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Infectious Disease News

Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Detected in 4.65 Percent in Los Angeles County
Age, Sex, History of Diabetes Predict Intubation in COVID-19
U.S. Offers $1.2 Billion to Drug Company for COVID-19 Vaccine Research
U.S. Government Seeks Deal With Private Industry to Boost Supply of Medical Equipment
CDC: COVID-19 Not Spread Easily From Contaminated Surfaces
ED Chest X-Ray Score Predicts COVID-19 Outcomes in Adults <50
Cardiac Decompensation Seen in Children Following COVID-19
Incidence of AMI Hospitalization Down During COVID-19
No SARS-CoV-2 ID'd in Asymptomatic Pregnant Women in Los Angeles
Delays in Cancer Surgery Due to COVID-19 Could Harm Survival
Rate of Stroke Low in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19
Convalescent Plasma Trial for COVID-19 Patients Underway at NYU Langone
CDC: Live Poultry Linked to Salmonella Cases in 28 States
CDC Says Test All Newborns of Mothers With Confirmed, Suspected COVID-19
Clinical Performance of SARS-COV-2 Antibody Tests Varies
Asthma Tied to Longer COVID-19 Intubation Time
Musculoskeletal Malformations Up With Fluconazole in Pregnancy
Factors Linked to COVID-19 In-Hospital Mortality ID'd in NYC
Decrease Seen in Child Vaccination Coverage During COVID-19
Some Children With COVID-19 Require Admission, PICU Care
11.2 Percent of Pediatric Cancer Patients Positive for SARS-CoV-2
Age, CRP Up Risk for Mortality in Diabetes With COVID-19
Odds of Pulmonary Embolism Up for Obese COVID-19 Patients
Review Highlights Neuropsychiatric Presentations of COVID-19
Obesity Tied to Increased Risk for Progression to Severe COVID-19
Mental Health Symptoms Up for Medics Dealing With COVID-19
15 Percent of Pregnant Women With COVID-19 Experience Severe Disease
Burnout Comparable Between Millennial, Gen X Residents, Fellows
Spending on Primary Care Continues to Lag in the U.S.
Corticosteroids for IBD May Up Risk for Severe COVID-19
Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Improve COVID-19 Pneumonia Outcomes
28 Million-Plus Surgeries Could Be Canceled Due to COVID-19
Factors ID'd for Positive SARS-CoV-2 Test Result in Primary Care
CMS: Use 'Extreme Caution' in Reopening Nursing Homes
Social Distancing Policies Reduced COVID-19 Growth Rate
Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Appears Safe, Triggers Immune Response
Guidance Issued for Osteoporosis Management During COVID-19
Use of Imaging to Assess Stroke Down in Early COVID-19 Epoch
Hydroxychloroquine No Aid for COVID-19-Related Mortality
Cough May Not Appear in Young Children With COVID-19
Convalescent Plasma Appears Promising for Severe COVID-19
Most Physicians Have Seen False-Negative COVID-19 Test Results
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
COVID-19 Cases Increased More Rapidly With No Stay-at-Home Order in Iowa
FDA: Abbott Rapid COVID-19 Test Could Miss Infections
NIH: Large-Scale Testing of Some COVID-19 Vaccines Could Start in July
NIH Launches Trial of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin for COVID-19
Interferon-α2b May Shorten Viral Shedding Duration in COVID-19
ACP Advises Against Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
Abnormalities Detected on Brain MRI of COVID-19 Patients in ICU
Kawasaki-Like Disease Incidence Up After Start of SARS-CoV-2
Opt-Out Universal Hep C Screening in Emergency Dept Is Useful
Bowel Abnormalities Described in Inpatients With COVID-19
Guidance Issued for Acute Large Vessel CVA During COVID-19 Pandemic
Meta-Analysis Links Smoking to COVID-19 Disease Progression
COVID-19 Fatality Rate High for Heart Transplant Recipients
Cannabis Smoking May Increase Risk for Fungal Infection
Live Biotherapeutic Promising for Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis
Sickness Presenteeism Common With Influenza-Like Illness
Doctors Should Watch for Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome With COVID-19
Plan in Place to Up Production of Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine
Children of Mothers With Mental Illness Less Likely to Receive Vaccines
Deceased Donor Transplantation Has Dropped Since COVID-19
Experts Discuss Strategy for Bariatric Surgery During COVID-19
Addition of Zinc May Benefit Some Being Treated for COVID-19
Olfactory Dysfunction Most Often Occurs by Third Day of COVID-19
Risk Score May Predict Critical Illness at COVID-19 Admission
Doctors Without Borders Team Sent to Navajo Nation to Fight COVID-19
Established ARDS Therapy Aids Many Critically Ill With COVID-19
For Those With Heart Failure, ACE2 Concentrations Up in Men
Severe Illness Reported in Some Children With COVID-19
Pediatric Vaccine Ordering Has Decreased During COVID-19
Crude Link ID'd for Vitamin D Levels, COVID-19 Cases, Death
Hydroxychloroquine Has No Impact on Outcomes in COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 Spreads Rapidly Through Skilled Nursing Facilities
Anakinra May Reduce Systemic Inflammation in COVID-19
Epidemic Growth of COVID-19 Not Linked to Latitude, Temperature
ACR Issues Statement on Return of Routine Radiology Services
Triple Antiviral Therapy Promising for Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
FDA Approves First Antigen Test to Quickly Spot COVID-19
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
FDA Approves First At-Home Saliva Test for COVID-19
Most Jurisdictions Report COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities
Symptomatic COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate 1.3 Percent in U.S.
FDA Slashes Number of Approved Chinese Makers of N95 Masks
ACE Inhibitor/ARB Use Not Tied to COVID-19 Test Positivity
Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Lower for Prostate Cancer Patients on ADT
SARS-CoV-2 Identified in Semen of Men With COVID-19
Deaths of Despair Likely to Increase During Pandemic
Asthma, COPD Medication Adherence Up During Pandemic
Doubt Cast on Notion That New Strain of COVID-19 Is More Infectious
RHB-105 Effective for Eradication of Helicobacter pylori in Adults
Anticoagulation May Improve Outcomes in COVID-19 Patients
GI Symptoms Seen in Less Than 10 Percent of COVID-19 Patients
New York State Reports Cases of Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome Tied to COVID-19
Health Care Workers at Risk From Mental Burden of COVID-19
Human Trials of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Begin in U.S.
New Coronavirus Strain More Contagious, Scientists Say
Low-Cost, Noninvasive Ventilator Feasible for Breathing Support
Guidance Developed for Lung Cancer Screening During COVID-19
HIV+ Men Are Not Receiving STD Testing, Prevention Services
ACE Inhibitors, ARBs Not Linked to In-Hospital COVID-19 Death
Guideline Issued for Nonsevere, Severe COVID-19 Therapy
Well-Controlled Blood Glucose May Improve COVID-19 Outcomes
Michigan Nursing Homes More Prepared for Pandemics Than in 2007
USPSTF Recommends Hep B Screening for Those at Increased Risk
PPE With More Coverage Ups Protection, but Harder to Don, Doff
Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests Increased in Italy in 2020
Variation Seen in COVID-19 Tests, Hospitalization, Deaths Across NYC
Race and Income Influence Risk for Severe COVID-19
ACE Inhibitors, ARBs Not Linked to Risk for COVID-19
One-Third of U.S. Families Struggling to Meet Basic Needs
FDA Goes After Unproven COVID-19 Antibody Tests
Recommendations Made for PPE Use by HCPs in COVID-19 Care
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Seen in China After COVID-19
Patients With Cancer Seem More Vulnerable to COVID-19
Early Awake Proning for COVID-19 Improves Oxygen Saturation
Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Ups Risk for QTc Prolongation
With Many States Reopening, COVID-19 Testing Levels Still Too Low
During Outbreak, Most Pregnant Women Had High Zika Awareness
Physician's Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup
FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Remdesivir
COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate Increased for Cancer Patients
Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology Clinical Trials Discussed
RV Strain on Echocardiogram May ID High-Risk COVID-19 Patients
Contact Tracing Can Cut Time to Case Isolation in SARS-CoV-2
Fear of COVID-19 Keeping Adults From Emergency Care
Anosmia in COVID-19 Linked to Lower Risk for Admission
Black Patients Overrepresented in Hospitalized COVID-19 Cohort
Incidence of Enteric Infections Due to Pathogens Up or Stable
Symptomatic Health Care Staff in U.K. Screened for COVID-19
Pandemic Disrupting Health Care for 55 Percent of Older Adults
Remdesivir May Accelerate Recovery From Severe COVID-19
Rate, Timing of Altered Smell, Taste in Mild COVID-19 Examined
Large-Vessel Stroke Described in Young Adults With COVID-19
Men Have More Serious Disease, Higher Death Rate From COVID-19
NIH Launches $500 Million Contest to Produce Best COVID-19 Test
Guidelines Recommended for ECMO Use in Setting of Pandemic
Almost All COVID-19 Patients Have Diminished Sense of Smell
Many Health Care Workers Face Risk for Poor Outcomes With COVID-19
David Shulkin, M.D., on COVID-19 Financial Consequences for Health Care System
GI Manifestations Seen for Nearly One in Three With SARS-CoV-2
Primary PCI Remains Standard of Care for STEMI During COVID-19
Thromboembolic Complications in COVID-19 Discussed
Nearly Half of U.S. Population Breathes Unhealthy Air
Most SARS-CoV-2-Positive Pregnant Women Asymptomatic at Screening
Rare, Serious Illness May Occur in Children With COVID-19
National Coronavirus Testing Strategy Announced as U.S. Cases Top 1 Million
Recommendations Developed for Anesthesia Use During COVID-19
45.4 Percent of U.S. Adults at Risk for Complications With COVID-19
High Rate of Pulmonary Embolism Found for Patients With COVID-19
Adding High-Dose Chloroquine Not Advised for Severe COVID-19
Patients Aged 60 to 69 Most Often Hospitalized With COVID-19
Neurologic Features Tied to ARDS in Severe COVID-19 Described
WHO: No Evidence COVID-19 Survivors Cannot Be Reinfected
FDA Warns of Bogus Claims by Makers of Hand Sanitizer
Pulse Oximetry May Be Overused in Infants With Bronchiolitis
SARS-CoV-2 Not Detected in Semen After COVID-19 Recovery
Direct Medical Costs of COVID-19 Infection Are Considerable
Recommendations Issued for Imaging Use in Pediatric COVID-19
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