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Urology News

ACR Updates Guideline for Management of Gout
Local-Stage Prostate Cancer Incidence Rates Continue to Drop
High BMI in Childhood May Up Risk for Bladder Cancer as Adult
Burnout Comparable Between Millennial, Gen X Residents, Fellows
Spending on Primary Care Continues to Lag in the U.S.
28 Million-Plus Surgeries Could Be Canceled Due to COVID-19
Most Physicians Have Seen False-Negative COVID-19 Test Results
Addition of Atezolizumab May Aid in Metastatic Urothelial Cancer
Deceased Donor Transplantation Has Dropped Since COVID-19
Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Lower for Prostate Cancer Patients on ADT
SARS-CoV-2 Identified in Semen of Men With COVID-19
Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Incidence Increased for All Races/Ethnicities
UGN-101 Active in Chemoablation of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer
Genomically Targeted Treatment Slows Advanced Prostate Cancer
Symptomatic Health Care Staff in U.K. Screened for COVID-19
David Shulkin, M.D., on COVID-19 Financial Consequences for Health Care System
Roadmap Developed for Resuming Elective Surgery During COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 Not Detected in Semen After COVID-19 Recovery
SARS-CoV-2 Stays in Respiratory Samples Longer in Severely Ill
Scoring System Helps Guide Surgical Care During COVID-19
Benefit of Social Distancing Outweighs Economic Impact
FDA Approves First Therapy for Low-Grade UTUC
SARS-CoV-2 Contamination of Air, Surfaces Examined in ICU, Wards
Medical Masks May Be Sufficient During COVID-19 Routine Care
High Rates of Appropriate E-Consults Seen Across Specialties
Racial Disparity in Prostate Cancer Survival Tied to Region
Racial Differences Seen for Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, Survival
Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Adjusted During COVID-19
Majority of Physicians Report Serious Concerns About COVID-19
Unemployed Workers Less Likely to Be Uninsured Post-ACA
Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies Warned Not to Stockpile Meds
U.S. Army Opens Field Hospital in New York City
PPE Negative for SARS-CoV-2 After Patient Contact
Workers at Risk for COVID-19 Exposure Can Access Online Training
Prospective, Randomized Studies of AI Lacking in Medical Imaging
National Health Spending Expected to Increase Through 2028
10-Year Outcomes Similar for H-IMRT, C-IMRT in Prostate Cancer
Serial Interval of COVID-19 Estimated at 3.96 Days
Per-Capita Medical Radiation Exposure Down in United States
Chemo Ups Disease-Free Survival in Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer
Decreases Seen in Cancer Incidence, Death Rates
Daily Rounding Helps Curb CAUTIs in Pediatric ICU Patients
Anticholinergic Burden Tied to Adverse Effects in Middle Age
2018 Health Care Spending Up Due to Higher Prices
Antioxidant Supplements Offer No Benefit in Male Infertility
Female Clinical Chairs Paid Significantly Less Than Men
Combined Biopsy Method Better for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Considerable Increase Seen in List, Net Prices of Branded Drugs
Racial/Ethnic Insurance Coverage Disparity Down Since ACA
Late Mortality Down for Young Adult, Adolescent Cancer Survivors
1996 to 2016 Saw Increases in U.S. Spending on Health Care
Surgical Approach Not Tied to Decision Regret After Prostatectomy
Statin Use May Reduce Mortality in High-Risk Prostate Cancer
Reproductive Health Guidelines Issued for Rheumatic Diseases
Influence of Politics Has Not Waned in Opinions About ACA
Mistreatment, Discrimination Still Common for Medical Students
Healthy Dietary Patterns Linked to Better Semen Quality
Chronic Kidney Disease Poses Major Global Health Burden
Many Transgender Youth Intentionally Avoid Disclosure
Functional Outcomes Similar Across Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments
AAP Addresses Fertility Preservation for Children With Cancer
U.S. Life Expectancy to Reach 85 by 2060
Telemarketer Access to Medicare Information to Be Investigated
2011 to 2018 Saw Decline in Problems Paying Medical Bills
Genetic Basis for Testosterone Levels Differs According to Sex
Empathy Declines as Students Progress Through Medical School
Seniors Have Concerns About Affording Health Insurance
Number of Nurse Practitioners More Than Doubled 2010 to 2017
Reference Pricing Linked to Lower Prices Paid by Employers
Vegetarian Diet Tied to Lower Risk for Urinary Tract Infection
2017 to 2018 Saw Increase in Life Expectancy in the United States
U.S. Spends More on Health Care, but Has Worse Life Expectancy
Gender Gap Persists in Starting Salary for Physicians
Proteinuria After Inpatient Acute Kidney Injury Tied to Later Risk
Wealthy Pay Most to Finance U.S. Health Care
Outcomes No Worse for Black Veterans With Prostate Cancer
Major Insurers Offer $55 Million to Lower Generic Drug Costs
Fewer Than Half of Clinical Trials Comply With Reporting Laws
Fast-Track Review of ACA Lawsuit Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Charges for Prostate Cancer Vary
ACP: Medicare for All Needed to Fix 'Ill' U.S. Health Care System
Fish Oil Supplement Intake Linked to Better Testicular Function
New Guidance Issued for Care of Children With Williams Syndrome
Single-Payer System Would Likely Save Money
ACA Tied to Narrowing of Disparities in Access to Care
Popular Diets May Impact Testosterone Levels in Men
Increasing Vegetable Intake Does Not Slow Prostate Cancer
Ageism Predicts Significantly Worse Health Outcomes
Evolution of Approval, Regulation Processes for Drugs Explored
AI System Can Detect, Grade Cancer in Prostate Needle Biopsy
Doctor Replacement Ratios Higher in Largest, Hospital-Owned Practices
Cancer Incidence Up in World Trade Center Responder Cohort
Physicians Spend >16 Minutes Per Encounter on EHR Use
Behavioral Therapy First Step for Overactive Bladder in Men
Burnout in Med Students Tied to Perceived Stress, Phone Behavior
California May Start Producing Its Own Medicines
Recruitment Satisfactory for Foreign-Educated Health Providers
Neighborhood Disadvantage Impacts Hospital Quality Ratings
Large Gap Found in Health Administrative Spending for U.S., Canada
Cancer Mortality Continuing to Drop, With Lung Cancer a Driver
Folic Acid, Zinc Supplements in Men No Benefit in Infertility
Guideline Issued for Testosterone Therapy in Adult Men
Price Hikes for Hundreds of Medications
One-Cycle BE500P Seems Safe for High-Risk Early Testicular Cancer
Poll: Older Adults Frequently Use Online Physician Ratings
Individualized PT Can Reduce Incontinence After Prostatectomy
Guidance Developed for Providing Quality STD Care
Patient Experiences Modestly Worse After Hospital Acquisition
Machine Learning System Makes More Alerts for Med Errors
Risk-Based Approach Could Help Target Prostate Cancer Screening
Many Hospitals Fail to Provide Instructions for Patient Portals
Patient Share of Out-of-Network Costs Rising
Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Holds Steady for Third Straight Year
Infertility Risk Increased for Men Born Small for Gestational Age
FDA Approves Padcev for Treatment of Advanced Urothelial Cancer
Private Care Program for U.S. Vets Gets $8.9 Billion in Budget Deal
FDA to Allow States to Import Prescription Drugs From Other Countries
Hospital-Level Home Acute Care Can Cut Costs, Health Care Use
Outcomes Worse for Rural Residents With Chronic Conditions
Hahn Confirmed as New FDA Chief
Organ Transplant Does Not Worsen Prostate Cancer Outcome
Antibiotics Often Prescribed Without Documented Indication
U.S. Primary Care Doctors Face Challenges in Coordinating Care
U.S. Health Care Spending Up 4.6 Percent in 2018
2016 to 2019 Saw Increase in Medical Students With Disabilities
Rural Population Underrepresented Among Medical Students
Retail Prescription Drug Prices Fall for First Time in 45 Years
Services Affected by Rural Hospitals Joining Health Systems
Physician Depressive Symptoms Tied to Higher Risk for Medical Errors
Adults Not Living in Metro Areas Have Reduced Access to Care
Current Statin Use May Lower Risk for Lethal Prostate Cancer
Study Supports PSA Screening for Male BRCA2 Carriers
U.S. Life Expectancy Dropped Since 2014 for Working-Age Adults
Cancer Patients With Obesity Show Poorer Psychosocial Health
Many Cancer Patients Interested in Pathology Consultations
Racial Differences Found in Gene Panels for Prostate Cancer Prognosis
Electronic Health Record Usability Graded F by Physicians
Employee Premiums, Deductibles Eating Larger Share of Income
More Appropriate Prostate Cancer Tx Seen at Multidisciplinary Clinic
White House Wants Hospitals, Insurers to Provide Actual Costs of Care
Bipartisan Bill to Curb Drug Costs Backed by White House
Revision, Removal Risks Low for Synthetic Midurethral Slings
Fetroja Approved to Treat Complicated Urinary Tract Infections
Survey of U.S. Registered Nurses Points to Worsening Shortages
Imaging Rates Continue to Rise Despite Efforts to Reduce
Testosterone Therapy Tied to Increase in Short-Term VTE Risk
PSA Levels No Different With Exposure to Antidiabetes Meds
Medical Practices Burdened by Regulatory Requirements
Dietary Patterns May Possibly Be Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk
Seriously Ill Medicare Beneficiaries Face Financial Hardship
Dr. Stephen Hahn Nominated to Head FDA
Recommendations Developed to Address Clinician Burnout
CDC: U.S. Life Expectancy Up Slightly, Mortality Lower in 2017
FDA Labeling Restriction Quickly Reflected in Oncology Practice
Facebook Launches Preventive Health Tool
Readmissions Up for Preexisting HAIs With Home Discharge
Outcomes Poor With Medical Care From Fraud, Abuse Perpetrators
Doctors Mostly Dissatisfied With Electronic Health Record Systems
Poor Health Literacy Tied to More Hardships Among Cancer Survivors
More Choices, Lower Premiums for ACA Consumers Next Year
Insurance Plans Vary in Policies for Gender-Affirming Surgeries
Opioids May Not Be Needed for Acute Pain Control After Vasectomy
Patient Portal Use Has Positive Impact on Preventive Health Behaviors
Medicare Fraud-Prevention Rules to Be Revised
Many Can Avoid RT After Surgery for Localized Prostate Cancer
2000 to 2015 Saw Increase in Medicare GME Payments
Burnout Linked to Poor Quality Care in Published Literature
Cost of Waste in U.S. Health System Estimated
Few Older European Men Aware of Prostate Function
Urinary Catheters Not Needed for Joint Replacement Surgery
SBRT Shortens Tx for Prostate Cancer Without Greater Toxicity
Average Annual Premium for Workers Increased in 2019
Deep Learning Models Classify Disease From Medical Imaging
Prostate Cancer Risk Higher in Men Receiving Fertility Treatment
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mortality Persist in the U.S.
Protected Health Info Breaches Compromise Sensitive Data
11 Percent of Cancers Detected Via Emergency Department Visit
Vaginal Mesh Hysteropexy No Better for Uterovaginal Prolapse
Skipping Cancer Referral Appointments Linked to Earlier Death
Medical Students Not Ready to Provide Nutritional Care
Physical Therapy and Surgery Reduce Mixed Urinary Incontinence Symptoms
Nonphysician Providers Rarely Interpret Diagnostic Images
Cancer Survival Increasing in High-Income Countries
Screening for Opioid-Related Low Testosterone Underused
EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals
Spending Up With Treatment in Hospital-Owned Practices
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance
Racial, Ethnic Underrepresentation Found in Med School Matriculants
Majority of U.S. Doctors Believe ACA Has Improved Access to Care
Concussion Symptom History Tied to Low Testosterone Levels
Few Oncologists Suggest Health Promotion to Cancer Survivors
Most U.K. Patients With UTI Receive Antibiotics on Same Day
Advertising Can Promote Interest in Health-Related Research
Renal Anomaly on Fetal Scan May Up Risk for Admission for Child
Non-Hospital-Based Provider-to-Patient Telehealth Use Growing
Comorbid CVD May Up Mortality With ADT for Prostate Cancer
Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Lower Work Productivity Globally
One-Third of Physicians Will Take 10+ Years to Pay Off Debt
Adjuvant RT May Cut Recurrence in Some With Prostate Cancer
Worse Cancer Outcomes for Elderly HIV-Infected Patients
Delayed/Foregone Care More Likely for Cancer Survivors With HDHPs
Medicare Spending on Essential Medicines Up 116 Percent From 2011 to 2015
Some Cancer Trends Differ for Oldest Old in the United States
Brand-Brand Competition Has Not Cut Prices in Pharma Market
Many Hospitals Lack Sufficient Surgery Volumes
Trump Admin Announces Plan to Allow Drug Imports From Canada
Burnout Symptoms May Up Racial Bias Among Resident Physicians
$70 Million Settlement Reached in Generic Drug Delay Case
SGLT-2 Inhibitor Use Not Linked to Increased Risk for UTI Events
National Norms Developed for Assessing Medical School Empathy
CDC: Mortality Rates Continue to Decrease for Hispanic Adults
Senate Bill Would Reduce Drug Costs for Seniors
Reoperation Rate Down With Retropubic Sling for Incontinence
About One in 20 Patients Exposed to Preventable Harm
Recarbrio OK'd for Complicated Urinary Tract, Intra-Abdominal Infections
Erectile Dysfunction Presents Large Global Health Burden
Serious Misdiagnosis-Related Harms Mostly Due to 'Big Three'
Capping Work Hours in Residency Does Not Impact Outcomes Later
Medicare Drug Rebate Plan Withdrawn by Trump Administration
Health Care Professionals Exhibit Gender Bias
EHR System-Generated In-Basket Messages Linked to Burnout
Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads Blocked by Judge
Increased Cancer Risk Seen in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Androgen Deprivation Therapy May Up Risk of Alzheimer Disease
Most U.S. Adults Are Concerned About Antibiotic Resistance
Urine Biomarker Helps Classify Risk Level in Prostate Cancer
Considerable Number of Patients Receive Surprise Hospital Charges
Guide Addresses Medical Issues Relevant to Transgender Persons
Better UTI Monitoring Needed After Hospital Admission in Adults
Infections Tied to Subsequent Risk for Acute Ischemic Stroke
CT Use to Evaluate Suspected Urolithiasis Significantly Increased
MSSP ACOs May Not Improve Spending, Quality of Care
Combination Biopsy Strategy May Identify More Prostate Cancers
Americans Concerned About Clinician Burnout
New England Journal of Medicine Picks New Editor-in-Chief
Health Care Workers With ARIs Often Work While Symptomatic
Surgeons' Unprofessional Behavior Tied to Higher Complication Risk
Patterns of Inpatient Opioid Use Linked to Long-Term Use
Drug Makers Challenge New Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads
Black Race Not Tied to Worse Prostate Cancer Mortality
Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves
Nitrate Pollution of Tap Water May Cause Thousands of Cancer Cases
Number of Cancer Survivors Set to Top 22 Million by 2030
Location of Body Fat Linked to Advanced, Fatal Prostate Cancer
Fewer Black Men Adopt Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
Rapid Cycling Work Roster Improves Resident Sleep Practices
WHO: Estimated Incidence of Curable STIs 376.4 Million in 2016
Testicular Cancer Treatment Does Not Up Risk for Offspring Birth Defects
Survey Indicates Physician Misconduct Is Underreported
ASCO: Enzalutamide Beneficial in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Young Male Adults Have Lower Cancer Burden Than Women
ACP Issues Position on Response to Physician Impairment
Guidelines Updated for Radiotherapy After Prostatectomy
Excess Cause-Specific Mortality Tied to Chronic Proton Pump Inhibitor Use
High Costs Associated With Physician Burnout in U.S.
Reading Visit Notes May Improve Medication Management
Extragenital Tests to Detect Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Cleared for Marketing
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