Diabetes & Endocrinology News

Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis Tied to Increased Risk for Death
Oral Hepatoselective Glucokinase Activator Promising in T2DM
Trained Alert Dogs Can Detect Impending T1DM-Related Events
FDA Panel Has Tie Vote on New Type 1 Diabetes Drug
FDA Down to 5 Weeks of Funding to Review New Drug Applications
Ertugliflozin Seems Safe, Effective for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Hemochromatosis Mutation Linked to Other Morbidity
Achieving Healthy Diet From Sustainable Food Feasible
Adoption of Advanced Health IT Capabilities Inconsistent
Intermittent Fasts Plus Energy Restriction Best for Weight Loss
Replacing Sitting Time With Activity Lowers Mortality Risk
Components of Ideal Cardio Health Cut Diabetes Risk
Young-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Tied to Increased Hospitalization Risk
American College of Physicians Releases 7th Edition of Ethics Manual
Cardiometabolic Risk Up With Tourette, Chronic Tic Disorder
Study Explores Influence of Genetics, Environment in Disease
Couples Intervention May Aid Partners of Diabetes Patients
CDC: Flu Cases Hit 7 Million in the United States
Prices Still Explain High U.S. Health Care Spending
Use of Diabetes Monitoring Tests in Primary Care Suboptimal
High Fiber Intake Tied to Lower Risk for Noncommunicable Disease
Statin Therapy Reduces Risk for Diabetic Retinopathy in T2DM
Private Equity Acquisition of Physician Practices Discussed
Fewer Than 5 Percent of Thyroid Surgery Patients Readmitted
Increase in Brand-Name Drug Cost Mainly Due to Existing Drugs
Many Female Health Care Workers Live in Poverty
Long Work Hours Tied to Poor Glycemic Control in T2DM
Medical Marketing Has Increased in Past 20 Years
Costs Higher for Those With Comorbid Noncommunicable Diseases
ACA Coverage Gains Could Erode Without Individual Mandate
Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors at Risk for Later Cancers
Health Benefits of Nonsugar Sweeteners Uncertain
No Increased Fracture Risk With Canagliflozin in Type 2 Diabetes
Three Novel Loci Associated With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ID'd
Incidence of End-Stage Kidney Disease Up in Australia
Second-Line Antidiabetic Meds May Impact Cardiovascular Risk
Pregnancy Complications Up for Women Born at Low Birth Weight
Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease Risk
Low-Priced Generic Drugs Most Likely to Have Shortages
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Can Reduce Phantom Limb Pain
Initiative Can Cut Gender Gap in Medical School Faculty Salaries
ACOG: Interpregnancy Period Should Maximize Women's Health
FDA Warns Companies on Unsafe, Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments
CDC: Weight, Waist Size, BMI Increased for Many U.S. Adults
Growth in Use of Telemedicine Seen From 2005 to 2017
Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Higher Than Expected
ADA 2019 Standards of Care Emphasize Patient-Centered Care
Failure of Timely Stop to Certain Prescription Drugs Is Common
Endocrine Tx Does Not Impair Neuropsychological Performance
Exclusion of Doctors From Public Health Insurance Up 2007 to 2017
Type 2 Diabetes Risk Lower in Women With Active Migraine
Prevalence of Metabolically Healthy Adults in U.S. Very Low
Some With Type 2 Diabetes Inappropriately Monitoring Blood Glucose
Persistent Discrimination ID'd Among Physician Mothers
T2DM Linked to Decline in Verbal Memory, Fluency in Older Adults
Medication Errors Resulting in Death Most Common in Elderly
Risk for Hospitalization for Heart Failure Greater With Diabetes
Negative Attitudes Reported Toward Weight-Loss Surgery
Enrollment Under the Affordable Care Act Down From Last Year
Young Breast Cancer Patients Face Higher Risk for Osteoporosis
Fasting-Evoked Hypoglycemia in Diabetes Is Prevalent
2017 Saw Slowing in National Health Care Spending
U.S. Medical Schools See Increase in Diversity
Paid Childbearing Policies Lacking for Residents
Consensus Decision Pathway Developed for Tobacco Cessation
HIT-Related Stress Linked to Burnout Among Physicians
Less Than One Hour of Resistance Training Weekly Tied to Lower CVD Risk
AHA Scientific Statement: Low Risk of Side Effects for Statins
Fear Impacts Quality of Life for Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes
Most Insured Patients Not Using Online Portals
Lack of Peds Preventive Care Ups Unplanned Hospital Admissions
Patient Education Can Improve Chronic Disease Management
Chronic Kidney Disease Burden Increasing in the United States
Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk in Men
Skin Autofluorescence Predicts T2DM, Heart Disease, Mortality
Few Physicians Work in Practices That Use Telemedicine
Many Patients Withhold Information From Clinicians
Exposure to Phthalates May Impact Timing of Puberty in Girls
HHS Issues Draft Strategy for Reducing Health IT Burden
Cost-Related Insulin Underuse May Affect One in Four Patients
Impact of Fructose Varies With Energy Control, Food Source
Family Functioning Does Not Impact Family Dinner, Diet Link
Several Risk Factors More Strongly Linked to MI in Women
Rotating Night Shift Work, Lifestyle Factors Linked to T2DM
Higher Cardiovascular Risk Seen With Psoriatic Arthritis
Care for Chronic Kidney Disease Varies Across VA Facilities
Bone Indices on CT Scan Predict Fracture Risk in Older Adults
Certain SGLT2 Inhibitors, GLP-1 RAs for T2DM Also Cut CV Risk
Large at Birth, Maternal Diabetes Up Child's Risk for Obesity
FDA to Update Medical Device Approvals Process
Food Assistance May Help Older Adults Adhere to Diabetes Meds
Four Principles Underlie Patient and Family Partnership in Care
ACA Coverage Substantial, but Did Not Impact Labor Markets
Insulin Needed for T2DM Tx Set to Increase >20 Percent by 2030
Switching to High-Deductible Insurance Delays Diabetes Care
NPs and PAs Can Effectively Manage Diabetes in Primary Care
Immunotherapy Side Effects May Be More Common Than Thought
RSNA: Ultrasound of Shoulder Muscle May Help Diagnose T2DM
Higher Risk for Amputation, DKA With SGLT2 Inhibitors for T2DM
CDC: 8.8 Percent Uninsured in U.S. in First Half of 2018
Insurance Coverage for Adult Obesity Care Increasing
Name-Brand Medications Driving Spike in U.S. Drug Spending
Patient Experiences Shed Light on Diagnostic Errors
AHA: Lasting Benefit for CABG in Diabetes, Multivessel Disease
Low-Carbohydrate Diets Linked to Increase in Calories Burned
CDC: Many Americans May Have Prediabetes and Not Know It
AMA to Collect Data on Suicide Among Doctors-in-Training
Changes in Risk Indicators of MetS Severity Tied to T2DM Risk
Denosumab Promising for TDT-Induced Osteoporosis Treatment
AHA: Dapagliflozin Noninferior to Placebo for MACE in T2DM
Genetic Test Helps ID Benign Versus Malignant Thyroid Nodules
CDC: About One in Three Adults With Prediabetes Has Arthritis
Progress Toward Goals in Global Health Is Slowing
Medicaid Expansion Approved in Three Republican-Leaning States
Colectomy Appears to Increase Later Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Excess Gestational Weight Gain Not Better for Child Bone Health
Low-Dose Radiation Safe for Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer
Majority of Internists Still Have Financial Ties to Industry
Older Paternal Age Linked to Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
Abnormalities in Genes Linked to IRSP in Alzheimer's Disease
Sign-Up Season Begins on HealthCare.gov
National Youth Obesity Rate at 15.8 Percent for 2016 to 2017
CDC: Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes 6.0 Percent in 2016
Plant-Based Diets Beneficial for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
Financial Conflicts of Interest Prevalent Among CPG Authors
ASN: High-Dose, Proactive IV Iron Noninferior in Hemodialysis
ASN: Aggressive Control of BP, Lipids in T2DM May Up Kidney Risk
Link Between Statins, Non-CVD Outcomes Lacks Evidence
Antibiotics, Acid Suppressants in Infancy May Up Obesity Risk
Peer Support Aids Patients With T2DM, Depressive Symptoms
AMA Announces Initiative to Reinvent Physician Training
Community Health Worker Intervention Beneficial
Many Hospitals Noncompliant With Record Request Regulations
Trump Administration Announces Plan to Cut Drug Prices
Early Natural Menopause Linked to Shorter Life Expectancy
Pace of Change Has Accelerated in Alternative Payment Models
Most Supplements Contain Prohibited Stimulants
White House Unveils New Insurance Option for Small Firms
Inadequate Reimbursement May Mar Diabetes Prevention Program
Glucose Dysregulation Seen Years Before Diabetes Diagnosis
Percent Weight Regain Predicts Health Risks Post-Bariatric Surgery
Limited Success for Changing Diet and Exercise Among Nurses
Mortality Due to Suicide, Alcohol, Accidents Up in Diabetes
Sharp Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy Rankings by 2040
Procurement Requirements Drive Interoperability in Health Care IT
Fertility Rates Down for Each Urbanization Level 2007 to 2017
Bariatric Sx Cuts Macrovascular Complications in Obesity, T2DM
Gastric Banding, Metformin Similar for Improving Glycemia
Without Medicaid Expansion, Poor Patients Forgo Medical Care
High Variability in Metabolic Measures May Up Mortality
Cases Show Periodic Fasting May Cut Medication Use in T2DM
Active Pharmaceuticals ID'd in >700 Dietary Supplements
Multicomponent Intervention Can Reduce Sitting Time at Work
Hormone Therapy Not Beneficial in Subclinical Hypothyroidism
High Circulating Prolactin Level Inversely Linked to T2DM Risk
On a Given Day, 36.6 Percent of U.S. Adults Eat Fast Food
Review: Vitamin D Does Not Appear to Prevent Fractures, Falls
Aetna-CVS Merger Approved
Intensive BP Therapy in Diabetes May Lower Risk for CV Events
Childhood Obesity Persists Into Adolescence
ADA, EASD Issue New Recommendations for T2DM
Lorcaserin Beneficial for Diabetes in Overweight, Obese
Minority Residents Experience Burdens Linked to Race/Ethnicity
Best Practices for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Updated
Industry-Funded Trials Often Involve Employees in Studies
Lixisenatide Cuts Kidney Damage in T2DM and Coronary Syndrome
Tips Provided for Budgeting in Medical Residency
Three-Quarters of Health Care Workers Got Flu Shot Last Year
Price Hikes Noted in Small Subset of Generic Drugs
Albiglutide Beats Placebo for Cardiovascular Events in T2DM
Uninsured Rate at 8.8 Percent in First Quarter of 2018
High HbA1c After T1DM Diagnosis Predicts Psychiatric Comorbidity
Better Glycemic Control With Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery
Soft Drinks Account for One-Fifth of Youth Beverage Consumption
For Employer-Based Plans, Spending Across Services Steady
Interviews Can Help Ensure Physician Candidates Fit Culture
Number of Health-Related Data Breaches Increasing
Genetics May Identify Type 2 Diabetes Subtypes
Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Recurrence High
More Non-Elderly Americans Uninsured in 2017 Versus 2016
Increased Cardiovascular Risk for Diclofenac Initiators
Physicians Often Don't Address Their Burnout
Business Degree Increasingly Useful for Doctors
Practices Should Set Rules for Staff Social Media Use
Burnout, Career Choice Regret Prevalent in U.S. Residents
Lorcaserin Facilitates Weight Loss in Overweight, Obese
Many Countries Failing on Non-Communicable Dz Death Targets
Physician-Group ACOs Generate Medicare Savings
In 2016, Proportion of Uninsured Americans Down to 10 Percent
Total Diabetes at 14 Percent in U.S. Adults for 2013-2016
Participation Up With Online Diabetes Prevention Program
Some Clinicians, Patients Record Clinic Visits for Patient Use
HbA1c Variability Is a Strong Predictor of Mortality in T2DM
Dozens of Medical Groups Join Forces to Improve Diagnoses
Research Links Doctor Burnout to Patient Safety Incidents
Study Provides Estimates of U.S. Prevalence of Type 1, 2 Diabetes
Residents Should Take Advantage of Paid Time Off
Hospitals Charge 479 Percent of Cost of Drugs on Average
Gestational Diabetes Tied to Subsequent Glucose Disorders
Few Yogurt Products Qualify As Low-Sugar
20% of Children, Adolescents Use Prescription Medications
Patient Health Information Often Shared Electronically
USPSTF Recommends Intensive Behavioral Change for Obesity
Global Prevalence of Insufficient Activity 27.5 Percent
Compliance With Requirement to Report Results on EUCTR Is Poor
Drug Prices Increase More Than Expected After Shortages
Scribes Improve Physician Workflow, Patient Interaction
Association Health Plans Can Help Small Businesses Offer Coverage
Situation Framing, Language Can Influence Decision-Making
Including Calorie Count on Menus Can Cut Calories Ordered
Gains in Insurance Coverage Seen for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Adults
Six-Step Analysis Can Help Improve Practice Logistics
Residents Working Long Hours Can Increase Alertness
Data Age in Clinical Trials Is About Three Years at Publication
Medicaid Work Requirements Don't Impact Many Enrollees
Many Opportunities for Doctors Using Twitter
Docs, Consumers Agree on Benefits of Virtual Care
Physician Burnout Rates Vary by Medical Specialty
Fifteen Genetic Determinants of Fracture Identified
Higher Aldosterone Levels Tied to Incident Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Social Determinants Linked to Provision of Primary Care
Personalized Weighting Could Enhance Hospital Rating Tools
Better Training Needed to Boost LGBTQ Patient Health Care
Hospital Groups Launch Own Generic Drug Company
Widespread Statin Use Not Recommended in Old, Very Old
Physical Activity Not Linked to Natural Early Menopause
~3,000 Excess Deaths Estimated Due to Hurricane Maria
WHO Issues Recommendations for Tx Intensification in T2DM
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Has Uncertain Future
Enrollment in High-Deductible Health Plans Up From '07 to '17
Adding Pharmacist to Team Can Improve Patient Outcomes
Self-Injury Tops Diabetes As Cause of Death in United States
Medical Bills in Collections Decrease With Patient Age
Excess Cardiac Risk Varies With Age of Onset of T1DM
Vascular Risk Factors for Brain Calcification in Seniors Identified
FDA: Common Diabetes Meds Tied to Serious Genital Infection
No Meaningful Increase in Physician Compensation Last Year
Label Mix-Up Spurs Recall of Accord Blood Pressure Meds
Marketplace Premiums Increase More With Monopolist Insurers
Wording Used May Affect Thyroid Cancer Patients' Anxiety, Choices
Medical Practices Should Address Negative Online Reviews
Artificial Intelligence Holds Promise in Medicine
Experts Address Loss of the National Guideline Clearinghouse
Alcohol Is Leading Risk Factor for Global Disease Burden
Most Research Participants Not Concerned About Data Sharing
Care Coordination Strategies Aid in Multiple Chronic Diseases
AMA Adopts Policy Promoting Health Equity As a Goal
Medicaid Expansion Linked to Increase in Diabetes Rx Fills
Living in Deprived Area Is Risk Factor for Cognitive Dysfunction
Frailty in Middle-Aged With Multimorbidity Tied to Mortality
Increased First-Trimester HbA1c Predicts Gestational Diabetes
Most Surgical Residents Want Financial Education
High Prevalence of Diabetes in Those With Severe Mental Illness
Small Practices Also at Risk for Data Breaches
Paramedic-Led Intervention Cuts Ambulance Calls
National Provider Identifiers Are Vulnerable to Theft
Strategy Outlined for Shooter Incident in Health Care Facility
Advantages for HDHP Enrollees in Large Versus Small Firms
Doctors Often Not Discussing Risk Factors With Patients
Pennsylvania Case Could Affect Evidence for Malpractice Defense
Experts Offer Tips for Provider Appeal of Denied Medical Claims
NYU Becomes First Medical School to Cover All Tuition
Declines in Life Expectancy in Many High-Income Countries
Comments Open on End of NIH Review for Gene Therapy Studies
Residents' Sleep Deteriorates During Training
Risk of Death Not Up in T2DM When Risk Factors Within Target
Practice Names, Logos Should Be Carefully Designed
NIH Panel Will No Longer Review Gene Therapy Experiments
Steps Provided for Discharging Patient From Practice
Patient Portals Don't Appear to Have Much Traction
Two Strategies for Preventing Diabetes in Minority Patients
ACA Coverage Gains Include Workers Without Insurance
Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking May Up T2DM Risk
Vit D Independently, Inversely Tied to Cholesterol in Children
Physicians With Medicine/Psych Training Can Help Complex Cases
6 Factors Related to Inclusion in Health Care Workplace ID'd
Four Pros to Integrating EHR, Practice Management Software
Bariatric Surgery Lowers Microvascular Disease Risk
Low-Energy Diet Induces Different Effects in Men, Women
AMA Adopts Policy on Augmented Intelligence
Sufficient Preconception Vitamin D Tied to Lower Miscarriage Risk
Cardiac Profiles Up With Exercise, Less Sitting in Early Old Age
AMA Adopts Policy to Advance Gender Equity in Medicine
AHA: A Diverse Diet May Not Promote a Healthy Weight
Healthy Lifestyle With Diabetes Cuts Cardiovascular Risk
American Heart Association Urges Screen Time Limits for Youth
Cyber Insurance Recommended for All Physician Practices
Steps Taken to Increase Use of Electronic Tools in Medicine
AMA Proposes Policy Opposing Medicaid 'Lockout' Provisions
Overtreatment of Thyroid Cancers Seems Common
Thyroid Dysfunction Linked to Gestational Diabetes
AMA Calls for Greater Electronic Cigarette Regulation
Death Records Estimate 1,139 Deaths Due to Hurricane Maria
Plasma Copeptin More Accurate for Diabetes Insipidus Diagnosis
CDC: Half of U.S. Adults Tried to Lose Weight From 2013 to 2016
Variation in Specialty Drug Coverage Across Health Plans
Some Bacteria Now More Tolerant of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers
Groups Urge CMS to Reconsider Suspending Risk Adjustment
Increasing Cost of Insulin Has Serious Health Consequences
One-Quarter of Older U.S. Adults May Be Overtreated for Diabetes
Health Affairs Announces Launch of New Three-Year Initiative
Three Financial Metrics Can Improve Practice Performance
How Doctors Receive Feedback Is Key for Antimicrobial Programs
Single Threshold May Not Be Feasible for Gestational Diabetes
E-Cigarettes Don't Seem to Aid Smoking Cessation Efforts
New Short-Term Health Plans Have Large Coverage Gaps
National Guideline Clearinghouse Offline Due to Funding Cuts
Nut Intake Reduces HbA1c Among Adults With T2DM
Steps Can Be Taken by Doctors to Minimize Risk of Lawsuits
Protease Inhibitors May Worsen Outcomes for HIV + Heart Failure
Learning to Change Important for Improving Practice
FDA Approves Azedra for Rare Adrenal Tumors
Front Desk Staff Can Set Up a Practice for Successful Billing
One in Four Older Adults With Diabetes Uses Alternative Meds
Few Published Programs Address Medical Trainee Mistreatment
Medical Boards May Contribute to Mental Health Stigma for Doctors
Health Coverage Interruptions Common in Adults With T1DM
Young Cancer Survivors Have High Risk of Endocrine Diseases
Four Strategies Help Doctors Make Personal, Professional Gains
Cross-Continuum Communication Beneficial After Discharge
Risk of Heart Failure Up in ALVSD Patients With Diabetes
Drop in Osteoporosis Treatment Initiation After Hip Fracture
Assessing, Improving Patient Satisfaction Cuts Malpractice Risk
Insurers May Be Underpaying Doctors
Diabetes Diagnosis May Impact Health Behaviors of Family
Tools, Methods of RCTs Can Be Adapted to Real-World Settings
Physicians and Practices Should Prepare for Emergencies
Sulfonylureas As 2nd-Line T2DM Therapy Tied to Higher Event Risk
Child Health Concerns Related to Use of Food Additives
VA MISSION Act May Up Costs, Lower Vet Health Care Quality
Medical Organizations Must Address Sexual Harassment
Walmart Generic Drug Discounts Often Offer More Patient Savings
Embezzlement Not Uncommon in Medical Practices
Intermittent Energy Restriction Effectively Cuts HbA1c in T2DM
Increased Coverage in States With Medicaid Expansion
FDA Proposes New Rule on Food Labeling in Vending Machines
Empagliflozin Doesn't Up Risk of Bone Fractures
Same-Day Appointment System Implemented in Health Network
Patients Care About the Clothes Doctors Wear
Characteristics of Severe Hypoglycemia Identified in T2DM
Seven Strategies Can Help Practices Manage Staff Time Off
Basal Insulin Analogues Similar for Glucose Lowering
Testosterone Prescribing Down Since 2013
Risk of CRC, Non-CRC Death Up With Positive Fecal Hb Test
CDC: 'Tips' Campaign Has Helped a Number of Smokers Quit
Alternative Payment Models Should Include Precision Medicine
Trials Supporting FDA Approval of Breakthrough Drugs Examined
Evidence of Clinical Inertia in Management of T2DM
FDA Establishes New Task Force on Drug Shortages
Adoption of EHR Linked to Reduction in Mortality Rates
eCare Plan Set to Improve Doctor/Pharmacist Relationship
PM2.5 Contributes to Burden of Diabetes Mellitus Globally
Physician Burnout Tied to Higher Risk of Medical Errors
Virtual Assistants Not HIPAA Compliant
Gender Bias in Medicine Has Far-Reaching Consequences
Two Regimens Fail to Stop Declines in β-Cell Function
Patient Experience Officers Can Play Key Role in Medical Offices
AMA Aims to Boost Affordability of ACA Marketplace Plans
2001 to 2015 Saw Decline in Self-Employment in Health Care
Mothers' Healthy Lifestyle Tied to Drop in Offspring Obesity
Peer-Led Education Helps Physicians Save Time With EHRs
Basal Insulin Analogs Don't Cut Hypoglycemia-Linked ER Visits
Metformin Tied to Acidosis Risk at eGFR <30mL/min/1.73 m²
FDA Requires Safety Label Changes for Fluoroquinolones
Circadian System, Misalignment Have Distinct Impact on Insulin
AMA Calls for Inclusive Family, Medical Leave Policies
International Group Develops Best Practices for Drug Packaging
Error Rate 7.4 Percent in Speech Recognition-Assisted Notes
Programs Can Lower Diabetes Distress in Adults With T1DM
Transfeminine Persons Have Increased VTE Incidence
Obesity Paradox Seen in T2DM Modified by Smoking Status
IT Solutions for Easier EHRs Save Physicians Time, Burnout
Travel Costs Are Considerable Part of T2DM Follow-Up Costs
Health Gains, Cost Savings Projected for Sodium Goals
WHO Calls for Renewed Effort to Combat Chronic Disease
Hospitals Face $218B in Federal Payment Cuts From 2010 to 2028
Patient Complaints Mainly About Rudeness, Rushing, Reproach
Patisiran, Inotersen Aid Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis
22.9 Percent of U.S. Adults Meet Aerobic, Strength Activity Goals
Patients Comfortable With Doctors Having Tattoos, Piercings
1996 to 2013 Saw Large Increase in Diabetes Spending
Oral Insulin Choline, Geranate Ionic Liquid Shows Promise
AMA Adopts Policy to Cut Sugar Sweetened Drink Consumption
CVD Risk Up With Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Working >45 Hours Tied to Higher Diabetes Risk in Women
Intensive Management Program Benefits High-Risk Patients
FDA Expands Approval of Closed-Looped Insulin Delivery System
Practice Management Can Improve Efficiency
Prolonged Leisure-Time Sitting Tied to Increased Mortality Risk
Data Needed on New Type 2 Diabetes Therapies in Pregnancy
AMA Calls for Electronic Health Record Training
FDA Approves Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Health Care Technology Impacts Younger Patient Satisfaction
Genetic Risk, Lifestyle Predict CVD, Diabetes Independently
Few Hemodialysis Patients on Medicare Enroll in Hospice
Intervention Programs Prevent Diabetes Distress in Teens
AMA Adopts Ethical Guidance on Medical Tourism
ADA: T1D, T2D, GDM Before 26 Weeks Tied to Higher ASD Risk
Insulin Glargine 300 Safe, Effective in Seniors With T2DM
ADA: Closed-Loop Insulin Improves Glycemic Control
AMA: Docs Declare Drug Shortages Public Health Emergency
Percentage of Teens Trying to Lose Weight Decreasing
Aspirin Use Doesn't Cut Cancer Incidence in Older T2DM Patients
E-Cigarettes May Help Some Quit Tobacco Smoking
Most Teens, Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Report Stigma
More Cash-Pay Patients Means Docs Need Billing Strategies
BCG Vaccine Tied to Reduced Hyperglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes
Many Drugs Made Available Via FDA Expanded Access Programs
HbA1c Targets Should Be Personalized in Type 2 Diabetes
Attitudes Among Obese Are Not Aligned With Healthy Living
Adult Obesity Prevalence Varies With Level of Urbanization
Considerable Costs Associated With Switching EHR
Prevalence of Obesity 17.8 Percent for Youth in 2013 to 2016
Recent-Onset Diabetes Tied to Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Less Improvement in AHA Diet Score for SNAP Participants
AMA Vows to Improve Access for Docs Seeking Mental Health Care
Single Blood Sample Test May Help ID Undiagnosed Diabetes
Cleared Blood Glucose Monitor Systems Not Always Accurate
CDC: Obesity Prevalence Higher in Non-Metropolitan Counties
Good Sleep Tied to Better Cardiometabolic Health in Youths
Elevated NT-proBNP Found to Up Cardiovascular Risk in T2DM
Foods With Fat and Carbohydrate Are More Highly Valued
AMA: Federal Government Must Tackle Rising Insulin Prices
T2DM Risk in Offspring Greater With T2DM Versus GDM Exposure
Antipsychotic Tx Linked to Adiposity Changes in Youths
IV Fluid Specs Do Not Influence Neuro Outcomes in Kids w/DKA
Strong Link Identified Between T2DM and Parkinson's Disease
Diabetes Meds Reconciliation May Reduce Risk of ER Visits
How Do Business Partner Data Breaches Affect Your Practice?
Long-Term Type 1 Diabetes Associated With Cognitive Decline
Most Infants and Toddlers Consume Added Sugar
Many Working Americans Obtain Unhealthy Foods at Work
Female Teens, Young Adults Not Getting Enough Exercise
Certification Status Tied to Physician Performance Measures
Childhood Obesity/Overweight Steadily Rose From 1999 to 2014
Better Dietary Patterns Among U.S. Adults Could Save Billions
Cancer Development Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk
2011 to 2017 Saw Drop in Youth Use of Any Tobacco Products
Infant Omega-3 Supplementation Tied to Decreased Waist Size
Web Program Tied to Better Salt Knowledge, Behaviors in Children
More Rapid Decline in Kidney Function for Diagnosed Diabetes
Online Consumer Ratings of Physicians Tend to Be Skewed
AAFP Joins Call on FDA to Reduce Nicotine Content in Cigarettes
CDC: Prevalence of No Insurance Varies by Occupational Groups
AMA Guide Highlights Importance of Caring for Caregivers
Job Strain May Raise Death Risk in Men With Cardiometabolic Dz
CDC: Office-Based Physician Visit Rates Vary by Patient Age, Sex
Post-Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico Underestimated
Case Shows Biotin Can Interfere With Multiple Endocrine Tests
Higher HDL-C Linked to Better Cognition in Older DM Patients
Postmenopausal Sex Hormone Levels Associated With Later CVD
Male Thyroid Cancer Survivors Face Higher CVD Risk
ASHP: SVP, Injectable Opioid Shortages Threaten Patient Care
CVD Risk Up Even in Metabolically Healthy Obese Women
T1DM Self-Management Varies With Adult Developmental Stages
Senior CA Patients Also Benefit From Palliative Radiotherapy
Elevated HbA1c Usually Leads to Prompt Tx Start, Intensification
Mini-Dose Glucagon May Halt Post-Exercise Hypoglycemia
Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Best in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
Higher Seafood Intake May Shorten Time to Pregnancy
Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Don't Up Blood Glucose Levels
Congress Approves Bill Expanding Private Care for VA Patients
Major Depression in Males May Lower Chances of Conception
Burosumab May Benefit Children With X-Linked Hypophosphatemia
Global Variation in Personal Health Care Access and Quality
Atherosclerotic CVD Mortality Higher in South Asians in the U.S.
Inverse Link for Plasma 25(OH)D Concentration, Risk of T2DM
Vitamin D Supplement Tied to Less Wheezing in Black Preemies
2003 to 2014 Saw Rise in Diabetic Ketoacidosis Admissions
Moral Distress for Docs Providing Emergency-Only Hemodialysis
CDC: No Change in Level of Uninsured in U.S. in 2017
Semaglutide Found to Be Effective Against Type 2 Diabetes
Language Used in Medical Record Can Affect Patient Care
Pharmacists Should Counsel Patients Fasting for Ramadan
Higher Adiposity Increases Odds of Smoking
Chemicals in Hair Products for Black Women Raise Concerns
U.S. Nursing Home Costs Due to Diabetes Vary Greatly by State
Nonprofit Manufacturer Could Keep Generic Drug Costs Down
Best Practices Developed for Use of EHR to Enhance Patient Care
Dual-Hormone System May Lower Time in Hypoglycemia in T1DM
Fx Risk Should Be Monitored in Bisphosphonate Drug Holiday
FDA Targets Clinics Offering Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies
Gestational Diabetes May Indicate Future Subclinical Renal Issues
Lesbian, Bi Women More Likely to Develop T2DM at Younger Age
Regulatory Requirements Drive Dissatisfaction With EHRs
Exceptional Glycemic Control With Very Low-Carbohydrate Diet
Type 2 Diabetes Ups Risk of Renal Cancer in Women, but Not Men
FDA Approves Drug Combo for Aggressive Thyroid Cancer
Community Health Worker-Led Intervention Beneficial in T2DM
Daily Sports Drink Consumption Down in U.S. Teenagers
Many Organizations Not Meeting Trial Reporting Requirements
Novel Signal ID'd for Microalbuminuria in Europeans With T2DM
Reproductive Markers Associated With Risk of Diabetes
Practices Should Be Aware of Correct Way to Fire Employees
Glyburide Not Noninferior to Insulin for Gestational Diabetes
Perioperative MACCEs More Common With Diabetes
Metabolically Healthy Obesity Not Without Risk of CVD
Review: Need to Strengthen Natural Experiments in Obesity
Irregular Menstruation Common in Girls With Type 2 Diabetes
New Clinic Satisfaction Tool Provides Real-Time Feedback
High Risk of Death After Major Diabetes-Related Amputations
Hemoglobin A1c Levels Not Tied to Wound Outcomes
Improvement in Race-Based Disparities in Years of Life Lost
Pros and Cons for E-Cigarettes As Aid to Smoking Cessation
Saturday Is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Medicare Requiring Hospitals to Post Prices Online
Aortic Stiffness, Concentric LV Remodeling Linked in T2DM
About 40 Percent of Men Report Experiencing Weight Stigma
Exercise Intervention Doesn't Improve Walking Ability in PAD
Evening Preference Linked to Higher BMI in Type 2 Diabetes
Patients Prefer Doctors Who Engage in Face-to-Face Visits
Factors ID'd to Predict Fatty Liver in Obese Teens
Age- and Weight-Based Screening Identifies Half With Prediabetes
Choroidal Thickness Changes in Patients With Untreated DM
In LVSD, Diabetes Tied to Higher Risk of Heart Failure
Artificial Pancreas Treatment Efficacious for Type 1 Diabetes
Social Support of Autonomy Tied to Better Glycemic Control in DM
Young Adults With T1DM Show Muscle Metabolic Deficiencies
Metabolic Syndrome Common With Chronic Hep B Infection
Recommendations Developed on Gender Equity in Medicine
Nonoptimized Drug Therapy Costs More Than $500 Billion Annually
One-Hour Plasma Glucose Useful Predictor of Diabetic Retinopathy
TFs Operate Across Gene Loci Within Disease Phenotypes
Negative Affect That Lingers Tied to Health 10 Years Later
FDA Approves AI Device to Detect Diabetic Retinopathy
Soda Tax Cuts Daily Soda, Energy Drink Consumption
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Cost-Effective in T1DM
Pharmacists Can Help With DM Management Via Telemedicine
Recent Years Saw Increase in Burden of Prior Authorization
Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Lowers Gestational Diabetes Risk
Cigarette Price Hike Would Provide More Gains for the Poor
Higher Mortality Risk Seen for 'Night Owls'
Declines Seen in Cardiovascular Risk Factors From 1990 to 2010
No Reduced CVD Risk for SBP <120 mm Hg in Type 2 Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome Common in Patients With Lupus
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Tied to Risk of Mental Health Issues
Considerable Differences in Burden of Disease at State Level
Suggestions Offered to Reduce Physician Frustration With EHRs
DPP-4I Not Tied to Increased Risk of Acute Pancreatitis in Seniors
Adult Patients With Diabetes Go to Dentist Less Often
Interns' Schedule Takes Toll on Sleep, Physical Activity, Mood
Eating Pecans May Cut Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes
Glycemic Extremes in T1DM Impact Cognitive Skills in Kids
ACA Marketplaces Expand Coverage for Chronically Ill
Online Doc Reviews Don't Reflect Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Lactation Lowers Risk of T2DM After Gestational Diabetes
Smoking Status Associated With Poor Diet Quality
Depressive Symptoms Tied to Diabetes Self-Management
Variations Identified in Free-Text Directions in E-Prescriptions
Diabetes, HbA1c Linked to Adverse Outcomes After Surgery
Lower Energy Consumption for South Asian Migrants With T2DM
Islet Transplantation Improves Quality of Life in T1DM
Dining Out Linked to Phthalates Exposure in U.S. Population
Novel Interstitium Has Been Identified in Human Tissues
Recent Years Have Seen Obesity Prevalence Increasing for Adults
Total Estimated Cost of Diagnosed Diabetes $327 Billion in 2017
Use of E-Cigarettes May Hurt Efforts to Quit Smoking
Menopausal Hormone Therapy Linked to Reduced Abdominal Fat
EHR Usability Contributes to Possible Patient Harm Events
Complete Genome Sequence Can Be ID'd From Amniotic Fluid
Ethical Duties ID'd for Short-Term Global Health Experiences
Intensive Lifestyle Interventions Cut Long-Term Disability in T2DM
Only Half of Adults With Familial Hypercholesterolemia on Statins
Sports Sponsorships Often Market Unhealthy Food and Drinks
Lean Approach May Help Tackle Burnout in Health Care Providers
MVPA Mortality Risk Reduction Not Tied to Exercise in Bouts
Food Insecurity Tied to Poor Glycemic Control in Diabetes
Unique Risks Associated With Texting Medical Orders
Calorie Restriction Linked to Sustained Metabolic Adaptation
Soy-Based Formula Tied to Reproductive Differences
Implantable Sensor Relays Real-Time Personal Health Info
Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors in T2DM Linked to IBD
Sweetened Drinks Linked to Increased Risk of Mortality
Cryoablation of Posterior Vagal Trunk Feasible in Obesity
Blueprint Being Developed to Address Physician Burnout
Oxyntomodulin Augments Glucose Homeostasis
Personal Health Info Found in Recycling at Five Hospitals
High Intake of Red Meats Tied to Liver Disease, Insulin Resistance
Prior Authorization Negatively Impacts Clinical Outcomes
Altered Neural Responses in Memory Processing in T1DM
ENDO: Drug Shows Promise As Effective Male Birth Control
ENDO: Low Sperm Count Tied to Worse Cardiometabolic Health
Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Promising in T1DM Pregnancy
Guidelines Updated for Evaluating, Treating Hirsutism
Higher Exposure to Air Pollution Adds to CVD Risk for Blacks
Grilled Meat, Chicken Ups Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in U.S. Adults
Improved Glycemic Control With Surgical Tx of Obesity in Teens
Drug Copayments Often Exceed Prescription Drug Costs
U.S. Spends Twice As Much for Similar Health Care Utilization
Great Recession Linked to Increase in BP, Blood Glucose
Three-Pronged Approach Can Improve Physician Engagement
No Safety Concerns Noted in Study of Intranasal Insulin Use
Doctors Facing Challenge to Help Needy While Protecting Practices
Circulating FGF23 Linked to Incident Coronary Heart Disease
Progression of Obesity Influences Risk of Diabetes Over Life Course
Repeated Ranibizumab Doesn't Impair Macular Perfusion
Few U.S. Adults Meet Most T2DM Risk Reduction Goals
Minorities Face Worse Prognosis and Complications in T1DM
ACP Updates Guidance for HbA1c Targets for Adults With T2DM
Increase in Other Flavored Tobacco Use After Menthol Ban
Global Costs of Diabetes Will Continue Rising Through 2030
Leptin Tied to Sleep Quality in Obese Patients With T2DM
Researchers ID Five Distinct Adult-Onset Diabetes Subgroups
Diet-Treated Chronic Illness May Lead to Disordered Eating
Retinopathy Associated With Accelerated Cognitive Decline
Exposure to Metformin In Utero Ups Risk of Being Overweight
Coverage Increased After ACA for Patients With Diabetes
Obesity Linked to Increased CVD Morbidity and Mortality
Increased Adiposity Measures Affect MI Risk More in Women
Sleeve Gastrectomy Linked to Improved Glycemia in Mice
Early Studies Often Show Exaggerated Treatment Effect
CABG May Be Best for Patients With DM, LV Dysfunction
Sleeve Gastrectomy Tied to Drop in GDM, Excessive Fetal Growth
Treatment Effect of Fenofibrate Varies in Patients With T2DM
No Link Found for Metformin or Statins and Ovarian Cancer
Recommendations for Optimizing Hidden Curriculum in Medicine
Understanding Rx Nonadherence Can Improve Adherence
Coronary Artery Dz Extent Similar in Men, Women With T1DM
Vegetarian, Med Diets Similarly Effective for Body Weight
No Recent Decrease in Prevalence of Obesity Among Children
Artificial Intelligence May Help Prevent Physician Burnout
Younger Onset of T2DM Linked to Increased Mortality Risk
Worse Prognosis for Prediabetes Defined by HbA1c
CDC: No Change in Percentage of Uninsured in U.S. From '16 to '17
Perioperative Glucose but Not A1C Predicts Surgical Outcomes
USPSTF Urges Multicomponent Behavioral Interventions for Obesity
12-Month Weight Loss Doesn't Differ With Low-Fat, Carb Diets
Ertugliflozin Tied to Improved Glycemic Control in T2DM
Burnout Found Prevalent Among Doctors in Single Health System
Bariatric Surgery Linked to Discontinuing Diabetes Meds
Rotating Night Shift Work Tied to Increased Odds of T2DM
Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Recovery Impacted by MetS
Patients Want Physicians to Have Greater Connectivity
Metformin After Induction Tx May Preserve Beta-Cell Function
Greater Weight Loss With RYGB in Obese With T2DM at Three Years
Four Best Practices Outlined to Prevent Health Care Cyberattacks
Perfluoroalkyl Substances Linked to Greater Weight Regain
Eating Slower Tied to Lower Obesity Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
EHRs Not Sufficient to Ensure Success in Value-Based Care
Mortality Up in Diabetes With Low eGFR, No Albuminuria
Diabetes Signs May Be Present 20 Years Before Diagnosis
Top Consumer Concerns Reported About Physicians
Prenatal, Early Life Fructose Intake Associated With Asthma
Poll: Personal Beliefs Shouldn't Allow Doctors to Refuse to Treat
ER Visit Rate 92 Per 1,000 for Diabetes Patients 45 and Older
School Program in U.K. Shows No Significant Impact on Child BMI
Expenditures Rising for Treating Obesity-Related Illness in U.S.
Very Low-Calorie Diet Prompts Brief Heart Function Drop
Humanities Exposure Positively Impacts Medical Students
Health Care Use Down in Diabetes Patients With High Deductibles
Factors Identified That Impact Physicians IT Adoption
Parental Type 1 Diabetes May Increase Offspring Risk for ADHD
Chronic Disease Major Risk Factor for Cancer, Cancer Mortality
Mortality Risk Similar for Career Versus Limited NFL Participation
Persistent DME More Likely With Bevacizumab Treatment
Medicaid Expansion Cuts Out-of-Pocket Spending
Characteristics of Asymptomatic Paroxysmal A-Fib Identified
Disordered Eating Associated With Higher HbA1c in Teens
Diet Soda Associated With Higher Odds of Diabetic Retinopathy
Glucagon Underutilized in Prehospital, Emergency Settings
Regulators Trying to Reduce Physician Burden Linked to EHR
Mortality, CVD, T2DM Risks Not Up for Living Kidney Donors
Health Care Spending Up, Mainly Due to Rising Prices
Diabetes Consultation Model Helps Patient Involvement in Care
Smokers Have Distorted View of Onset of Adverse Consequences
New Method Assesses Dialysis Facilities' Transplant Referrals
Diabetes Impacts Mortality in Breast Cancer Patients
Sleep Duration, Cycle Linked to Childhood Body Weight
Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome Ups Risk of Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Occupational Therapy Program Benefits Young Adults With DM
ASA: Few Stroke Survivors Have Ideal Cardiovascular Health
CV Risks, Breast CA Recurrence Down With Exercise in Survivors
Hyperandrogenism May Affect Gut Microbiome in PCOS
Exposure to Counties With Higher Obesity Rates Tied to Higher BMI
No Maintenance Period Seen After Weight Loss Plan Completed
Diabetes Tied to Higher Rates of Serious Infection
Anti-Thyroid Rx Exposure Ups Risk of Congenital Malformations
Out-of-Pocket Expenditures Down With ACA Implementation
New ACC/AHA Recs Developed for BP Evaluation, Management
Decline in New Cases of Blindness in Germany
Greater Prior Authorization Requirements Seen for PCSK9i Rx
Nutrients in Child's First 1,000 Days Key for Neurodevelopment
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