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Medical Students Not Ready to Provide Nutritional Care
Linagliptin Noninferior for CV Risk in Early Type 2 Diabetes
CV Risk Lower With Metformin in T2DM + Reduced Kidney Function
Polypill Strategy Promising in Socioeconomically Vulnerable
Aortic, Mitral Regurgitation Risk Up With Fluoroquinolone Use
Nonphysician Providers Rarely Interpret Diagnostic Images
2002 to 2016 Saw Rise in Drug Abuse-Linked Infective Endocarditis
Prenatal, Postnatal Exposures Tied to Blood Pressure in Children
Combo Antithrombotic Therapy Increases Bleeding Risk
Optimized AED Placement Might Improve Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
Aspirin for Primary Prevention May Offer Net Benefit for Some
ED Openings, Closures May Affect Tx, Outcomes for Acute MI
Remote, Postpartum BP Checks Feasible in Women With HTN
MCI Linked to Lower Use of Cardiac Catheterization in AMI
CDC Revises Number of Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses to 380
Women With Heart Attack Do Present With Typical Symptoms
Prevalence of Apnea High in Individuals With Resistant HTN
Lifetime Risks for Peripheral Artery Disease Higher for Blacks
Nine States Now Have an Obesity Rate Above 35 Percent
HIV Infection May Raise Risk for Atrial Fibrillation
Imaging Technique May Help Predict Stroke-Related Dementia
EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals
New Tool Measures Patients' Perceptions of Stroke Care
Spending Up With Treatment in Hospital-Owned Practices
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance
Occasional Napping Linked to Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Events
Retinal Vein Occlusion Linked to Higher Risk for CV Events
Studies Look at E-Cigarette Use Linked to Pulmonary Illness
Lower Systolic BP Goal May Cut Risk for Orthostatic Hypotension
T2DM Risk Reduced by 75 Percent With Healthiest Lifestyle
1970 to 2010 Saw Large Jump in Hypertension During Pregnancy
World Trade Center Site Exposure Linked to Lasting CVD Risk
Greater Cognitive Decline Seen in Seniors Unaware of Having HTN
Racial, Ethnic Underrepresentation Found in Med School Matriculants
County-Level Poverty Strongly Tied to Heart Failure Mortality
Study Reveals Mixed Effects on Health for Vegetarian Diet
Majority of U.S. Doctors Believe ACA Has Improved Access to Care
Decline in Heart Failure Mortality Rates Offset by Comorbidities
ESC Guidelines Updated for Managing CVD in Diabetes
Sacubitril-Valsartan Does Not Impact Aortic Stiffness in HFrEF
ESC Guidelines Updated for Diagnosis, Treatment of PE
Metabolic Surgery May Reduce CV Risk in T2DM With Obesity
Drinking Soft Drinks Tied to Higher Risk for Early Death
Low-Fat Dietary Pattern Offers Long-Term Health Benefits
Leading Causes of Adult Mortality Vary by Country Income Levels
In STEMI, Biodegradable Polymer Sirolimus-Eluting Stents Superior
Higher Risk for Noncommunicable Diseases Seen in Cerebral Palsy
ESC Guidelines Updated for Supraventricular Tachycardia
Benefit, Harm Seen for Ticagrelor Plus Aspirin in Stable CAD With T2DM
Complete Revascularization Best for STEMI With Multivessel CAD
Cerebrovascular Risk Factors May Up Risk for Parkinson Disease
FDA: Risk From Tainted Blood Pressure Drugs Very Low
High-Intensity Training Improves Walking in Stroke Survivors
Cancer Survivors Face Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk
Low Nurse and Support Staffing Tied to Higher Inpatient Mortality
Central Obesity Tied to CAD in Postmenopausal Chest Pain
Decline in Mortality Rates for Cardiometabolic Disease Slowing
LV Hypertrophy Predicts Long-Term Risk for CV Events
Smaller + Larger Infarctions May Escalate Later Cognitive Decline
Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Patient Gender, Age From ECG
CT Scan Screen for Lung Cancer Can ID Smoking-Related Diseases
Psoriasis Independently Linked to Increased Mortality Risk
Aerobic Exercise Programs Benefit Stroke Survivors
In-Store E-Cigarette Marketing Influences Use in Young People
Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Greater for Childhood Cancer Survivors
Poor HIV Control Ups Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure
Low-Cost, Fixed-Dose Polypill Reduces Risk for Major CV Events
Prurigo Nodularis Associated With Mental Health Disorders
Type 2 Diabetes Associated With Poorer Outcomes in Heart Failure
Intensifying BP Meds at Hospital Discharge May Harm Elderly
Rx Size Predicts Persistent Opioid Use After Cardiothoracic Surgery
More Physical Activity at Any Intensity May Reduce Mortality
Short-Term Exposure to PM10 and PM2.5 Affects Mortality
Serelaxin Does Not Lower CV Death in Acute Heart Failure
Quitting Smoking Linked to Lower CVD Risk Within Five Years
Taking Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder May Up Other Med Compliance
High, Increasing BP in Midlife Tied to Brain Changes in Late Life
MRI Shows Vaping Has Transient Impact on Vascular Function
Association for Diabetes, Stroke Risk Varies by Age, Race, Sex
Implant Approved to Improve Symptoms in Advanced Heart Failure
BP Outside of Clinic May Better Predict Outcomes in Black Patients
Genetic Liability to Insomnia Linked to Increased Odds of CVDs
AHA: Prescription Omega-3 Fatty Acids Effectively Lower Triglycerides
Transcatheter Heart Valves Approved for Use in Low-Risk Patients
Intensive BP Therapy Not Beneficial in Nursing Home Residents
Recommendations Developed for Management of Lyme Disease
Advertising Can Promote Interest in Health-Related Research
FDA Proposes Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes
Nonpersistence, Low Adherence to BP Meds Common in Under 65s
Antiarrhythmic Drugs May Up Fall Injuries in Older A-Fib Patients
Low Muscle Mass in the Arms, Legs Tied to Mortality in Elderly
CDC: Prescription Drug Use Similar in United States, Canada
Non-Hospital-Based Provider-to-Patient Telehealth Use Growing
BP From Midlife to Late Life Tied to Risk for Subsequent Dementia
CVD Mortality Declines Are Slowing in High-Income Countries
General, Abdominal Adiposity Linked to Mortality in Mexicans
Comorbid CVD May Up Mortality With ADT for Prostate Cancer
One-Third of Physicians Will Take 10+ Years to Pay Off Debt
Flu Vaccine Tied to Better Long-Term Outcomes in Elderly ICU Survivors
Perfusion Assessment Key for Critical Limb Ischemia Diagnosis
Better CV Health in Midlife Tied to Reduced Dementia Risk Later
Persistent Inflammation After Sepsis Linked to Higher Mortality
NSAIDs Contribute to Increased CVD Risk in Osteoarthritis
Strong SSRI May Be Tied to Small Decrease in Ischemic Stroke Risk
Medicare Spending on Essential Medicines Up 116 Percent From 2011 to 2015
At-Home Support Helps Stroke Patients Adjust After Hospitalization
Recommendations Developed for Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
Plant-Based Diets May Lower CV Disease, Deaths in Middle-Aged
High-Intensity Lipid Lowering May Aid Very Elderly After ACS
Low Specificity Limits Use of Focused Cardiac Ultrasonography
Lifestyle Counseling Frequency, CV Outcomes Linked in Diabetes
Transdermal Optical Imaging Shows Promise for Measuring BP
Electric Fans Help in Hot, Humid Conditions but Not Hot, Dry Ones
Guidance Issued for Research Use of Cardiac MRI After MI
Risk for Cardiovascular Deaths Increased With Hip, Knee OA
BP, Waist Circumference, Lipids Should Be Measured Regularly
Estrogen Preps Differ in Effects on Heart Fat Deposits
Discontinuing Statins Linked to Cardiac Admissions in Elderly
Brand-Brand Competition Has Not Cut Prices in Pharma Market
AI-Enabled ECG During Normal Sinus Rhythm Identifies A-Fib
Many Hospitals Lack Sufficient Surgery Volumes
Trump Admin Announces Plan to Allow Drug Imports From Canada
Childhood BMI, HDL-C Variability May Up Later-Life Diabetes Risk
Biologic Tx for Psoriasis May Reduce Coronary Inflammation
Burnout Symptoms May Up Racial Bias Among Resident Physicians
With Standard Care, BP Control Still Worse in Low-Income Areas
Preeclampsia History Increases Risk for End-Stage Kidney Disease
Oil, Gas Well Exposure May Up Risk for Congenital Heart Defects
$70 Million Settlement Reached in Generic Drug Delay Case
CIED Complication Rates Vary Considerably Among Hospitals
National Norms Developed for Assessing Medical School Empathy
First Surgery for Ischemic Leg Ulcer May Affect Amputation Risk
Changes in Radial Pulse During Menopause May Reflect CV Risk
Authors Say Lower BP Targets May Cut Recurrent Stroke Risk
Previous Silent MI Often Found at Autopsy in Sudden Cardiac Death
AI Model Can Predict Long-Term Mortality From Chest Radiographs
Half of Deaths After Noncardiac Surgery Due to 3 Complications
Testosterone Replacement Therapy May Increase Cardiovascular Risk
Adherence to Aerobic Activity Guidelines Not Up Since 2008
Mortality Up in Women With Central Obesity, Regardless of BMI
Daily E-Cigarette Use May Increase Prolonged Cigarette Abstinence
No Indication of 'July Effect' in Context of Cardiac Surgery
In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in the U.S. May Be Underestimated
Former NFL Participation Linked to Increased A-Fib Prevalence
CDC: Mortality Rates Continue to Decrease for Hispanic Adults
Senate Bill Would Reduce Drug Costs for Seniors
Long-Term Diastolic Dysfunction Seen After Early Preeclampsia
One in Five Workers Exposed to Secondhand Smoke on the Job
Initiating Stroke Tx 15 Minutes Earlier Can Improve Outcomes
CV Event Risk Up With Rejected, Abandoned PCSK9i Prescriptions
Smoking Has Long-Term Impact on Peripheral Artery Disease Risk
Almost One in Four Adults ≥40 Takes Aspirin for CVD Prevention
New ACC/AHA Guidelines Detect More Cases of Gestational Hypertension
Financial Incentives Help People Stop Smoking
Excess Risk for Diabetes-Linked Heart Failure Greater in Women
CDC: Prevalence of Smoking Quit Attempts Unchanged in Most States
People Living With HIV Have Higher Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
Systolic, Diastolic HTN Contribute to Adverse CV Events
About One in 20 Patients Exposed to Preventable Harm
Physical Activity Linked to Slower Aβ-Related Cognitive Decline
Early EEG Helps Predict Cardiac Arrest Outcomes in Comatose
Extremely Low LDL Cholesterol May Up Stroke Risk
Subclinical Cardiovascular Dz May Up Fall Risk in Older Adults
Prevalence of Malignancy High in Takotsubo Syndrome Patients
Non-Vitamin K Oral Anticoagulants May Be Best for Early-Stage CKD
CVD Risk Up in Later Life for Young Adults With High LDL or Hypertension
Most Adults Favor Cutting Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes
Alirocumab Cuts CV Absolute Risk the Most for Those With Diabetes
Frequent Fried Food Intake Increases Risk for Coronary Artery Disease
Risk for Arterial Hypertension Up With Air Pollutant Exposure
Race, Neighborhood Impact Bystander CPR in Pediatric OHCA
Risk for Leg Amputation Higher With Microvascular Disease
Prolonged TV Viewing Tied to CVD Events, Mortality in Blacks
Erectile Dysfunction Presents Large Global Health Burden
Serious Misdiagnosis-Related Harms Mostly Due to 'Big Three'
Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension Rates High in CKD Patients
Capping Work Hours in Residency Does Not Impact Outcomes Later
Medicare Drug Rebate Plan Withdrawn by Trump Administration
Health Care Professionals Exhibit Gender Bias
PE, Death Not Reduced With Early Vena Cava Filter Placement
Elevated Systolic BP May Up Risk for Valvular Heart Disease
Risk for Cancer Higher in Those With Congenital Heart Disease
CPAP Alleviates Depression Symptoms in Sleep Apnea Patients
EHR System-Generated In-Basket Messages Linked to Burnout
Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads Blocked by Judge
Environment May Be Main Factor in Norway's Obesity Epidemic
In-Hospital Maternal Mortality Down in Pregnancies With Lupus
History of Liver Disease Does Not Impact Efficacy of Edoxaban
Consistent Time of Day Aids Workout Habit
Most Supplements Offer Little Protection Against Heart Disease
Infective Endocarditis Prevalence 26 Percent in Patients With E. faecalis
Regional Fat With Normal BMI Affects CVD Risk After Menopause
Considerable Number of Patients Receive Surprise Hospital Charges
Guidance Issued for Management of Fontan Circulation
Statin Use Associated With Higher Incidence of Diabetes
AI Model Better Predicts CV Risk, Mortality Using Cardiac Imaging
High-Sensitivity Troponin Levels Can Predict MI Risk
Longevity Benefits for Adults Becoming More Physically Active
Leisure-Time Physical Activity Linked to Lower SAH Risk
Low Vitamin D in Early Life May Up Risk of Elevated Systolic BP
Medicare Advantage Patients Have Higher Readmission Rates
Myocardial Perfusion PET Predicts Cardiac Death in Diabetes
Infections Tied to Subsequent Risk for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Three Interventions Could Cut Cardiovascular Deaths
Similar CV Event Rates Seen for Generic, Brand Levothyroxine
First-Trimester BP Category Linked to Hypertensive Disorders
MSSP ACOs May Not Improve Spending, Quality of Care
Educational Attainment Positively Linked to CVD Risk Factors
Prevention Bundle May Cut Cardiac Device Infections
Short-Term Walking Intervention Offers Lasting Health Benefits
Americans Concerned About Clinician Burnout
Older Kidney Donors With HTN at Higher Risk for ESKD Later
Adherence Superior for Alternative Exercise Modalities in PAD
Smoking Confers Greatest Risk for Major Heart Attack for Women
Adrenal Incidentalomas Rarely Grow, Change Hormone Function
Greater Long-Term Decline in Stroke Seen Among Older Adults
No Change Seen in Processed Meat Consumption by U.S. Adults
Restricting Blood Transfusions OK in Cardiac Surgery
New England Journal of Medicine Picks New Editor-in-Chief
Chronic Distress After Heart Attack Ups Risk for Death
Risk Factors ID'd for Atrial Fibrillation With Type 1 Diabetes
Long Working Hours Linked to Increased Stroke Risk
Outpatient Office Visits Increased With Access to Patient Portal
CV MRI Noninferior to Invasive Angiography + FFR in Stable CAD
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