Pathology News

Exposure to Pollution May Up Risk for Psychiatric Disorders
USPSTF Recommends Genetic Counseling for High BRCA Risk
MRI Shows Vaping Has Transient Impact on Vascular Function
AI Program May Aid in Pathologic Evaluation of Breast Biopsies
Recommendations Developed for Management of Lyme Disease
Advertising Can Promote Interest in Health-Related Research
Renal Anomaly on Fetal Scan May Up Risk for Admission for Child
TSH Elevated in 6 Percent of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Youth
Gluten Intake, Celiac Disease Linked in Genetically Predisposed
Internet Self-Referrals Aid in Diagnosis of Rare Inherited Kidney Disease
Doctors Say New Drugs 'Cured' Two Ebola Patients
CVD Mortality Declines Are Slowing in High-Income Countries
Methylphenidate Tx Tied to Brain Changes in Boys With ADHD
One-Third of Physicians Will Take 10+ Years to Pay Off Debt
Adherence to Surgical Guidelines Low for Salpingo-Oophorectomy
EPA Will Not Approve Warning Labels for Glyphosate
New Ebola Drugs Highly Effective, Might Shorten Outbreak in Africa
Method to Calculate Central Line Infections Flawed
Giant Cell Arteritis Occurs at Similar Rate in Blacks, Whites
Medicare to Cover CAR-T Therapy for Leukemia, Lymphoma
Younger CRC Patients More Likely to Present With Abdominal Pain
Hematological Malignancy Risk Up for First-Degree Relatives
Some Cancer Trends Differ for Oldest Old in the United States
USPSTF Reaffirms Recs Against Screening for Pancreatic Cancer
Children With ADHD Have Differences in Part of Brain Controlling Movement
DNA Methylation Classifier Predicts Progression in CIN2
Neuropathology Tied to Dementia ID'd in Football Players Who Had CTE
Plasma Assay Promising for Diagnosis of Early Alzheimer Disease
Streamlined Test Approach Cleared for Diagnosis of Lyme Disease
First Ebola Transmission in Congo City of Goma Reported
Dietary Vitamin A Intake Tied to Reduced Risk for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
One Dose of HPV Vaccine May Be Sufficient in Certain Situations
Trial Tests CRISPR Gene-Editing to Treat Sickle Cell Disease
Burnout Symptoms May Up Racial Bias Among Resident Physicians
National Norms Developed for Assessing Medical School Empathy
Previous Silent MI Often Found at Autopsy in Sudden Cardiac Death
First U.S. Trial Using CRISPR Within the Body Set to Begin
Adiposity in Early Old Age Tied to MRI Signs of Brain Aging Later
Cuts in Fine Particulate Matter Pollution Have Spared U.S. Lives
CDC: Mortality Rates Continue to Decrease for Hispanic Adults
USPSTF Reaffirms Benefit of Hep B Screening in Pregnant Women
MGUS Can Progress to Multiple Myeloma Within Five Years
Smoking Has Long-Term Impact on Peripheral Artery Disease Risk
Rates of Anal Cancer Precursors High in Women Living With HIV
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