legislation on School Vaccination Rates May Be Limited
Dr. Stephen Hahn Nominated to Head FDA
Religious Exemption Rate for Vaccination Up in 2017 to 2018
2007 to 2016 Saw Increase in Child Psychiatrists in U.S.
Risk for Death, Suicide Up in Teens Who Visit ED for Self-Harm
CDC: 1 Dead, 8 Hospitalized in Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Ground Beef
Recommendations Developed to Address Clinician Burnout
2007 to 2016 Saw Rise in ADHD Prevalence in Adults, Children
Risk for Birth Defects Not Increased With Adalimumab
Elexacaftor-Tezacaftor-Ivacaftor Efficacious for Cystic Fibrosis
Juul Shipped Tainted Products, Lawsuit Alleges
Close to 1,900 Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Reported, CDC Says
Quarter of Fetal Abnormalities ID'd in Late Third-Trimester US
Fetal Exposure to Acetaminophen May Increase Risk for ADHD, ASD
Groups Urge Ban of Mint, Menthol E-Cigarette Flavors
White House Launches Website to Help Those Battling Substance Abuse
Maltreatment in Childhood Ups Risk for Physical Pain in Young Women
CDC: U.S. Life Expectancy Up Slightly, Mortality Lower in 2017
CDC: Most Patients With Vaping-Related Lung Injury Report THC Use
Facebook Launches Preventive Health Tool
Childhood Cancer Treatment Increases Risk for Breast Cancer Later
Prevalence of Pain Higher in Children With Autism
Outcomes Poor With Medical Care From Fraud, Abuse Perpetrators
Spironolactone Noninferior in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
AAP: Info Sparse for Nonnutritive Sweetener Use in Children
AAP: Greater Access to Bariatric, Metabolic Surgery Urged for Youth
Electronic Device Use Tied to Sugar, Caffeine Intake in Teens
Doctors Mostly Dissatisfied With Electronic Health Record Systems
HPV DNA Identified in Oral Cavity of 6.2 Percent of Teen Girls
AAP: Antihistamine Use for Anaphylaxis May Delay Care Seeking
AAP: Most Moms Unconcerned With Informal Milk Sharing
Bans on Flavored Products Can Cut Any Tobacco Use in Teens
No Link Found Between Teen Contact Sports, Later Mental Health Issues
AAP: Less Than Half of U.S. Children Get Sufficient Sleep
FDA: N.J. Company Must Stop Selling Unapproved Flavored Vaping Products
Disneyland Visitors May Have Been Exposed to Measles
CDC: Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Now Top 1,600
Vergence/Accommodative Tx Improves Visual Function
Patients With Diabetes Still Require More Hospitalizations for Infections
Effect of Fluoxetine on Repetitive Behaviors in ASD Youth Unclear
First Use of Flavored Tobacco Linked to Subsequent Use
Most Preemies Survive Into Adulthood Without Major Comorbidities
More Choices, Lower Premiums for ACA Consumers Next Year
ASA: Opioid-Free Pediatric Tonsillectomy Feasible
Antiviral Antibodies ID'd in CSF of Acute Flaccid Myelitis Cases
Safe Infant Sleep Practices Suboptimal Across the U.S.
Lower Birth Weight May Protect Against Allergies
Exercise Intolerance May Harm Neurocognition in ALL Survivors
NATA: Single-Sport Focus Not Good for Children
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Linked to Choroidal Thinning in Children
CDC: Coverage 94.7 Percent for Two Doses of MMR in 2018 to 2019
CDC: Vaccination Coverage Generally High for Those Born in 2015-16
Juul Stopping Sales of Fruit, Dessert Flavors of E-Cigarettes
Study Looks at Pediatric Firearm-Related Eye Injuries in the U.S.
Outcomes Poorer for Extreme Preemies Transferred After Birth
Suicide, Homicide Rates Up Among Youth Aged 10 to 24
Statins in Childhood Aid Familial Hypercholesteremia Outcomes
Breast Reduction Surgery Improves Well-Being for Young Patients
Maternal Lead Exposure Tied to Obesity Risk in Offspring
Sweetened Drinks Represent Majority of Children's Drink Sales
Decrease Seen in Football Practice-Related Concussions
Gastric Bypass Linked to Lower Risk for Major Birth Defects
Children With Autism Found to Have Higher Risk for Obesity
Rates of Head, Neck Melanoma Up in North American Youth
Increase in Suicide Attempts Seen for Black Adolescents
2009-2015 Saw Breastfeeding Up for Most Races/Ethnicities
Global Prevalence of Pediatric Hypertension About 4 Percent
Nearly 5 Million Youth Are Obese in the United States
Too Much, Too Little Weight Gain May Harm Twin Pregnancies
Barriers to Timely Access to Pediatric Hearing Aids Identified
Lumacaftor-Ivacaftor Aids Cystic Fibrosis in Real-World Setting
CDC: Seasonal Influenza Viruses Circulating in Southern Hemisphere
Close to 1,300 Cases of Vaping-Linked Illness Now Identified
Odds of Autism Up in Children With Congenital Heart Disease
Diet Intervention Can Cut Depression Symptoms in Young Adults
Rate of Advancement of Feeding Volume Does Not Impact Survival
Racial, Ethnic Minorities Want to See Doctor Who Shares Their Culture
Medicare Fraud-Prevention Rules to Be Revised
2000 to 2015 Saw Increase in Medicare GME Payments
2017 to 2018 Saw Increases in Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis
Walgreens and Kroger Halt E-Cigarette Sales
Only Half of Pregnant Women Receive Recommended Vaccines
Burnout Linked to Poor Quality Care in Published Literature
Pediatric Firearm Injury Prevention Research Underfunded
Cost of Waste in U.S. Health System Estimated
OTC Meds Often Used in Drug-Related Suicide Attempts in Youth
Bill Aims to Limit Nicotine in E-Cigarette Products
Data Suggest Viral Etiology for Pediatric Acute Flaccid Myelitis
Teens Using Oral Contraceptives Report More Depressive Symptoms
Back Sleeping in Late Pregnancy Linked to Lower Birth Weight
Food Insecurity Linked to Chronic Disease in Young Adults
Survey: Many U.S. Adults Not Planning to Get Flu Vaccine
Factors Predict Low BMD in Pediatric Blood Cancer Survivors
2014 to 2018 Saw Drop in Flavored Tobacco Products in Youth
Hyperemesis Gravidarum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder
United States Will Keep Measles Elimination Status
Cases of Serious Vaping-Linked Lung Injury Now Top 1,000
Changes in Air Pollution Levels May Affect Risk for Preterm Birth
Universal Screening for Autism Feasible in Pediatric Network
2014 to 2018 Saw Decrease in Twin Birth Rate in U.S.
Bans on Flavored Electronic Cigarettes Continue
Youngest in Classroom at Higher Risk for Diagnosis of Depression
Only Half of Ear, Nose, Throat Infections Receive Recommended Antibiotics
USPSTF Finds Evidence Lacking to Prevent Illicit Drug Use in Youth
Juul Halts Funding for San Francisco Vaping Ballot Initiative
Asthma-Related ED Use Up for Children With Anxiety, Depression
Rituxan Approved for Pediatric Patients With Rare Vasculitis Diseases
Washington State Bans Sale of Flavored Electronic Cigarettes
Childhood Secondhand Smoke Tied to Later Atrial Fibrillation
Adverse Outcomes Up for Vaginal Birth After Previous C-Section
Recommendations Updated for Management of Pediatric ADHD
2009 to 2017 Saw Pediatric Developmental Disability Increase
Sports Specialization Ups Injury Risk, Especially in Girls
CDC: THC May Be to Blame for Most Vaping-Related Illnesses
ASCO: More Than One in Five Millennials Use E-Cigarettes
Average Annual Premium for Workers Increased in 2019
More Than 800 Cases of Vaping-Linked Illness Reported in 46 States
Pediatric Heart Allocation Policy No Better for Waitlist Mortality
Deep Learning Models Classify Disease From Medical Imaging
Step-Up Strategy May Differ in Black Children With Asthma
ACOG Updates Guidance on OTC Contraception Access
E-Cigarette Maker Juul Stops All Advertising, Replaces CEO
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mortality Persist in the U.S.
Teens Not Receiving Evidence-Based Treatment Options to Quit Smoking
CDC: Infant Outcomes Worst for Those Born in the Delta
Incidence of Hodgkin Lymphoma Up in Least Deprived Areas
Vaping-Related Death in Kansas Brings National Total to Nine
Girls Take Longer to Recover From Concussion Than Boys
E-Cig Use Up in Young Adults, Stable or Down in Older Adults
Women, Minorities Underrepresented in Cardiology Workforce
Protected Health Info Breaches Compromise Sensitive Data
Polysomnographic Thresholds of Limited Use in Pediatric OSA
Rate of Vaping Has Doubled Since 2017 Among U.S. Adolescents
Pediatricians Can Play Role in Cutting Sugary Drink Intake
Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Claims Eighth Life
CDC: Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Rise to 530 Across 38 States
Few Trauma Patients Assessed for Effects of PTSD, Acute Stress
Increasing DTP3 Coverage Tied to Drop in Diphtheria Cases in Under 15s
Medical Students Not Ready to Provide Nutritional Care
Anemia in Early Pregnancy May Harm Child Neurodevelopment
New York State Institutes Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes
Diabetes Distress Common at Large Midwestern University
Pharmaceutical Treatments for Opioid Abuse May Benefit Teens
Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Claims Seventh Victim
Prenatal, Postnatal Exposures Tied to Blood Pressure in Children
Off-Label Ordering of Systemic Drugs Up for Children
Men Less Knowledgeable About HPV, HPV Vaccination
New York State to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
No New U.S. Measles Cases Reported Last Week
Room for Improvement Found in HPV Vaccine Delivery Practices
Acetaminophen in Pregnancy May Affect Childhood Behavior
Suicide Rates Increasing for Male, Female Youths in U.S.
FDA to Assess First Drug Meant to Prevent Peanut Allergy
Fewer Children Receiving Care at Family Medicine Practices
Helmets Are Underutilized by Cyclists in the United States
Nine States Now Have an Obesity Rate Above 35 Percent
More Time Spent on Social Media May Harm Teen Mental Health
Allergy Immunotherapy May Decrease Asthma Progression
EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals
President Pushing for Nationwide Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes
Spending Up With Treatment in Hospital-Owned Practices
Insulin Pump Therapy Use Has Increased Since 1995
New Strain of S. pyogenes Causing Scarlet Fever in U.K.
Herd Protection Against Oral HPV Infections Seen Among Men
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance
California Passes Laws to Reduce Fake Medical Exemptions for Vaccines
AMA: Do Not Use Electronic Cigarettes
Female Early-Career, Midcareer Pediatricians Earn Less Than Male Peers
1,125,000 Men/Boys Expected to Have Hemophilia Worldwide
FDA Warns Juul About Illegal Marketing Claims, Pitch to Youth
Childhood Food Insecurity Tied to Poor Health Outcomes, Developmental Risk
Sublingual Immunotherapy Safely Desensitizes Pediatric Peanut Allergies
U.S. College Students' Marijuana Use Reaches 35-Year High
Racial, Ethnic Underrepresentation Found in Med School Matriculants
Majority of U.S. Doctors Believe ACA Has Improved Access to Care
Health Officials Close in on Culprit in Vaping Lung Injury Cases
Algorithm Based on Response, Biology Guides Neuroblastoma Tx
Updated Recommendations, Levels of Care Categorized for Pediatric ICUs
New Facebook, Instagram Pop-Ups Counter Vaccine Misinformation
California Bill Targets Doctors Who Sell Fake Vaccine Medical Exemptions
Second Possible Death Reported in U.S. From Vaping-Related Lung Illness
Proximity to Outbreak May Affect Attitudes in Vaccine Doubters
Decreased Humoral Immunity to Mumps Seen in Young Adults
Autism Rates Up, Particularly Among Minority Children
Officials Say New York City Measles Outbreak Over
Adolescent Oral Contraceptive Use Tied to Later Depression Risk
Pediatric Flu Vaccine Guidelines Updated for 2019-20 Season
As Lung Injury Cases Rise, CDC Advises 'Do Not Vape'
Racial Disparities Persist in Breastfeeding in U.S. Infants
WHO: 'Dramatic Resurgence' of Measles Occurring in Europe
U.S. Surgeon General Warns of Marijuana's Effect on Developing Brain
More Youth Being Exposed to Secondhand Aerosol From E-Cigs
Millions of Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottles Recalled
Vaccine-Related Searches on Pinterest Will Show Only Public Health Organizations
USPSTF Advises Broader Age Range for Hep C Screening
Prenatal Exposure to OMT Does Not Worsen Neonatal Outcomes
Tourist With Measles Visited Southern California Attractions
Most Teen Cannabis Users Have Used Cannabis Concentrate
In-Store E-Cigarette Marketing Influences Use in Young People
Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Greater for Childhood Cancer Survivors
ACIP Recommendations Updated for 2019-20 U.S. Flu Season
Peds Mortality Down for Presentation at ED With Higher Readiness
Hospitalizations With Psych Diagnosis Common in ESKD
As-Needed Inhaler Use an Option for Children With Mild Asthma
Most HPV-Linked Cancers Due to Types Targeted by 9vHPV Vaccine
Coverage With HPV Vaccine Continuing to Increase in Boys
Some Cities in Texas Susceptible to Measles Outbreaks
Many Providers Fail to Discuss Sun-Safe Behaviors With Patients
Tuberculosis Rates for U.S. Children Are Low and Declining
Childhood-Onset IBD Ups Risk for Psychiatric Morbidity
Maternal Exposure to Fluoride Linked to Lower Offspring IQ
Parent-Targeted Intervention Can Up Communication With Teens
Parents Divided on Primary Care Policies for Unvaccinated Patients
Pediatric Cannabis Exposure Up After Medical Legalization
Cases of Severe Lung Injury After Vaping Reported in Three States
FDA Approves Tether Device to Correct Idiopathic Scoliosis
Recommendations Developed for Management of Lyme Disease
Advertising Can Promote Interest in Health-Related Research
ACIP Recommends Catch-Up HPV Vaccines Through Age 26
Vaping Industry Group Sues to Delay FDA Review of E-Cigarettes
FDA Proposes Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes
Antipsychotic Rx Patterns in Children With ADHD Concerning
Renal Anomaly on Fetal Scan May Up Risk for Admission for Child
CDC: Over One-Third of U.S. Youth Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
Evidence Supports Meds Used for Pain Relief in Pediatric Migraine
Israeli Flight Attendant Dies of Measles
Impulsivity Lower When Children Meet Sleep, Screen Time Guides
TSH Elevated in 6 Percent of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Youth
Gluten Intake, Celiac Disease Linked in Genetically Predisposed
Non-Hospital-Based Provider-to-Patient Telehealth Use Growing
USPSTF Recommends Screening Adults for Illicit Drug Use
Type 1 Diabetes Misdiagnosed in One-Fourth of Children, Adults
Racial, Ethnic Disparities in Care for Preemies Have Narrowed
Ultrasound Aids IV Line Placement in Children
Methylphenidate Tx Tied to Brain Changes in Boys With ADHD
One-Third of Physicians Will Take 10+ Years to Pay Off Debt
Use of Technology Now Included in Standards of Diabetes Care
Prescription Drug Misuse Common in High Schoolers
Psychotherapy Alone First Line of Treatment for Depressed Youth
No Evidence for Benefits of Opioids After Pediatric Tonsillectomy
Guidelines Issued for Managing Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Warnings Issued to Companies Illegally Selling E-Liquid, Hookah Products
FDA Reports More Seizures Among Vapers
Children With Type 1 Diabetes Have Poorer Educational Outcomes
Rate of Dual Burden 37 Per 10,000 Births in California
ADHD May Increase Risk of Premature Death
Fluoride Exposure Tied to Kidney, Liver Function Changes in Youth
Phone Consults Grow Mental Health Service Access for Children
Nurse Intervention Using Tech May Improve PID Care in Youth
FDA: Approval of Zolgensma Was Based on Manipulated Data
Completion Rates of Recommended Vaccines Lower for Preemies
Bone Health Management Key in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Children With ADHD Have Differences in Part of Brain Controlling Movement
Infant Suffocation Deaths in Bed Increased From 1996 to 2016
Electric Fans Help in Hot, Humid Conditions but Not Hot, Dry Ones
Professional Coaching Can Reduce Emotional Exhaustion for Doctors
Vaping Likely to Blame for 14 Hospitalizations in Two States
Overweight, Obesity May Up Early Mortality Risk in Pediatric ALL
Childhood Physical Activity Improves Lung Function for Adolescent Girls
0.49 Percent of U.S. Population Reports Current Sesame Allergy
Complementary Infant Feeding Guidelines May Lead to Overfeeding
Brand-Brand Competition Has Not Cut Prices in Pharma Market
Compliance With Meds Falters With Age in Youth Born With HIV
Trump Admin Announces Plan to Allow Drug Imports From Canada
Childhood BMI, HDL-C Variability May Up Later-Life Diabetes Risk
Infant Mortality Rates Highest for Non-Hispanic Blacks
One Dose of HPV Vaccine May Be Sufficient in Certain Situations
Recommendations Decreased for Cough, Cold Medicine in U.S.
Hot Pavement Can Burn Feet in Seconds
Likelihood of Trying Drugs for the First Time Higher in the Summer
Burnout Symptoms May Up Racial Bias Among Resident Physicians
Oil, Gas Well Exposure May Up Risk for Congenital Heart Defects
CDC: General Fertility Rate, Teen Birth Rate Decreasing in U.S.
$70 Million Settlement Reached in Generic Drug Delay Case
National Norms Developed for Assessing Medical School Empathy
Earlier Puberty in Swedish Boys Only Partially Due to Higher BMI
Global Burden of Childhood Cancers Examined
Lifesaving Drug for Infants Costs $2.1 Million a Dose
Consumer Products Tied to Three-Fourths of Youth Brain Injuries
Pediatricians Have Role to Play in Addressing Racism
JUUL E-Cigarettes Never Meant for Teens, Company Cofounder Says
Most Pediatric In-Flight Medical Events Handled by Crew
Exposure to Air Pollution Tied to Raised Odds of NICU Admission
BPA Substitute Chemicals Linked to Obesity in Children
FDA Approves First Noninjection Glucagon Therapy
In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in the U.S. May Be Underestimated
2001 to 2017 Saw Increase in Suicides in African-American Teens
Stimulant Treatment Has Strong Protective Effect in ADHD
Reducing Air Pollution Could Cut Rates of Childhood Asthma
Neural-Tube Defects Up for Offspring of Women on Dolutegravir
Nonprescription Antibiotic Use Seems Prevalent in the United States
New ACC/AHA Guidelines Detect More Cases of Gestational Hypertension
More Screen Time Ups Risk for Depression in Adolescents
Pediatricians Can Play Role in Ensuring School Readiness
State-Level Firearm Ownership Linked to Domestic Firearm Homicide
Family Support May Improve Asthma Outcomes in Poor Youth
EPA Will Not Ban Pesticide Linked to Brain Harm in Children
Higher eGFR at Dialysis Initiation Tied to Lower Survival in Children
Recovery From Concussion Longer for Athletes With ADHD
Transfers Up for Mental Health Disorders in Uninsured Children
About One in 20 Patients Exposed to Preventable Harm
Educational Handout May Increase Receipt of Child Flu Shot
Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
Increase Seen in Foster Care Entries Due to Parental Drug Use
Race, Neighborhood Impact Bystander CPR in Pediatric OHCA
Prepregnancy Surgery Linked to Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Firearm-Related Pediatric Mortality Down With Stricter Laws
Prenatal Opioid Exposure Harms Long-Term Child Development
Rabies Warning Issued for Walt Disney World Resort Area
U.S. Health, Economic Burden of Uncontrolled Asthma Projected
Serious Misdiagnosis-Related Harms Mostly Due to 'Big Three'
Feeding Examination Can Avert Surgical Frenotomy Procedures
Capping Work Hours in Residency Does Not Impact Outcomes Later
Health Care Professionals Exhibit Gender Bias
Exposure to 2009 pH1N1 Vaccine During Pregnancy Seems Safe
New WIC Food Options Improve Maternal, Birth Outcomes
Risk for Cancer Higher in Those With Congenital Heart Disease
Guidance Updated for Managing Infants at Risk for Group B Strep
EHR System-Generated In-Basket Messages Linked to Burnout
Fewer New Measles Cases Reported Last Week in U.S.
Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads Blocked by Judge
CDC Updates Data on Cases Meeting Criterion for Acute Flaccid Myelitis
Adults With Cerebral Palsy at Higher Risk for Osteoporosis
School Performance Down With Adverse Childhood Experiences
Risk of Stillbirth Increases in Pregnancies Past 37 Weeks
Early Warning Signs May Predate Eating Disorder Onset
Neuropsychiatric Morbidity Up With Synthetic Cannabinoid Use in Teens
IL-6 Level May Predict Symptom Duration in Concussed Athletes
Male Students Affected More by Poor Diet in First Year of College
Most U.S. Adults Are Concerned About Antibiotic Resistance
Lack of Evidence for Treating Chronic Pain in Children
Interventions Linked to Drop in Unvaccinated Kindergartners
Adverse Outcomes Up for Pregnant Women With Migraine
Vermont Places 92 Percent Tax on E-Cigarettes
Anti-Vaccine Movement a 'Man-Made' Health Crisis, Scientists Warn
Considerable Number of Patients Receive Surprise Hospital Charges
In Utero Opioid Exposure Tied to Poor Outcomes Throughout Childhood
Guidance Issued for Management of Fontan Circulation
Guide Addresses Medical Issues Relevant to Transgender Persons
Core Components of Teen Mental Health Interventions ID'd
Low Vitamin D in Early Life May Up Risk of Elevated Systolic BP
Medtronic Recalls Some Insulin Pumps Over Cybersecurity Concerns
Review: HPV Vaccination Program Has Considerable Impact
More Than 1 in 5 Young Men Use Disordered Eating to Bulk Up
Poststroke Headache Common in Pediatric Stroke Survivors
Migraine Prevalence Up for Food-Insecure Young Adults
MSSP ACOs May Not Improve Spending, Quality of Care
Educational Attainment Positively Linked to CVD Risk Factors
Americans Concerned About Clinician Burnout
USPSTF Urges Interventions to Prevent Tobacco Use in Children
Nonchromosomal Birth Defects May Up Childhood Cancer Risk
Anesthesia Tied to Neurocognitive Impairment in Childhood ALL Survivors
Outcomes Poor Years After Radiation for Pediatric Glioma Survivors
Many Trust Doctors, Nurses Over Other Sources of Health Advice
Antacid Use in First Year of Life Tied to Later Fracture Risk
Rotavirus Vaccine Led to Reduced Disease Prevalence, Season Duration
FDA Expands Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Approval to Children Ages 6 to 12
Obesity Prevalence Down in Young Children Enrolled in WIC
2018 to 2019 Influenza Season in U.S. Was Longest in 10 Years
New England Journal of Medicine Picks New Editor-in-Chief
Health Care Workers With ARIs Often Work While Symptomatic
T2DM Risk in Offspring Up With Maternal Overweight, Obesity
Sudden Death Can Occur in Full Spectrum of Epilepsies
Surgeons' Unprofessional Behavior Tied to Higher Complication Risk
San Francisco Considering Banning Sales of E-Cigarettes
Excess Weight Tied to Increased Risk for High BP in Young Children
Suicide Rates Peaked for Teens, Young Adults in 2017
Pediatric T1DM Medication Adherence Drops on Weekends, Holidays
Overall Cancer Survival Rates Up Among Adolescents, Young Adults
Many Young Children Treated in ED for Injuries From Personal Care Products
Cognitive Consequences Worse for Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis
FDA Approves Victoza Injection for Children 10 Years and Older
Drug Makers Challenge New Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads
CDC: U.S. Measles Cases Reach 1,044
U.S. Travelers Should Be Aware of Measles Risk in Europe
Recommendations Developed to Prepare Children for Camp
Head, Facial Injuries From Motorized Scooters on the Rise
New York State Halts Religious Vaccine Exemption
Prenatal Antiepileptic Rx Exposure Ups Risk for Behavioral Issues
Rotavirus Vaccination Tied to Lower Risk for T1DM in Children
Obesity During Teen Years Tied to Stiffening of Arteries
ADA: Teplizumab Can Delay T1DM Progression in Those at Risk
Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves
Study Confirms Teratogenicity of Valproic Acid, Topiramate
Next-Gen Sequencing of CSF Improves Diagnosis of CNS Infections
Approving Children's Cancer Drugs Takes 6.5 Years Longer
Exposure to Air Pollution May Impact Children's Cognitive Abilities
USPSTF Issues Recommendations on HIV Screening, Prevention
Higher Levels of Exercise in Childhood Improve Heart Health
Pertussis Risk Up for Undervaccinated, Unvaccinated Children
Diagnostic Testing, Antibiotics Overused in Pediatric CAP
Data Insufficient for Safety of Lithium During Breastfeeding
Marketing OK'd for Device to Help Reduce IBS Symptoms in Adolescents
Access to Health Care Has Little Impact on Longevity
Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy May Up Risk for Obesity in Offspring
Half an Hour of Sun Exposure Daily May Lower Risk for Pediatric IBD
2003 to 2014 Saw Incidence of Herpes Zoster Drop in Children
Cough Sound Analyzer Helps Differentiate Peds Respiratory Disorders
Online Intervention May Cut Unnecessary Primary Care Visits
Rapid Cycling Work Roster Improves Resident Sleep Practices
Receipt of Breast Milk Increases With Gestational Age at Birth
Testicular Cancer Treatment Does Not Up Risk for Offspring Birth Defects
Survey Indicates Physician Misconduct Is Underreported
App Helps Pediatric Asthma Patients, Parents Self-Monitor
Dietary Supplements May Up Risk for Severe Medical Events
Immunizations Up in California After Repeal of Nonmedical Exemptions
Staphylococcus aureus Linked to Food Sensitization in Eczema
Costs, Complications Up for Minorities in Cleft Palate Repair
ACP Issues Position on Response to Physician Impairment
Current Strategies for Measles Vaccination Insufficient
Number, Rate of Detergent Pod Exposures Modestly Declined
Noncompliance Common in Teens Prescribed STI Treatment in ED
Recommendations Developed for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Trials
CDC: Reported Measles Cases Reach 971
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Shortage Looming
FDA Approves First Test for Zika in Human Blood
High Costs Associated With Physician Burnout in U.S.
Weight-Based Teasing Linked to Gain in BMI, Fat Mass for Youth
Reading Visit Notes May Improve Medication Management
Eczema-Related School Absences Higher Among Blacks, Hispanics
Global Burden of Serious Health-Related Suffering to Double by 2060
Teen Team Sports Participation Benefits Adult Mental Health
Decreased Air Pollutants Linked to Less Childhood Asthma
Rate of Opioid Prescribing High for Teens, Young Adults in ED
Work Burnout, Gaming Addiction Classified as Diseases by WHO
Higher BMI in Male Teens Tied to Cardiomyopathy in Adulthood
Guidance Updated for Sedation in Pediatric Dental Patients
FDA Approves First Gene Therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Risk for Suicide Attempts in Children Doubles With Parental Opioid Use
Migraines in Pregnancy Tied to Worse Outcomes for Mother, Baby
U.S. Incidence of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer on the Rise
California Bill to Tighten Vaccine Exemptions Moves Forward
Pediatricians Should Encourage Fish Consumption for Children
Treatment Rates Low for Parents With Opioid Use Disorder
Homemade Sunscreen Recipes Commonly Shared, Offer Low Protection
Favorable Trends Seen in Lipids, Apolipoprotein B in U.S. Youth
Bill Would Raise U.S. Legal Age to Buy Tobacco to 21
Clinical Drug Diversion Costly to Health Care Organizations
Gender Gap in U.S. Youth Suicide Narrowed From 1975 to 2016
Higher Consumption of Sugary Drinks May Up Mortality in Adults
Mometasone, Tiotropium Do Not Top Placebo in Mild Asthma
Medicaid Expansion Cuts Racial Disparities in Preterm Births
Millennial Parents Found More Likely to Drive Distracted
DDW: Ingested Button Battery Can Cause Gastric Injury
3 Percent of Infant Sleep-Related Deaths Occur in Sitting Devices
Private Insurers Pay 241 Percent of What Medicare Would Pay
Many Lives Could Be Saved if All Hospitals Had Grade A Rating
Pool Chemical Injuries Led to ~13,500 ED Visits in 2015-2017
CDC: Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Backyard Poultry
Magnitude of Weight Loss Similar for Teens, Adults After RYGB
First Anticoagulant Approved for Preventing VTE Recurrence in Children
Estimated Prevalence of Low Birth Weight Down Since 2000
Recs Updated for TB Screening, Treatment in Health Care Workers
North Carolina Sues Electronic Cigarette Maker JUUL
Smartphone App Could Help Diagnose Ear Infections
Two-Thirds of Sunscreens Fail Safety Tests
Computer-Based Training Studied in Children With Fragile X Syndrome
Risk for Repeat Concussion Quantified for Pediatric Patients
Quitting Smoking While Pregnant Tied to Reduced Risk for Preterm Birth
Taxing Sweetened Beverages Reduces Volume Sold
Gestational Weight Gain Weak Predictor of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
U.S. Parents Worried About Child's Communication Skills
Patients Find Note Reading Important for Health Management
CDC: U.S. Measles Cases in 2019 Reach 839
Low-Calorie Sweetened Drinks Do Not Cut Calories in Children
Higher Risk for Cancer, Mortality Seen With Pediatric-Onset IBD
Adverse Childhood Experiences Linked to Worse Lupus Outcomes
Standard Outcome Measures Developed for Pediatric Facial Palsy
Health Professionals Supportive of Medicinal Cannabis
Suicide Attempts by Self-Poisoning Have Increased in Teens
Doctors Aware of Patient Difficulties Affording Medical Care
Model Predicts Counties at Risk for Measles Outbreak
ACS Sets Goal to Cut Cancer Mortality 40 Percent by 2035
Nut Intake in First Trimester May Benefit Child Neurodevelopment
2018 Saw More Employed Physicians Than Self-Employed
CDC: Uninsurance Levels Did Not Change Significantly in 2018
Scientology Cruise Ship Passengers, Crew Still Under Quarantine
Prices Will Soon Be Included in TV Drug Ads
NHFOV Superior for Preventing Reintubation of Preemies
Neonatal Morbidity Increased for Apgar Scores 7, 8, and 9
In 2015 to 2016, 45.8 Percent of U.S. Population Used Rx Drugs
Radiology Residents Often Miss Child Abuse
FDA Approves Ruzurgi for Children With Rare Autoimmune Disorder
Combat Application Tourniquet Suitable for Use in Children
External Reference Pricing Could Cut Drug Costs in U.S.
Efforts Needed to Ensure Publication of All Trials
Recommendations Issued for Treating Tourette Syndrome
CDC: Number of Measles Cases in the United States Reaches 764
FDA: French Soft Ripened Cheese Possibly Contaminated
Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders Reliable in Toddler Years
U.S. Energy Drink Consumption Rose From 2003 to 2016
Children With Chronic Illness Can Have Normal Life Satisfaction
Oral Contraceptive Pill May Protect Against ACL Tears
Guidelines Address Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Management
Implementing Surgical Safety Checklist Reduces Mortality
CDC: Foodborne Infections Increased From 2015 to 2018
More Than Half of U.S. Adults Have Medical Financial Hardship
Serum Free Fatty Acid Level Verifies Fasting State in Children
Measles Case Leads to Quarantine of Cruise Ship in St. Lucia
Childhood Oral Infection Linked to Atherosclerosis in Adulthood
Preterm Birth Tied to Elevated Risk for Chronic Kidney Disease
New Drugs May Influence Social Behaviors in Those With Autism
Cognitive Function Does Not Predict Pediatric Bariatric Surgery Outcome
Mental Health Treatment, Diagnoses Up in Military Children
E-Cigarette Use Similar for Pregnant, Nonpregnant Women
AAN: Cannabidiol Tied to Drop in Seizures in Dravet Syndrome
FDA Approves Mavyret for Children, Adolescents With Hep C
Poll: Americans Among Most Stressed People in the World
CDC: 704 Measles Cases Reported in U.S. Through April 26, 2019
2009 WIC Food Package Change Tied to Reduced Obesity Risk
Adopted Children Should Undergo Comprehensive Health Evaluation
Nonpharmacologic Tx Enhances Care of Opioid-Exposed Newborns
Confidence in Inhaler Technique Poor Proxy for Correct Use
Transition Support Program May Aid Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes
Ambiguous Genitalia in Newborns Not Uncommon
Most Pediatric Residents Report Caring for Gun Injuries
12 Percent of Caregivers Have Pediatric Flu Vaccine Hesitancy
FDA Approves First Treatment for Pediatric Lupus
CDC: First Confirmed ID of 'Kissing Bug' in Delaware
Hundreds Quarantined for Measles at Two Los Angeles Universities
Children With ADHD May Have Higher Risk for Poor Diet
Peanut Oral Immunotherapy May Up Allergic Reaction Risk
Minor Birth Defects Up in Progeny of Female Gulf War Veterans
WHO: No More Than One Hour of Screen Time a Day for Young Children
Peanut Oral Immunotherapy Appears Safe for Preschool-Age Children
Machine Learning Can Speed Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases in Children
U.S. Death Rate From Drug Poisoning Up for Teens, Young Adults
CDC: Number of U.S. Measles Cases Reaches New High
Nusinersen Promising for Later-Onset Spinal Muscular Atrophy
New York City Measles Cases Increase to 390
AAP Updates Guidance for Care in Neurofibromatosis Type 1
Some Children With Asthma Miss Critical Step in Inhaler Use
Prevalence of TV, Video Watching High, Stable 2001 to 2016 in U.S.
Malawi First Country to Immunize Children Against Malaria
Los Angeles County Measles Outbreak Under Investigation
Video Games Appear Not to Harm Boys' Social Development
Water Intake Affects Caloric Intake From Sugary Drinks
CDC: United States Set to Break Measles Cases Record
Suffocation Deaths in Infants Most Often Due to Soft Bedding
Cardiometabolic Risk Better ID'd in Children Reclassified to Higher BP
FDA Approves Marketing of First Device to Treat ADHD
Increased Screen Time in Preschool Tied to Worse Inattention
Loan Forgiveness, Educational Debt May Affect Practice Patterns
Conception by IVF May Increase Risk for Rare Childhood Cancer
Elevated Blood Lead Levels Prevalent Among Refugee Children
National Hand Hygiene Initiative Successful in Australia
Sixty People Charged in Massive Opioid Painkiller Investigation
Perinatal Complications Tied to Childhood Social Anxiety
Late-Pregnancy US Could Prevent Undiagnosed Breech Presentation
Sensory Sensitivity Tied to Constipation in Young Children
More Sports Experience May Reduce Impact of Concussions
CDC: Raw Tuna Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Seven States
Parenteral Antimicrobial Tx at Home Burdens Children's Caregivers
Hand Hygiene Compliance Poor in Task Transitions
Microbial Features ID'd for Pediatric Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Abnormal Romberg Test Predicts Prolonged Concussion in Children
USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Elevated Lead Level Screening
Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation Beats Sham Tx for Peds ADHD
Standardizing Demographics Ups Accuracy of Patient Matching
CDC: 555 Confirmed Measles Cases in U.S. Since Jan. 1
New Scale Helps Identify More Serious Cases of Mononucleosis
Gestational Diabetes Linked to Incident Diabetes in Offspring
Foreign Body Ingestions Increasingly Common in Young Children
Operator-Directed Sedation Seems Safe in Peds Cardiac Cath
CDC: Prevalence of Autism at Age 4 Years Increasing
Domestic Responsibilities Tied to Physician Mothers' Satisfaction
Four Million New Peds Asthma Cases Attributed to NO2 Annually
CDC: Still No Source As E. Coli Outbreak Grows to 96 Cases
FDA Warns of Consumer Devices That Claim to Diagnose Concussion
Haptoglobin Expression Tied to Outcomes in Preterm Newborns
Complication Rates Low for High-Volume Pediatric Thyroid Surgery
CDC: Measles Cases Reach 465 This Year in the United States
New, Revised Topics Released in ACR Appropriateness Criteria
Suicide-Related ED Visits Increased in Children From 2007 to 2015
Proximity to Major Roadways Impacts Child Development
Variation ID'd in Rate of Sexual Onset Before 13 Among Boys
Ten Infant Deaths Linked to Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleepers
Telemedicine Leads to More Antibiotic Rx for Pediatric Respiratory Infection
Draft Recommendation Promotes Screening Women for Anxiety
Health Issues Prevalent Across BMI Classes for Obese Children
FDA Issues Warning on E-Cigarette Liquids Resembling Cough Syrup
Odds of Hay Fever Up With Very Early, Late Spring Onset
Drop Seen in Preinvasive Cervical Disease With HPV Vaccination
FDA Reports Cases of Seizures Among Young Vapers
Late Preterm Steroid Therapy Found to Be Cost-Effective
U.S. Measles Cases Already Top Last Year's Total
Americans Borrowed $88 Billion in Past Year to Pay for Health Care
Over-the-Counter Meds Save Health Care System Money
Reduction in Autism Diagnoses Observed With DSM-5
Guidelines for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Updated
Dolutegravir Feasible for HIV Tx in Women of Childbearing Age
Doctors Unclear on Legal Obligations in Caring for Patients With Disability
Nasopharyngeal Microbiota Could Help Diagnose Pediatric LRTIs
Changes to WIC Food Program Tied to Reversal in Obesity Trends
Therapeutic Ball Pits Found to Harbor Pathogenic Germs
High Prenatal Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio Linked to ADHD at Age 7
Dietary Fatty Acid Intake Linked to Pediatric Asthma Morbidity
CDC: 2017 to 2018 Saw Increase in Enterovirus D68 Detection
Doctors With Malpractice Claims More Likely to Leave Medicine
Drug Survival Rates Highest for Ustekinumab for Pediatric Psoriasis
Maltreatment in Childhood May Affect Course of Adult Depression
Electronic Books Tied to Less Verbalization Among Parents, Toddlers
Infants Born Weighing <400 g Who Survive at Risk for Severe Morbidity
Douglas County, Colorado, Ranked as Healthiest Community
U.S. Measles Cases Hit 314 This Year
Blindfolding Leader Improves Pediatric Resuscitation Training
Digital Intervention Ups Socialization in Children With Autism
Avocados Recalled by California Company
Mumps Outbreak at Temple University Reaches 74 Cases
2019 Residency Match Day Was Largest in History
Guidance Offered for Managing Therapies in Children With Disability
Policies Recommended to Reduce Sugary Drink Intake in Youth
Analysis IDs Messages Behind Antivaccination Comments
Stricter Gun Laws Tied to Safer High Schools
Tyson Recalls 69,000 Pounds of Chicken Strip Products
Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Autism
DG/health NATURALS Cough Syrup + Mucus for Infants Recalled
Younger Female Blood Donors Vulnerable to Iron Deficiency
Antibiotics, PPIs Tied to Higher C. Diff Risk in Hospitalized Children
In Youth With ADHD, New-Onset Psychosis Up With Amphetamines
Mothers of Children With Eczema More Likely to Have Exhaustion
Overall, Physicians Are Happy and Enjoy Their Lives
Sugary Drinks Tied to Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
Novel Checklist Can Distinguish Anthrax Exposure From Other Illnesses
Analgesics in Pregnancy Do Not Seem to Cause Offspring Asthma
Favorable Outcomes Seen in Long Term for ALLR3 Trial
In Utero Ultrafine Particle Exposure Tied to Asthma in Offspring
Multiple Layers of Protection Recommended to Prevent Drowning
Machine-Learning Models Allow Early Detection of Sepsis in NICU
Average of 8.8 Inactive Ingredients Found in Oral Medications
2011 to 2015 Saw Increase in Psychiatric ED Visits for Youth
Extra Weight in Adolescence Tied to Later Risk for Renal Cancer
Physician Burnout Rate Increased From 2014 to 2017
Young Child Goes to ED for Medicine Poisoning Every 10 Minutes
Induction for Late-Term Pregnancies at 41 Weeks Tied to Small Benefits
Mental Health Issues Have Risen in Teens, Young Adults
Average of 283,000 Children Have Sports-Related TBIs/Year
E-Cigarettes May Threaten Goal of Achieving Tobacco Endgame
AAP: Nasal Spray Vaccine Against Flu Acceptable in 2019 to 2020
Prenatal High-Dose Vitamin D Not Linked to Asthma at Age 6
Head of National Cancer Institute Named Acting FDA Commissioner
Mumps Causes Quarantine of Over 2,200 Immigrant Detainees
Homes With High Ventilation Rates Tied to Respiratory Issues
Bronchiolitis Hospitalization in Infancy Predicts More Admissions
AAOS: One-Third of U.S. Children Report Back Pain
CDC: Most Americans Report Excellent, Good Health
CDC: 228 Measles Cases Already in 2019
Parent Perception of E-Cig Safety Varies With Smoking Habits
CDC: Flu Season May Have Peaked
Patterns of Joint Behavior Useful for Juvenile Arthritis Classification
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Up With Maternal Smoking
Children With Poorly Controlled Asthma Suffer Academically
Mumps Outbreak Reported at Temple University
Dasotraline Promising for the Treatment of ADHD in Children
CDC: GI, Respiratory Illnesses More Likely in Low-Income Children
No Increased Risk Seen for Pregnancies Conceived Within Year of Stillbirth
AAP: Social Media Companies Must Curb Spread of Vaccine Myths
FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb Resigns
Childhood Cancer Considerably Underdiagnosed Worldwide
Peanut Patch Linked to Increased Responder Rate in Children
Program in Peds Rheumatology Clinic Ups Education on Teratogenic Rx
Children With Atopic Dermatitis Have Worse Sleep Quality
MMR Not Linked to Autism in Danish Cohort Study
Multidimensional Approach Cuts Unneeded Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts
Electronic Decision Support Tool Can Aid Asthma Care
AAAAI: Egg Oral Immunotherapy Shows Sustained Benefit in Children
New York City Measles Outbreak Cases Reach 121
FDA Warns Americans Not to Buy Drugs From Canadian Company
Long-Term Cardiomyopathy Risk Varies by Chemo Agent
HPV Infection Unlikely to Spread From Hand Contact
Wireless Sensor System Feasible for Monitoring Vital Signs in NICU
Teens' Social Media Use Does Not Predict Later Depression
ATS Issues Practice Guideline for Pediatric Home Oxygen Therapy
AAAAI: Small Amounts of Dietary Peanuts Beneficial After Immunotherapy
Prenatal Vitamin Intake in Early Pregnancy May Cut Autism Risk
Rate of Opioid Rx Stable After Pediatric Outpatient Surgery
Green Space in Childhood Tied to Better Mental Health Later
Antenatal Corticosteroid Tx Tied to Reduction in Birth Size
Environmental Exposures Before, After Birth Tied to Lung Function
Prediction Rule IDs Febrile Infants 0 to 2 Months Old at Low Risk for SBIs
Classroom Initiative Ups Participation in School Breakfast
AAAAI: Exclusive Breastfeeding Not Linked to Eczema Risk
2014 to 2017 Saw Improvement in Burnout for U.S. Physicians
Nonmedical Rx Opioid Use in Teens Linked to Parental Use
Genetic Variant Tied to Leukemia Risk in Hispanic Children
Most Patients Do Not Disclose Complementary Medicine Use
National Health Spending Set to Increase 5.5 Percent Annually
2005 to 2015 Saw Drop in Primary Care Physician Supply
FDA Advances Regulation to Ensure Sunscreen Safety, Efficacy
8 More U.S. Communities to Be Assessed for PFAS Toxin Exposure
Vertical Integration Has Little Impact on Quality Measures
New Kaiser Permanente Medical School Plans to Waive Tuition
FDA Head Says Feds May Intervene to Cut Vaccine Exemptions
Prenatal Fluconazole Exposure Increases Neonatal Risks
1997 to 2014 Saw Large Hike in Screen Time for Ages 0 to 2
CDC: Salmonella Cases Tied to Raw Turkey Products Now at 279
Lower Self-Perception Observed in Children With Amblyopia
Hospital Prices Growing Faster Than Physician Prices
FDA Approves First Customizable Insulin Pump
Brief Anesthesia in Infancy Does Not Mar Neurodevelopment
CDC: Severity of Influenza Season Low Through Feb. 2, 2019
Subsymptom Threshold Exercise Speeds Concussion Recovery
Human Milk Microbiota Shaped by Maternal Factors, Feeding Method
Child Enterovirus Infection May Up Risk for Developing Celiac Disease
High Rates of MenB Vaccination Advised in University Outbreaks
Lower Birth Weight May Up Risk for Psychiatric Disorders
Progress Made in Developing New Antibacterial Agents
Obesity Linked to Adverse Events in Children With Leukemia
CDC: Student Tobacco Use Increased From 2017 to 2018
Health Care Spending Per Person Increased to $5,641 in 2017
CDC: Screening Policies for Critical Congenital Heart Dz Widespread
Many Systematic Reviews Do Not Fully Report Adverse Events
Acne Relapses Linked to Lower Quality of Life, Productivity
Low Fitness, Obesity Linked to Later Disability Pension
Many Children Not Receiving Needed Mental Health Treatment
Smaller Germinal Centers Identified in Recurrent Tonsillitis
Children With Autism More Often Have Sleep Problems
Walgreens Worst Violator in Tobacco Sales to Minors, FDA Says
Measles Outbreak Triggers Sharp Rise in Demand for Vaccine
Johnson & Johnson to Provide Drug Prices in TV Ads
Vaccine-Preventable Infections Common After Peds Transplant
Parents Conflicted About Opioid Use in Children
Many Children Not Following Toothbrushing Recommendations
Drug Combo Tolerated in Younger Children With Cystic Fibrosis
Recommendations Updated for Tonsillectomy in Children
Reading, Math Scores No Different for Children With T1DM
California Bill Would Tighten Controls on Children's Genitalia Surgery
AAP Releases 2019 Childhood Immunization Schedules
No Increased Risk for Cancer for ART-Conceived Children
Few Teens Meet Sleep, Exercise, Screen-Time Guidelines
Washington State Measles Cases Now at 48 Since Jan. 1
After Elbow Surgery, Children May Be Overprescribed Opioids
Unrestrained Driver Predicts Unrestrained Child Passenger
E-Cigarette Use Linked to Cigarette Initiation in Adolescents
Most Students Receiving Spectacles Wear Them at Follow-Up
HPV Educational Video May Increase Vaccination Rates
Maternal Glucose in Pregnancy Tied to Child's Glucose Outcomes
Rising Temps May Up Burden of Congenital Heart Disease in U.S.
FDA Approves First Generic Version of Advair for Asthma, COPD
More High-Value Care Associated With Receipt of Primary Care
FDA Receives an 'F' in Tobacco Prevention Report Card
Expanded Recall Announced for Ibuprofen Oral Suspension Drops
No Asthma Benefit Seen With n3PUFA in Overweight Teens
More Severe Injuries Sustained at Jump Parks Versus Home Trampolines
1976 to 2016 Saw Drop in Firearm Ownership in Families
Prophylaxis for Gonococcal Eye Infections in Newborns Advised
Few Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Meeting HbA1c Goals
Screen Time Linked to Poorer Child Developmental Performance
Washington State Declares Health Emergency as Measles Spreads
Adverse Birth Outcomes Up With Medically Assisted Reproduction
Increase Seen in Multiple-Victim School-Related Homicide Rate
Likelihood of Engaging in Choking Game Higher in Troubled Teens
Psychopathology in Adulthood Up With Child Lead Exposure
Many Teens Not Up to Date on HPV Vaccination
Improved Genetic Risk Score Aids Type 1 Diabetes Classification
Report IDs Areas Lacking Good Practice in Health Tech Assessment
Gun Injury Hospitalization Cost Over $911 Million 2010 to 2015
Measles Outbreak Prompts Public Emergency in Washington State
Initiative Tied to Decreased Racial Inequity in Breastfeeding
Herd Protection Seen With 4-Valent HPV Vaccination
Mavoglurant Improves Visual Attention in Fragile X Syndrome
CDC: Slight Hike in Prevalence of Gastroschisis Since 2006-2010
FDA Chief Threatens to Halt E-Cigarette Sales
Review Gives Guidance to Support Teens With Gender Dysphoria
Guidelines Developed for Managing Severe Atopic Dermatitis
Messages for Increasing Parental Confidence in HPV Vaccine ID'd
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